Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day Off!!

Today definitely wasnt what i thought it would end up. I thought today was going to be a day to clean my room more, catch up on homework, listen to music, watch movies, and relax. (which i was totally fine with) but I came home from volleyball about 11:30 and my mom was getting ready to take Brooke to the movies with a friend and she asked me if I wanted to go, and I said no, but she said that she was thinking that she would go around town looking for a suitcase for me for France. so i ,of course, went with her. that trip ended in no suitcase, but a 6 hour shopping trip to get a spring bouquet for the living room, a new pressure cooker for mom, and a new tray for the silverware drawer. (YAY!!!) But we did look at some suitcases and i think we will make a purchase here in a week or so. which i am pretty excited about. :)
then I come home ready to clean my room, and do homework and my daily blogging, but had a burning desire to cook dinner. (which i get alot) and then we had FHE and then I had to get my weekly dosage of One Tree Hill and now I am taking this time to do my blogging. unfortunately, I cant upload pics of today and yesterday though because mom is working on taxes (she claims the only reason she was motivated to do her taxes this year was because i really need to start working on my FAFSA forms for scholarships and i guess we cant fill those out till her taxes are done.) on the other computer and the computer out in dad's office, for some reason, doesnt like my flash drive. So i will uplaod the pics of today and yesterday, tomorrow. (if that made any sense at all) But I did have a great day off, and it was fun to spend time with the mama and its always good to see her spend some things on herself, because she rarely does it, so it was well worth the time and energy spent shopping.

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Dessa Mae said...

I love spending time with momma too!! Mom's are the best! I'm excited for you to go to France. That was be an awesome experience!!