Tuesday, March 27, 2012


They are random and not the best. But it's better than nothing.
Travis and I are doing really great. I am still loving my job at Arizona State Credit Union. I am currently a Financial Services Representative. Travis has about a month and half left in nursing school and we are so excited!!
Trav's hard work in school.
Roper lake - just down the road from us.
Some cute daisies I found on our hike at Roper lake
My cute Easter wreath that I made
The view from the top of the hill at Roper Lake
The view from the Dessert Museum in Tucson
The view from the spot that Amy and Greg had their first date
This was the place that Amy and Greg had their first date. CUTE!
A craft that I did

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, I guess I will start with the most exciting news, to us. We finally have a calling!!! wahoo! I havnt had a calling (besides visiting teaching in my last ward) since I moved from Idaho. So almost a whole year. But knowing that we will, or are planning, on staying in this ward for at least year, its good to know we can get comfortable with this ward. Its been a great ward so far as well. The youth are really strong and faithful in our ward, i've noticed. so i was kinda hoping to be put in the yw's, but thats okay. this calling is ultimately the best for our situation right now. I guess i better tell you what it is, huh? we are team teaching the CTR 6-A class. we are so excited. We were told that its 4 girls. So I was excited about that. haha. But Travis LOVES primary and thats what he wanted, if he could choose. and I didn't really care. I just wanted something really bad!!! haha. but this way I can do the teaching, so that Travis isnt anymore stressed than what he already is with school and all. I am really excited and we will start teaching in 2 weeks. yay!!
I am really really loving my new job. I am a part-time teller at the Arizona State Credit Union and what a great job for me. It is a perfect job for me and I feel qualified for the job as well. I am getting a great pay, and great hours. The company really knows how to treat their associates and I really love my supervisor, managers and other coworkers. I really dont have much to complain about. I have been in PHX for 4 days now. Doing training all day here at the corporate office. It is really fun and i have learned so much! so i start working on monday and I cant wait to start doing transactions and helping members.
Travis is doing really well in school. He may not say so or think so, but i think he is. He is very dedicated to paperwork, and projects, and studying, etc. He has got great scores on his two tests so far and he is really enjoying his clinicals. Actually in his last clinical he took the time to really care about his patient and his family. His patients wife, grabbed his teacher the other day and told her how much she really appreciate him and all that he did and a list of impressive things about him and so the teacher then told him that she was very impressed by that and that she was proud of him, etc. I love hearing things like that when he comes home from school. He gets discouraged sometimes due to, long days, or things not going right, or difficult assignments, etc. His brother is no longer in the program with him as well, and I think that was a little hard for him. I dont know if he would say that, but thats just what i think. It changed a lot of things. Trevor is now taking classes to prepare for pharmacy school. So we can still hang out with them, and do laundry at their place, haha, but the brothers just dont get much time together anymore, and I know Trevor and Travis really supported each other, and helped each other, and were just there for each other where sometimes the wives cant be for several reasons. Anyways!
we are doing well and we are about to celebrate our 8 month anniversary!!! crazy how fast time goes by. But we are so extremely happy and so happy that we got married. We are starting to really feel comfortable with each other and i just love that I can feel comfortable talking to him for 3 hours when i come home from work and the same with him from school. We understand each other and its just great to have a best friend all the time. Times are tough sometimes, and Travis is seriously so perfect for an emotional girl! :) with living away from my family, and with other struggles in my life he was really grown to love me and know exactly what to do when I am crying or when i need a hug, etc. I just love him so much and appreciate all that he does for me and everything around the house, etc.
well, once again sorry for blabbing, but being away from anyone that i know for 4 days, has got the best of me, and I was in a desperate need to write a long blog. love you all!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Say hello to the new teller at Arizona State Credit Union! : )

