Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fall/Winter Track

I just got my letter in the mail today from BYUI.
I got the Fall/Winter track. I am excited but a little scared at the same time. It is going to be FRRRRRRRReezing in the winter up there. But I hear that you get used to it pretty fast. yikes!
But I report to Rexburg on September 10 and I will go until mid April. It seems s far away, but I know it will come faster than I expect. I sure hope it does, because I am SO ready to go there.
Anyways.... I'm still looking for advice for college. It will greatly be appreciated! Thank you!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

30 random things about me

1. I have a thing with cutting my hair lately. dont be surprised if i have short hair soon. :)
2. my favorite snack when I come home from school is pretzels dipped in ranch!
3. I love running for fun. just for me.
4. I absolutely hate celery. the only veggie that i will refuse to eat.
5. I have eaten an orange every single day since november 1st. no lie.
6. my favorite princess is Cinderella, but Belle is pretty cool too.
7. some consider me very anti-social and others often tell me i'm too friendly... so idk?
8. I am going to BYUI for college and I am SO excited about that.
9. I am going to FRANCE during spring break this year.
10. I have to have it silent when I read and when I serve in volleyball
11. I love doing the long jump and triple jump in track.... and i'm goin to state this year!!!!
12. I absolutely LOVE surprises
13. I prefer singing to music than dancing. I am not afraid to sing in front of ANYONE!!!
14. I hate video games and i dont know the last time i played them.
15.I really want to serve a mission for my church. and I would LOVE to go to France.
16. I bite my nails... unfortunately
17. I hate watching movies. When I'm in the mood to watch movies, i'll tell you.
18. I cannot function without music playing. seriously. music 24/7!!
19. I played the piano for 5 years and I was really good at it, but I regret quitting.
20. When I'm having a bad day, I want to go play hard, competitive volleyball.
21. Krystle Lewis is the best support system and she has truly made me the person that I am today. LOVE YA!
22. Melanie Morriss is the best forgiving, non judgemental, but honest friend that I have loved since we were five. LOVE YA!
23. My hero is my brother Ryan. LOVE YA!
24. I loved math until I started Statistics. math is supposed to be abstract and not relative to life. x, y, and z's are math!!!
25. I love flowers and I want a huge flower garden that I work on in my dream home!
26. I wish I could speak french all the time!! but, no one would understand me, so that puts a damper on my dream :(
27. I am the laurel class president for my ward, and I absolutely love everything about it!!
28. I am NEVER sick...knock on wood.
29. I can cross just one eye.
30. this was an extremely hard task... to think of THIRTY RANDOM things about ME, that are INTERESTING!!

I now tag all my siblings...and hopefully you know who you are!! ha ha

Sunday, January 25, 2009


As this month concludes, I would like to share a little, but huge experience I have had this month with a less-active member of the church.
It all started with my wonderful bishop. Sam Lungren. He is truly the most amazing guy that walks this planet. He is everything that you need in a bishop, but more importantly in a great friend and I truly consider him a friend. He made the month of January a missionary month. and I could go into great detail of all the wonderful missionary experiences he has had, our ward has had and all our spiritual sacrament meetings that we have had, but that is yet another story.
So as I pray for missionary experiences throughout my life, I never realize, when the experiences do come, that they truly were answers to my prayers. But I have truly been an instrument in the Lord's work and it is so rewarding. I had the opportunity to get a friend that was not coming to church, come to church. The church was a sensitive subject to her and we all knew that it wasnt something she liked talking about, none the less come to church. But I always gave her the invitations to come to church and to mutual. I never gave up, even though I often felt like I was doing nothing. But finally she came to sacrament one day, and since then she has come to sacrament every single week. I then invited her more and more to activities and she finally came, and she said she really enjoyed it and thought it was good. I was so happy to hear that, because the whole time she was there I was so nervous. Worried about what she was thinking and how I could make her think that it really wasnt that bad. But then today, she came to sacrament, and I invited her to sunday school and YWs and she came with me. It wasnt anything spiritual or anything, but it was a step. and those steps may be small but they really are huge in the long run. She may not have learned anything today, but maybe in a week she might.
Its just amazing how I have felt these last few weeks with this experience. I have never really had an experience like this before, and it has changed everything I do and say and think about the church. I now know, from talking to her, that she watches me at school, she reads my txts to invite her to come to mutual, she listens to my words, and wants to have what I have in my life. With this amazing experience under my belt, it gives me even more of an itch to serve a full-time mission for the Lord. I have always wanted, so badly to serve a mission, but now that I can say that I brought a whole family back to the church, and it was all because I had the spirit with me and I listened to its promptings, I want to do it more and more and have that a daily thing in my life for 18 months.
But what an experience this was, and it has changed alot about me, but I now know that I have helped a family of five come back to Christ and have that happiness in their lives. What a blessing!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm in LOVE!!...

