Monday, February 23, 2009

The Power of Free Agency

My whole life, i have always been, a "huge walking poster of free agency", as my friends call me, because i know the power and influence of free agency, and in my own life, i have several examples of why free agency is key to life.
Examples: I love running! Tell me to go run and I hate running!!
I love reading! Tell me to read a book and I hate reading!!
its just the way of life. and several people always tell me that they dont believe me, and its just that i dont like people telling me what to do. which is true. but isn't that part of free agency. i get to choose what i want to do.
anyways... the reason why i've been thinking about this recently.
for those of you who read my blog about my "amazing" teacher, Mr. Stout, you will get this. for those of you who dont know what I'm talking about, skip this for now, and read up! :) but Mr. Stout is to the point in our lives where all we do is read. not even kidding. its an Advanced Placement English Literature class and thats all we do. now dont get me wrong, i know reading is powerful and all, but not for an AP literature class. anyways, he gives us a book to read, we read in class, we read at home, we read in class, we read at home, he gives us another book, we read in class, we read at home, and so forth. i'm not complaining. but its getting old. anyways, as i was thinking about this situation, i realized how many people are actually reading and liking these books that he assigns us, (so far we've read Wuthering Heigths, and The Power and The Glory) unlike what we used to be. so i think its the attitude thats non-chalant and low key, that gets the students to want to do it because we arent being forced to shove books into our brains. i feel like thats why i'm reading these book and enjoying them, because all he says anymore, is everyother day he tells us the next book assignment, and thats it. nothing said about it. so we want to read. and i guess we have nothing else to do anyways. haha.
i just realized, once again, that free agency is so powerful. especially in kids, and teens. we hate being told what to do, but will do the exact same thing you told us what to do, on our own free will. what a blessing we have in our lives thanks to our loving father in heaven that gave us that option, and the country that we live in as well that we can choose, to an extent, what we want to do.

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Amy N. said...

I am the same way! I HATE to read when I am told what to read, but can't put a book down when I want to read it. I actually didn't read a single book in jr. high or high school because it was forced on me (good thing I am a dang good guesser I passed English with A+'s anyways)

I am glad we have the ability to choose for ourselves too! Oh and I hated running in gym class, but loved running track and racing now!