yup! you heard me right, i got the job and i am so extremely excited for my new adventure in my life. My supervisor told me, that i did a very good job on the interview and that they were all very impressed with me. I am so excited for me to have more hours, for me to dress up, for me to feel important and worth something now that i have a decent job, for me to be a little more busy, for me to start working, and for all of the benefits of this new job.
We celebrated with jumping on the bed, screaming and shouting, dancing around and just being silly for most of the morning, which also included telling all relatives that knew about my interviews and were anxiously waiting to see how it ultimately went. We then went shopping to the new COOL store here in our valley. Bealls Outlet. I got an adorable purse, that i was in a desperate need of. I got to pick out two cute blouses and some slacks, so that i could have more clothes to wear at my new job, and enjoy myself now that i feel like a success!! Travis is so sweet and he went with me picking out a purse and trying on clothes and stuff. what a sweetie! then we went to one of our favorite places to eat... R & R Buffet!!! So yummy. breadsticks, pizza, pasta, soda with the awesome ice!, wings, and more!! we totally pigged out and enjoyed celebrating my new job and the success i had with that, our 7 mo. anniversary next week and valentines day next week. YAY! we then decided to go to Saint David for the day to see Kara and Nathan while we could. Then we came back home and were glad to finally inherit one of the two couches from the Shumaker's newly remodeling house. YAY! we had such a great day. and i just seem to be more happy, helpful, loving, cheerful, and silly. I hope that this works out. I am truly grateful for the many many prayers from family members on my behalf. I know that it truly helped. I appreciate travis and all that he did to support me, listen to me, help me, give advice to me, and just be there when i needed him through the stressful time that it was for me. and mostly for the patience that he had because i know i was on my last nerve for a few weeks and he got to see a side of me he does not see very often. poor guy! but hes the best and never complained. well i will be starting in about two weeks, with my training in PHX. I will come back and then go back and have 4 more days of training. so it will be a long process, but im glad. i feel more comfortable going into this knowing that i will be receiving the proper training that i will need to succeed in this new endeavor. updates are always coming. love you all!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Second Interview! : )

Well i just got done with my interview. Travis is studying and everyone else that i could think to talk to, i knew were busy. so here I am just making a post, so that i can get these feelings out.
I think i did really really well on my interview. I think it went even better than the first one. They just asked me similar questions, or the same questions. or some different questions. it was very similar to the first one, i just felt more comfortable and felt a lot more confident for some reason. I dont know if its because i know they like me, or that they seemed to be more comfortable with me too. Or it might have been because Travis gave me a great blessing right before i left, and I feel so great right now! seriously feel like im on top of the world. I feel really really good about this job, about the interview, about myself, about it all. its great!! well they said that they will be having the other interview today and that they will be making a decision for sure today and that i would hear from Tabitha by the end of today! yay!! I am so excited for this opportunity and for this chance. It is a great stepping stone for me in my life and what a blessing it is! : )
like i said it went really well. They seemed to be smiling and happy with all my answers and responses. I was saying exactly what they needed to hear and im what they needed for this position.  they were taking lots of great notes and comments to my answers. They were very happy. Im glad that it went the way that it did, and i dont have any regrets what so ever! so if i dont get the job, then its ment to be and i have another chance somewhere else. I tried my best and felt like i did really really well. im so glad that i had the spirit with me to guide me to know what to say and do. well it went really well, and ill update everyone as soon as i know if i have the position or not.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A second interview!! AAAAH!!!!!

sheesh! oh the stress and nerves that my body and mind has been going through the last few weeks. I got a call yesterday that they couldnt decide between me and another canidate and that they would like to schedule a second interview with me on Thursday. So I have been trying to prepare all day today for that. I have my outfit picked out. I wish i had enough money to afford a nice coordinated suit for an interview. but i am just doing my best with what i have. oh well! I have been just searching on the internet on advice and questions and answers and appearance and everything. man i just get more and more nervous for this! I decided i can only do so much. I will just show them who i am and what kind of employee i can be and that the best i can do. if they dont like me, they dont like me. and i will be on the search again. Anyways, writing is great therapy for me, so here i am making a post. I hope it all works out and that I can get the job! and once i get the job, just more nerves and stresses will come, but its all good for me, right?
Well, I need to go look things over on some of my prepared answers to specific questions. I dont really know what to expect in this interview. but oh well. its a new expereince for me. I know i am just rambling. but this is more for me, than whoever reads this. My stomach is starting to hurt just thinking about tomorrow. AH! sometimes i make it worse that it really is. But i guess its better than the other way around right? anyways, i gotta go prepare some more. Travis has been studying at the hospital with his teacher and I'm sure hes gunna need me to go pick him up soon. I need to go pick up my prescription, and somehow find the misplaced redbox from last night, get ready for work, and eat dinner all in about an hour. But im sure i will do fine. I have confidence in myself and i know that i can nail this and that i have the qualities, character, work ethic, and skills for this job. so why worry right?
ill update everyone on if i get the job or not soon. thanks for dealing with the rambling. AH! im going crazy.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moving... AGAIN

