Friday, February 27, 2009

15 Reasons Why I Am a Princess!

1. My father is a king.

2. I have been Cinderella, Belle, and Pocahontas for halloween before.

3. I look just like Cinderella. seriously... when i put my blue dress on, put my hair up in a high poofy bun, wear a white headband, big pearl earrrings, a black choker, my glass slippers, and lots of blush, i look just like her. promise.

4. I have princess window stickers on my car. :)

5. I can speak french just like Belle.

6. I have a picture of all the princesses on the background of my phone.

7. I have a princess lanyard for my keys.

8. I am searching for my Prince Charming

9. I really did prick my finger when i turned 16. haha. just like sleeping beauty

10. I often give objects funny names like Ariel does.

11. I love pink!

12. I love to dress up and look cute!

13. I am one with nature, exactly like Pocahontas

14. I watch one of the princess movies at least once a week.

15. and last but certainly not least... I play with Princess cards and they are my most treasured possession. I play with them all the time.

now we can all agree that I AM A PRINCESS!!

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