Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy as can be!

Just thought this would be a great day to post, because I don't have very many days that I'm REALLY happy like the last few days. Because I work full time at the Reel theatre and have no time for Bridget, for family, and for friends life is a little stressing. So I have to make time for family and friends. I'm already exhausted from work and grumpy from all the rude customers, so hanging out isn't my choice to my free time. I just want to sleep. haha. what a sad life. :)
but I've been so happy lately and I have no idea why. But I'm just really really happy. its kinda a weird feeling, isn't that sad? anyways... I was in such a good mood last night, so I decided to do a bow attack to Vanessa and Kira, they're basically my roomates. Vanessa had filled up my car with gas earlier in the day, and bought the sneakers that i've wanted for a while, but never bought because I'm trying to save save save for college. and i'm so excited to wear them!!! anyways, so I wanted to tell Vanessa thanks and Kira is just such a great friend and I love how much she just is so happy lately. =] so I attacked their front door with bows, (which is perfect. cuz who else would attack someone's door with bows other than this bow girl right here?) and wrote them a cute little poem that went somethin like this....
You've been attacked by you know WHO
I love Vanessa and Kira TOO
I've been thinkin of YOU
and thank you for all that you DO

and then I gave them each their favorite treat. They were both out doing things with their families, so it was perfect timing. They both came home to a "bow"-ed door w/ hearts everywhere, the little note, and a treat. I hope I made their day, because they ALWAYS make my day and I just love them so much. So thats what I did last night.
But the happiness hasn't worn off yet, and I'm so glad because I just love it when I'm happy and so does everyone else. hahaha. I was really really happy the day before too. i dont know whats getting into me but whatever I'm doing I better keep doin.
So if you get bow attacked in the next few days.... you know that Bridget is still happy. :)
love you guys!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Father's Blessing

Well I ended up having my dad give me a blessing. It was a great idea for me to get a blessing from him. Besides the fact that I know what I'm doing with my life now, I learned so many more things from that blessing. My parents really do care about me and what is going on in my life and I need to go to them more often when I am struggling. My parents are just amazing and have such a spirit about them. I love it and glad I was raised by them!! But I also realized that I need to rely on my father in heaven more often. I am too much of a person that wants to do things on my own and figure things out my own way and dont want to put my life in other people's hands. But i've learned how to do that a little bit better now that Vanessa is around and changing me for the better. But i have been praying everynight the last two weeks and its amazing how my day goes better when I start and end with a prayer. But i need to go to him more often and I'm so glad he's fogiving and he still wants me to come to him even though i completely kept him out of my life before. Its an amazing feeling. But here's the news that I think all of you have been waiting for..... drum roll please........ BYUI!!! yes I made the right decisions before, I was just having too many complications with the school and satan was working me way too hard. so here I am back in the groove for Rexburg!! I'll be keeping you posted on how the college prep is comin and the stress levels rising. But i jsut have to say that I'm glad my dad is worthy enough to give me a father's blessing on the spot and my parents are caring enough and have the spirit with them enough to have an hour discussion with me about my life ahead. Thank you mom and dad and especially thank you to my heavenly father. I love you!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My life now: work, family and friends.