with orange juice!! And i know you are thinking... so what? whats the big deal? well if you knew me well enough, you would know that I used to absolutley HATE orange juice. It was gross and icky. I would seriously eat pankcakes dry without a drink than with orange juice.
But just this last week, I poured me a glass of orange juice because, I really dont know why, and didn't even think about, "why am i pouring sick orange juice in my cup." and then I drank it. As I continued to drink, I realized how addicting orange juice is. I mean I love it so much now. Its my craving every single day now. When I'm at school, my mouth is just watering like crazy cuz I cant stop thinking about going home and having a huge glass of delicious orange juice.
Just now I realized how weird that is. That I can go from one extreme to the other within weeks. I wonder how that works??
but anyways, I just had to post this, because someday my children will be complaining about the spinach or something that I gave them, and I will tell them this transformation that I went through and that it can happen to them too. :) ha ha

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Say, "I love you!"

Isn't it sad that once someone is out of your life, you notice what they said and how important it was to you?...That thought totally hit me this weekend.
You dont know what you have until its gone!
My favorite story is of Joan d'Arc. She stood up for her beliefs and she didnt care what others thought of her. She was burned at the stake because she was not going to give up her beliefs just to be accepted by the common man. But now she is the patron saint of France and she is looked up to, world wide by all cultures and religions. She was not noticed until she was killed. No one realized her importance until she was gone.

When I was a sophmore in high school I had a fitness class with a kid that was the sweetest kid on the earth, but of course I didnt realize that until he passed away. He always told me to SMILE and to this day whenever I am having a bad day, I think of this kid in my fitness class. JJ always seemed to protect me, and make me feel better. When a guy was harrassing me, he would go up to them and tell them to leave me alone. He really knew how to make my day. I could go on and on about all the bad experiences I had that turned into good experiences because of him. One day, we were talking and he told me he wanted to see me smile more and after that when I would see him in the hallways, he would tell me to smile and he always made me feel good. Later that year the seniors graduated on a Thursday, and JJ walked the line and was done with high school. He had so much ahead of him, swimming scholarhsips, a mission, and a full life. But him, his dad and a few of his brothers left saturday for a swim meet he had in California, I believe, and they were in a terrible accident and he died on the scene. gone. just like that. two days after his high school graduation. I remember going to the funeral and dealing with his death, but the one thing that I will never forget was "SMILE BRIDGET!" and I know he would want me to be happy and smiley. :)

Tyler Gropp was important to me, for sure, before he left for school, but I didnt realize what he did to me until I didnt have him around anymore. Before I met Tyler I thought I was living a normal day to day life. But he made me realize how unhappy I was. I was just going through my day to day actions. He put an extra step in my pace, a reason to get up out of bed in the morning, I wanted to be better and do a little more, I was happy again and I lived on his comments to me and his sweet sweet spirit. But I didnt realize how much he did to me, until he was gone and I didnt have him to lift my spirits up.

Its the same with Grandma Nielson. I didn't realize how much I loved her, looked up to her, and treasured her in my life, until she was gone. What an amazing woman she was and I will always remember her big, long hugs. I now want to learn how to play the piano again, just for her. She really was a perfect role model for all her kids and grandkids and I hope I am like her one day. I love you Grandma Nielson!

So if you learn anything from me and my words, I wish it to be this, dont wait until someone is gone in your life to realize the importance they were to you. Dont wait until goodbye to say I love you and thank you.
Today, I want you to pick out at least one person in your life that has made you, you. Tell them I love you and thank them for all that they have done for you. Tomorrow, I want you to pick someone else in your life, and continue to do it for the rest of your life, and soon enough it will just come to you as second nature. What a life it would be, if we said I love you and thank you to those that deserved it, all the time and willilngly.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do you know the ABC's of BRIDGET?

A - Available?: uh... ya, i guess. its complicated. :)
A - Age: 17
A - Annoyance: anykind of noise while I read

B - Bestest Friend[s]: Melanie and Krystle
B - Birthday: April 19th
B - Book: The Secret Journal of Brett Colton

C - Crush: A GREAT SONG!!
C - Car: uh... i have no idea what it is? "the red rocket!" :) love it!!
C - Candy: TWIX baby!!!