Luckily we only moved just down the street, to another town. We found a place cheaper in rent, and closer to school. It was a long and stressful process, but in the end, we are both grateful and happy in the new place. I have enjoyed things like: carpet, spacious bathroom, dishwasher, more closet space, and a garbage disposal. We do miss our old ward, but our new ward has been VERY welcoming and we have been very blessed so far. Speaking of, I had the chance to meet the Relief Society president our first Sunday, and i just happen to mention to her that i was looking for another job, and she mentioned that they were hiring at the Credit Union that she works at. I put in an application that next day. A few days later, I recieved a call to come in on the following Monday and take a few tests, to see if i am capable of this job. If i pass both tests, then i will go onto an interview. So i passed both tests!!! :) They were hard but do-able at the same time. if that makes sense. I had the opportunity to talk to the assistant manager (A.M.) for a little as well. Since then, I heard back from the A.M. and he said he looked at my results from the tests and mentioned that i did VERY well and that I would be hearing from Tabitha, the hiring manager and supervisor over the tellers, reguarding an interview. I hadnt heard yet yesterday, and I want to show interest and be persistent, so I called the A.M. and he said she was sick that day, but i was discussed in the meeting the day before and so he knew that i was on the list of people to call for setting up an interview. Anyways, I am anxiously holding onto my cell phone at all times and will be so excited when i even hear from someone. At least i know i have the interview for sure, just unsure on the time and date.
So i hope this job lines up well for me. I am actually wanting to look into doing accounting or something similar for school, and this will be a great opportunity for me to see if this is really for me or not. I love working with people (angry, grumpy, or nice), money/cash, paperwork, numbers, computers, dressing up nice, and the whole works. So hope and pray i get the job. :)
Travis has started his second semester of Nursing school and just trucking along to the best of his ability. MAN, is it hard! But he is very good about studying everyday and sticking to it all. I admire him for his dedication and motivation. I hope and pray it stays this way though. :) good luck honey!
I know it has been a REALLY long time, but oddly enough, this is one of my new years resolutions. Write in my blog more. So here's to 2011!
More exciting, hopefully, updates will be coming soon. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crafts 4 Sale!!


small yellows

Small pinks



Fall Collection

Fall Collection

Colored Daisies

Fridge Clips
Young Women Fridge Clips

And so here are the prices:
Large Flower Clips: $3.00
Small Flower Clips: $2.00
Fridge Clips: $2.00
Just contact me by phone, e-mail, blog comment, or Facebook. Whatever is easier for you. If you have any questions, just ask. I can do just about anything and if you have a request, I can make it too!! Tell all your friends and family!! This is my fundraiser for a trip to Idaho this winter! WAHOO!!!
and watch out for more creative crafts by Bridget! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Talks and Callings and Updates

Travis and I had the wonderful blessing and opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting today. We both had the topic of the "Atonement and Repentance". What a topic!! But we both prepared well and did a great job!! :) we had several comments from several members of our ward. it was kinda neat.
Travis also has a calling now. He is the ward choir pianist and one of the ward organists. So I am excited to go to ward choir now with him and we are happy for him. just hope and pray i get a calling soon too!
We have really enjoyed our ward so far. Very great people! I are starting to recognize faces at the temple, the theatre, and Walmart (it seems like that's the only places i go! haha)
But we are doing really well! Travis had his first quiz last week and his second will be this week. He also is having his first TEST this week as well! He's very good about studying when he has the time but still giving me some time and attention.
I did get a job at the Sapphire Theatre in Safford. I really enjoy the job, considering i have just been working Box office this whole time, but will be training for concessions this week! yikes! i don't get good hours, but will be working on possibly another job, to help pay the bills better.
I am enjoying the time that I have for myself though. I have really gotten into some fun, but cheap crafts lately, been reading some books I've been wanting to read for years, and keeping the house clean and neat.
Once again we are doing really really well and look forward to the next two months spent with Travis!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally moved in, stiches and all!!!