So as I think about what has happened since the last time I blogged, HOLY VACHE!!! (thats cow in french. just by the way)
I finished last week off great. I spent so much more time with Vanessa. Imagine that? :) I ended up going to Twin Falls with her for the 4th and it was a great holiday i must say. We had a great trip down and a good chance to have Vanessa Bridget talk. Even though we already had a week of it. haha. The drive was so quick because we just talked and talked. Great memories. Then we had the fireworks and jazz at her sister, Heather's house there in Twin. She is such a great little hostess and I really had a great time. It was fun. I got a little homesick cuz I didn't spend it with my famiy. but it wasn't too bad. We watched the fireworks that Twin put off and we watched it from their front lawn, it was great. Then Zach, Heather's husband, put off quite a show doing his own fireworks. He was so funny to watch his little boy come out. haha. anyways. then we played Rock Band in the basement and that was fun. I'm not a big lover of Rock Band, but I had fun just watching them and seeing them enjoy themselves. and Heather's girls are so cute!!! Sydney thought my name was Midget, so thats what she called me the whole weekend and Mallory is so darn cute. We had some great bonding moments when we did the princess puzzle together and when we were snuggling on the love sack and I was tickling her. Vanessa and I enjoyed sleeping in the, finally, queen sized bed because I slept in her little twin bed for a week. But let me explain myself before you judge me. She has ear wigs in her apartment and some were coming out of her couch, so I didn't want to sleep in it so I slept in her bed. lol it was okay though because we're so close and we both love cuddling. hahaha. well in Twin we had a queen size bed to share and it was good but bad at the same time cuz when I was cold and wanted to cuddle with her, she didn't want to. I think she was tired of cuddling with me. hahahaha. anyways. Thanks Vanessa for a great week and Holiday, and thanks to the Kelsey's for making the 4th a great one for me this year. Love you guys!!
the drive home was also really fast because we talked and talked about more things. we played the question game and we did not listen to one ounce of music cuz it was Sunday. then we spent the rest of Sunday together at church and dinner and the fireside. oh man. what a week!!!! =]
well this week has been pretty eventful as well. I have gotten alot accomplished and I am so proud of myslef. I have talked to some people that I never thought I would. I broke down some very thick walls that I thought would be up forever and ever. But the hardest part of this whole week was dealing with not seeing Vanessa every waking moment. so funny thing... on sunday we were talking about how we probably wouldn't see each other untilWednesday and we ended up seeing each other more than once a day everyday so far this week. hahaha. LOVE IT!!! But today has already been a long day and its just gunna drag on longer and longer. I was so excited to sleep in and have a day off from work cuz I dont go in till 8:30 tonight to put up new posters and fix the marquees for the new movies coming tomorrow. But NO!!! I had to watch my neighbors and I'm so mad. I had so many things to get done today and all I got done was blogging. lol oh well. I told her that I wouldnt be able to watch them anymore though. I almost work full time at the theatre now. I work everyday but Sunday, have two double shifts, one midnight shift, one kid shows shift, and marquees. YUCK!!! so I am getting so exhausted from work I can't do anything anymore. and when I do, I have no energy. I don't like it. I'm known for my bubbly personality and my energy. well not anymore. but I got paid yesterday and my pay check was twice as big as my very first pay check and it was so much more than I expected. and I'm now working more and minumum wage goes up at the end of the month. wahoo!!!!!!! well my dad is giving me a blessing tonight before I go to work because I'm struggling with the whole college thing. I dont have good feelings about it anymore and I dont want to go to BYUI anymore. I'm so confused and dont know what to do with my life anymore. I need to know what is best for me and my situation in life right now. I have another perfect plan if BYUI is not for me. and we'll see after tonight and more prayerful nights. I'll keep u posted on my decision. just keep me in your prayers and if any of you have any suggestions, let me know. i can use all the help I can get.
oh one last thing about work, since its my only life now. I got employee of the month!!!! WAHOOOO!!!!! I was so excited. and I'm a 98.5%. The 1.5 was one time I forgot my name tag, and the one other time I was a minute late. and thats it. they said this is a really really high percentage and they were all so proud of me. =] i got $25.00 on my gift card and I can't wait to start eating candy at work. lol My manager said I'm really good with the customers, bubbly and friendly. I'm really really hard working and trustworthy. I sont complain and I will do anything they ask me to do, but twice as better as they expected. He is just in love with the fac that he hired me and he does not want me to leave. thats why I'm working so much because he loves it when I work and everything about it. anyways... hope i didn't miss anything. LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My heart is healed. <3

First of all the song you are listening to right now. Its called Forever by Rascal Faltts and I just have to say that this song is mine and Vanessa's theme song and its perfect to be listening to while I talk about us and this weekend.
So this week my sister, mom and dad went to Girls Camp and I thought I was going to be a little lonely when I wasn't working. It was the best week ever though. I decided to stay over at Vanessa's apartment because one, I didn't want to sleep home alone and it would be a good opportunity for us to talk. But the best thing about the whole thing was that she said she was gunna give me a massage. She gave me an amazing foot massage the first night I stayed there, but the second night we were going to have a Little Rascals night and she was going to give me a massage. well lets just say, the TV didn't even turn on once. We started talking about a few things and it just kept on going and going and going. It was great. Wanna know how long we talked for? till 6:30 in the morning. yup. i said it. 6:30. and the best part of the whole thing... We had to get up at 7:15 to babysit Vanessa's neice!!! hahaha. we took a few different naps during the day though. We spent the whole day together and got alot accomplished and we did some great things. I had to get into work and do Marquees and Posters, and then I spent that night laying in her bed talking again. We talked for a few hours, and then we fell asleep. I fell asleep crying just because of what we had just talked about. I woke up just crying my eyes off because she was cuddling with me and rubbing my back. I just realized that this is going to last for only two months more. I have to leave eventually and of course I'm gunna call her at least once a day if not more. and we are gunna stay close close friends. but I realized that i'm not gunna get massages from her, I'm not gunna be able to cuddle with her, and I'm not gunna get her amazing hugs that are making me cry right now just thinking about missing. so she woke up too and notice I was crying and we started talking again and we talked until almost 5. We talked about so many things and had some incredible moments together. What a friend she is. I am just so speechless about this amazing girl and I have no words to describe my feelings towards her. Finally I basically made her go to sleep because she had to go into work early this morning.
But the only thing I can say about this week with Vanessa is that even though she didn't heal my back and didn't get the opportunity to do that for me, she healed my heart and thats something that no one has been able to do and she has no idea how much I LOVE HER!!! My heart is normal again and it feels repaired, full, and ready to grow again. Thank you Vanessa. I love you more than you know and hope the next two months are even better than the last month we've known each other and hope the months without you we can survive!! =]