D - Day or night: uh... night. i think?
D - Dream Car: a bright pink bug :)
D - Dream: I have them all the time and most of them come true, or tell me something important!!

E- Easiest person to talk to?: probably my brother Ryan
E- Eggs: Fried!! yummy to my tummy
E - Elementary School: Iowa, and then Charter! :) good times.

F - Favorite Month: April!
F - Favorite color(s): PINK!!!
F- Favorite Memory: probably Bear Lake!

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: worms. i guess?
G - Giver or taker: GIVER for sure
G - GPA: 4.0!!! YAY!

H - Hair Color: dirty blonde..ish. but i wanna go brown. ?
H - Height: 5' 5"
H - Happy: could be better. ?

I - Ice Cream: SICK!!! : p
I - Instrument: piano.
I - Illegal Action: um... idk? not that I know of. haha

J - Jewelry: LOVE IT!!!!
J - Job: i sell purses, but i need a real one.
J - Jail: nope. never

K - Kids: like 5 - 7 ish
K - Kickboxing or Karate: neither. eek!
K - Kindergarden: all I remember was Mrs. Kern playing the big yellow piano all the time!

L - Longest Car Ride: um... ? idk? probably 7 hours to Bear Lake??
L - Lost anything: oh yes!! all the time. in fact... right now I cant find my USB connection cable for my new camera! i'm so frustrated!!

M - Milk Flavor: chocolate.
M - Most missed person: Tyler!
M - Movie: Little Rascals!!

N - Number of Siblings:uh... three + three step bros + two in-laws + three step in-laws ??
N - Number of Tattoos: NONE
N - Number of tickets: zero. haha

O - ONE WiSH: Oh I have alot! go back in time and fix a few things
O - One regret: not talking to Tyler when I liked him... everything would be better if I did!!

P- Pet Peeves: certain hair styles.
P- Part of your appearance you like best?: um... my hair
P- Part of your personality you like best? uh... I try to be nice to everyone

Q- Quote: "There will always be someone making fun of you, but more looking up to you!"
Q- Quick or Slow: Quick!!

R - Reason to smile: compliments, and sweet people
R - Reality TV Show: Biggest Looser, i guess?
R - Reason to cry: being touched by the spirit, or saying goodbye to Tyler! :(

S - Song Last Heard: Well I'm listening to "Hollywood's Not America" -Ferras
S - Season: SUMMER!! or spring
S - Shoe: size 6 or 7

T - Time you woke up: oh it was like 8:15 ish.. its was SO NICE!!! gotta love open period.
T - Time Now: 4:23 p.m.
T - Time for bed: oh usually about 10 ish. sometimes its closer to 11 though.

U - U love someone: yes. I do!
U - Unpredictable?: uh.. no not really!
U - Umbrella: never use! I love getting rained on!

V - Vegetable you hate: CELERY!
V - Vacation spot: Paris.
V - Very favorite sports team: my volleyball team

W- Worst Habits: biting my nails
W- Where are you going to travel next? FRANCE!!! Je suis tres content pour moi voyager a paris!!
W- Weather right now: freezing!!

X - X-Rays: i think only one, on my arm

Y - Year you were born: 1991.
Y - Year it is now: 2009 Graduating Year!!!
Y - Yellow: the color of my favorite flower, the quilt I made, and my dream room!

Z - Zoo Animal: the ones that aren't annoying and they dont bug me or scare me! :)

I tag three people:
Melanie, Chelsea, and Shaylee!! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Watch out Rexburg!... Here I come!!

I finally got my acceptance letter from BYUI and now I can officially say that I am going there for school. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful school and have them be a part in my life that could possibly determine my friends, my career, my testimony and even my husband. What an exciting time in my life!
I do not know when I am going there yet though. I have taken their required questionaire in order for them to determine my track system, and it will take up to 4-6 weeks for me to know which track I will attend. So wish me the best of luck in the next few months as I prepare for college and everything fun and not so fun that comes with that.
If anyone has ANY KIND of advice for me, let me know. Whether it be the ways to BYUI, which appartment is the best, suggesting roomates, scholarships, classes to take, things to do, people to meet, places to see, games to play, or any kind of suggestions you have for me. I could use anything and everything that you have. THANK YOU!!