Travis and I have finally moved into our first apartment and enjoying life day by day.
We started to move in on August 10th. We packed all of our wedding gifts and all of my stuff into the back of the truck. And right when we put the very last box in there and went inside to take a quick break, I heard a big BANG! I said, "What was that?" and Travis says, "Thunder!" and I said, while running outside, "All of my stuff is gunna be ruined in the rain!!" and before I could say Arizona summer, it was pouring! I was just so frustrated because the whole morning is was bright and hot. and BAM! RAIN! so we had to quickly look around for a tarp and call around the town and nothing. So I, just trying to save some things, threw some blankets on top for the time being. Eventually we just had to go next door to Aunt Jenny's and park the truck under her car port. But we finally got a tarp and some bungee cords and off to Safford we were.
We arrived to our new apartment and unloaded all of our stuff. Took a little while but we got it all done. The apartment is upstairs and the stairs are old, questionable, wooden slabs. I feel like Indiana Jones on the bridge of doom!! But we did great. Travis and I got everything inside and set to go eat, because we hadnt really eaten anything all day and it was about 6:00 in the evening. Our neighbors/landlords are a new married couple that just moved in too. and they got a new tv. So they just gave us their old one. It was a pretty big one and in a good enough condition. So Travis picked it up and carried it over to our apartment. It was about 150 pounds, but Travis is strong and he got it there just fine. And just as he is setting it down on the slippery and dusty wood floor, it became top heavy and he had no control over it, and it dropped on his right big toe!! 2 seconds passed (longest 2 seconds of my life!) and he starts to scream, yell cry, and grabbed his toe. I look down and there is blood all over his toe, foot, shoe, and the floor. Travis says, "I think I have lost my toe!" and then says, "I dont know what to do!" and I said back, "Well I dont know what to do either!" He takes off his shoe, hobbles outside to the porch and lays down. I look at his face and he is dripping sweat off his chin and crying. He takes his hand off his toe and I take a look at it, to see the damage. I then realized he still has his toe, its still connected, but he has a MAJOR cut and the toe nail is history. Travis utters, I need something to wrap this with. I immediately remembered that we recieved a first aid kit from Sister Cook and it was packed somewhere in the spare bedroom. I run back there, I stare at over 25 boxes probably, and think to myself how the heck am i going to find this first aid kit? and decided well i have to start somewhere. I go to the first box, open it up, and voila! First aid kit right there on the top. I know someone was guiding me at that time. Holy smokes!! I run back out to the porch, open the first aid kit, and literally throw things everywhere frantically trying to find some guaze or something helpful. I was so frantic, I never found it, even though it was in there the whole time. So I just ripped out a big bandaid. He wraps that on good and tight, and then graps the medical tape and wraps his toe with that for the pressure. His toe was bleeding everywhere all over the place. I call my neighbors that gave us the dang tv to come over and help us. They got there and didnt know what to do, just like us. But they did give us a glass of water and I gave Travis some of my Aleve in my purse. The neighbors had to go to the store, so they just left the door open if we needed anything. Travis then decided to call his sister, Kara. Shes currently working full-time as a nurse. She convinces us to go to the ER to take care of it. While he was talking to Kara and crying pretty hard, because he knew we wouldnt be able to pay for anything, I grabbed a small box, and my pillow so he could elevate his foot, ran over to the neighbors and stole some ice cubes and a baggy and put that on his toe as well. I had decided at that point, in my head, that we have to get some medical help and attention because he was loosing so much blood. It had been maybe 2 minutes since he had wrapped his toe and there was already blood running down the back of his foot and onto my pillow. I started to get really nervous because of the loss of blood. Kara then talked to me and told me to get him to the hospital and to not worry about the money. That is not as important in this situation. So I grabbed my purse and his phone and wallet, locked the door. Grabbed a paper towel from the neighbors, gave that to travis to wrap around his bloody toe so it wouldnt get the truck all yucky and stuff. And by the time he had walked from apartment 1 to apartment 3 ish, the paper towel had soaked up with blood and was dripping on the ground. lovely! I ran down those crazy stairs got the truck ready for him to get in, he wobbled down the stairs, and dripped blood on every other step. (those blood sains are still there.) ;)I set my purse down so that I could help him into the truck. Ran to the other side, scooted up the seat haha, and drove as fast as I could get myself to the hospital. Good thing Travis was still conscious enough and knew where the hospital was. We parked near the ER, and i then realized i left my purse at the apartment complex. I told Travis and he told me to go get it, but i couldnt get myself to just leave him. But it started raining and i didnt want it to get stollen either. So he hobbled into the ER and I drove off to the apartment. As i pulled out of the parking lot I said, "oh shoot!" I realized I had no idea how to get back to the apartment! So I said a little prayer, cried, and just drove on faith. I almost got it all right, i turned down the wrong road once but somehow got back onto the right road. Then there was a power line down and only one lane of traffic going. so i sat there for 3 minutes just freaking out. finally got to the apartment. and PHEW! my purse is still sitting there. not wet at all, dont ask