Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tithing Boxes!!

So tonight for mutual we made these SUPER DUPER cute tithing boxes, and I cant wait to get money, so that i can put my tithing in my tithing box. haha. which is a whole other post that i could blab on and on about how much I NEED MONEY!!! but thats for another day.
So tonight we got together at Sister Hamilton's house and decorated tithing boxes. It was nice to get away from the normal stuff at the church, and relax a little at her house. we had lots of candy and goodies to snack on. and we all brought lots of ribbon, bottons, paint, paper, and cute stuff to decorate our boxes with and i was proud of all of the girls because all of them turned out cute in their own unique way. I'm still getting the in-active girl come almost every wednesday to mutual and every sunday to church. this was a good experience for her to get to know us better and just to bond, laugh, and have some good memories. We talked about alot of various different things. I just thought it was a good activity. good times. cant forget this!! :) Love you girls!!! <3

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