Friday, September 19, 2008

What a week!!

Monday, was any other monday. school, practice, eat, FHE, One Tree Hill, homework, sleep. :)
Tuesday, was my volleyball game at Mtn. Home. it was a good game. we played very well and we kept very well intensity and work ethic. even with our MVP/Captain sick and not playing the best.
Wednesday, was the rollercoaster day. i had school, which i HATE school. and it was a B day, which i particually don't like a whole lot, and so i was a little down. i came home at one because i have an open period. so i talked to aimee and mom for a little bit. i had to go back to the school about 2:45 because practice started at 3 that day. but don't ask me why i felt like going there early. i'm so glad i got there though. i walk into the gym, like normal, and looked at all these boys sitting on the bleachers wondering what they are doing. i finally look around the gym, and i see the huge poster hanging from the volleyball net. it said... " BRIDGET, i was hoping to BUMP into u so i could SET us up 4 a KILLer homecoming. -ABE" i was speechless and was shocked. Abe Burns asking me, Bridget Nielson? Abe the babe?? no way!! but its true. i had to look at it several times to see if i was just imagining things. i did the whole... " awwwwww!" and then all the guys laugh, and leave. i laughed cuz all they wanted to see was my reaction. and of course. i wanted to go guve Abe a huge hug. but he was on his way to mtn. home to a soccer game. so i just sent him a txt and told him how much i loved it and that it was perfect. he was surprised that i liked it. so the rest of practice i couldn't focus. :) then, i go to mutual. i was in charge of the joint activity that day. it was very hecktic but it was fun. we played are you smarter than a primary kid, and i THINK the kids had fun.
Thursday, i had a home game. it was also a very very busy day for me. i am never home. and when i am home it is to have a few bites and leave. our game wentvery well. we totally dominated. the first game was like 25-8 or something close to that. it was a great three games. but especially because Abe was there and i answered him at the game too. this was how he got answered.... everytime we got a point, he was handed a piece of paper, by one of his friends, with a letter on it. and it was so fun to watch him at the beginning. he had a huge smile on his face, and i was very pleased with just the fact that he was having fun with it. he was so confused and had no idea what was going on at the beginning. but he was getting it the more and more we got points. the letters all put together, in the right order said... " ABE, it would be a KICK to ASSIST you to the dance and fulfill my GOAL! i hope i am not too FORWARD but... HECK YES!!!!! ~ Bridget Nielson " he had fun with it and he said he really liked how i did it. and all his friends told me they thought it was really cool and clever.
Friday, (today) i had my early morning athletic leadership team class at 7 in the morning. which made for a long day. but i had an open period today, and no volleyball practice so i left for the Boise mall to look for a homecoming dress. Margaret, my aunt from Pocatello, was in town so she hung out with us for that as well. i found a dress that i really like. it's modest, its so comfotable and guess what? .... it's not PINK!!!! =] its turqouise. and i'm really excited to wear it. i will post what it looks like after my mom fixes the bottom. the bottom is a little funny looking and she is easily going to just re-do the hem. so when she fixes it, i'll show you what it looks like. and of course i will keep you posted on how the dance went. woo hoo!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


So I know I haven't posted anything about volleyball yet, but I just haven't had time. Way too much homework to do, volleyball, selling purses and seminary council puts me in a tight schedule with about 5 hours of sleep every night. Anyways, volleyball...
So we started our season off at Winnemucca, Nevada. We went there on charter bus, and shared it with Columbia and Nampa. Which was an experience all on its own. But it was so much fun. One of the best tournaments I have gone to. And trust me; I’ve had my fair share of tournaments. :) We ended up winning the whole tournament and getting first. It was a great experience for all of us, and we had several bonding opportunities that were well worth the long, boring bus ride. I had the best time with my roomies that night, and I will never ever forget that experience. It was so much fun, and I bonded well with two of my teammates, that I never really got to know and liked before. It was fantastic!!!!
Then we had our first game against Nampa, at Nampa. We won, but let's just say... we didn't win, they just lost. We played like we were in 8th grade. Missing all of our serves and it was embarrassing. And Murphy (my coach) now uses that as his example. He often says, “you guys are playing like the Nampa game!" or "let's not make this another Nampa game."
We had our next game at Columbia but it was also a tri-match against Middleton as well. It was a good game to play in also. But it wasn't as bad as Nampa. I got to play a little more that night, which I was happy to see. So we ended up winning the game against Columbia and against Middleton.
Then we played at Kuna, and we won that game also. We won but we had to work harder then the last few games. Kuna is one of those teams that really don’t have outstanding talent, but they work so hard. They never slow down or give up. They dive and go for every stinking ball, and they have a solid defense. So it was hard for us because we have a solid offense. But I enjoyed it.
Then we played BK yesterday and it was our first home game. It was definitely one of those games that we just started out our warm ups, and things like that, pumped up and ready to play because we were happy to be home and we just had the energy. And that helped us to beat them in three games. It was a great game also. I think that was the best game we had played. (Not including Winnemucca because we played amazing there!!!) We just had great energy and we stayed on top of that, for the most part, the whole night. I enjoyed that game because I was having a great day, and I came with a good attitude. And my best friend and I really had some pretty good laughs. Well, we always do, but it was a little different that night. Lol
So far it’s been a great season. It’s just too good to be true. It’s hard to think this is the last time I will play volleyball at Skyview with my great team. But also hard to think that we really have a great shot at state this year. And this may be the year that we make it all the way!!! We have this number on the back of one of our shirts. It says... 111530. And that’s our goal this year. When we are sloppy at practice, when we slow down at a game, or when we are struggling. We think about this. It means November (11) first (1) at 5:30 (530) the championship game for state will be playing. And we want to be there playing that game and that is our main goal. It’s been great to have that in your vision. What a season so far!!