Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Adventures with the best friend

Well. today will forever be put into "The Book of Adventures In My Life". along with every single day that i spend with this woman. :)
but whats funny about today. its not anything extraordinary compared to the other adventures that i have had with this kid. we didnt go down white river rapids on our butts, we didnt go stroll around the mall in prom dresses, and we especially didnt get almost hit in boise. but it was enough to say it was a great day with my best friend, my pal, my chum, my homie, the one and only...Melanie Morriss. gotta love her. even through the think and the thin. even through one jelly shoe. even through our dissagreement with the cellar in her basement. even through my bratty phase. and especially through girls camp!! hahaha.
but anyways...back to my day...so we were "off to the races" after a stop at her house and a stop at my house. but...we had NO IDEA what we were going to do. so we took a stop at the theaters. which is basically her house these days. and i actually made a decision to not watch a movie that day. (yes. I, Bridget Nielson, the most undecisive person in the world, made a decision.) so then we had to decide where to go eat. because thats just the story of my life with her. always eating. something. somewhere. haha. thats pretty much a huge bonus for hanging with her. we're always eating. and we had a rather extensive conversation on where we were going to chow down. but dont fret. with the help of Mel, i made another decision to go to Olive Garden to eat. but it was after, "well Olive Garden does have that bread that is so good. and you can TEAR it apart and eat it." ya that word got me. we were off to the garden of olives.
i'm pretty much a fatty after that trip to the garden of olives. but once you have two glasses of Dr. Pepper, a huge salad, tons of bread, a whole plate of fettucini Alfredo, and some more bread with this amazing cheese sauce, you become a member of the FATTY CLUB. :) what a feeling it is.
then we took a detour over to Target (pronounced: Tarjay) to take a gander at the shoes. you know those things that are always on your feet. (well technically not me. my shoes are never on my feet but rather off my feet. i cant stand wearing shoes. but who doesnt buy things to just put in the closet and look at because thats what shoes are. a foreign object to me!! my feet freak out when i put shoes on. like they dont know what to do with them or something...anyways...way long tangent...i think i learned that technique from MR. KING. hahaha) i was in desparate need of some converse for my lovely feet. and i must say. my feet are pretty happy too. along with my stomach. so i was so glad we did that. it was well worth my time, energy, and money. i'm already in love with them and its only been 4 hours. haha. while we were there. we decided to make fun of the hats, purses, lingere, sunglasses, and pajamas...it was great, it was fun, it was great fun!!some pretty good times right there. and its even more fun when you have to pee!!! hahahaha.
SOOOO...to make a really really long story, long, i basically love you, Melanie Morriss. :)


Jason & Britney said...

Ya, I'm a member of the fatty club too! Thanks Olive Garden!

melanie makes due said...

OOOOOH MY GOODNESS you seriously have no idea how much i love you dood!!!! see heres the thing is that i was having a horrible day and you made it sooo awesome i have no idea what i would do without you lol and by the way you put think in thin instead of thick and thin lol i laughed hahahaha well i'm off to the races!!!