me how, and not stolen. I then drove back to the hospital. walked in, and noticed that Travis was so extremely happy to see me walk in. (he later told me it was because i took longer than he was expecting, and it was the cuz of the construction, i didnt even think of that. He was worried i got in an accident or something.) He was sitting in a wheel chair and the nurse had taken off his bandage and put his toe in something to clean it. The nurse was impressed with his wrapping. haha. She said he would legally have to be admitted into the hospital because of the excess amount of bleeding. He tried to explain that he didnt want to go in if he didnt have to because we cant afford a bill like this right now. But she told him not to worry and we will get some help, but his toe was the worry at the time and he needs some medical attention. She finished cleaning it, and we were wheeled back to a room. We sat in the room for FOREVER until an actual doctor started working on him. he did have a few nurses come look at it though and write some notes up and stuff. His toe is just drip..drip..drip..drip bleeding this whole time while waiting for a stupid doctor. I was still worried, but Travis finally said well if they were worried about the bleeding they would do something about it because they know what theyre doing. so I had to tell myself to stop worrying about it. haha. finally he had an X-RAY and they came back and told him he had a broken toe and a fracture where he cut his toe. The doctor finally looked at the toe and made some observations and what not. the Nurses came in and got the room ready for surgery. They had to clean his foot again because of the long wait he had and all the bleeding that had occured. he had not moved his toe at all since he dropped the tv on it. He got up on the table/bed. The doctor put his toe to sleep, and Travis did not like that at all. He later said that was almost just as painful as the original drop on his toe. ouch! His toe finally went to sleep. They poured iodine on the toe, he immediately started cutting off his toe nail. and I was gone. I could not and would not watch anymore. I mean i now know what basically happened during that 30 minutes or so. He ripped off the toe nail, cleaned it. cleaned the toe. stiched up the cut. and sewed his toe nail back on for protection. then wrapped his toe with a tube gauze. Gave him some vicadin and a vial of some and a script for more. Gave him simple instructions of: keep it dry and clean and take off this gauze in 48 hours and make up a follow up appointment with your normal doctor within a week. The whole time Travis was crackin jokes and making everyone smile and laugh. It kind of made me tear up a little. Watching my good little husband keep a good, positive attitude and cheering us up (especially me, i was very worried) Just with his conditions he was still good 'ol Travis. I just love him so much! When the doctor was done Travis said, "Thank you from the bottom of my toe!" hahahah! gotta love him. anyways. we walked out of there at about 10 at night and he originally dropped the TV at about 6 ish. so what a night! we were starving and so we went over to his brother, Trevor's, house. Jana made us dinner and of course, Travis wanted to play games. nothing stops that kid from games!!!! seriously. We played some games and had a good time. We had a rough night that night going to sleep and staying asleep, but made it.
Its now about a week later and he is doing TONS better. We had some painful nights and a few accidental bumps on the toe, and problems taking off the gauze due to the excessive bleeding, but for the most part recovery has been well. No infections yet! He went to the doctor a week later and he took out the stiches. he also wondered why the original doctor didnt put him on antibiotics, but gave him some. He is supposed to stay off his toe from 4-6 months for full recovery of the broken toe, and the cut and the missing toe nail and what not. poor Travis. I just taught him how to play frisbee right before and he is just itching to go play too!! He is supposed to soak his foot in epsom salt 2 times a day and he just has to keep a bandaid on it. Everyday we see huge improvements on his ouchie and we are just so grateful that it wasn't worse! he is a tropper and helps as much as he can around the house. What an experience but it was been a huge learning experience for him and for me and we have grown together in large amounts and I am grateful for that as well.
We finally moved in the rest of Trav's things and the last of our stuff left in St. David. We have turned on utilities, got our mailbox, got our new bed (that is so extremely comfy!), and im working on getting my new social security and drivers license with my new name, etc. We have been very busy in the last week, but have got everything done.
Travis starts school on Monday. He is doing Nursing at Eastern Arizona College. and we are still working on finding a job for me, but hopefully our prayers will be answered here shortly.
I am working on making this aparment a home. Have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned till my hands and back are ready to go out! But I have made some huge improvements and getting a lot done. Just take one thing at a time. Still lots more to do, but its enjoyable for me at least. cleaning, organizing, decorating, and lots more. We finally bought groceries and I can finally cook some good meals!!
Hope this wasnt too much of a bore for whoever made it all the way to the end. But updates are updates, and this just happened to be a little more lengthy than others.
More updates are on their way.
we love you all!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

30 reasons why I love Travy!!!

1. He always has a smile on his face
2. He is always making me smile and laugh
3. He is very understanding
4. He is very touchy and cuddly
5. He is very considerate of me and my feelings
6. He loves to play games!
7. He has a soft and tender heart
8. He has a great testimony of the church
9. He is very spontaneous
10. He loves me unconditionally
11. He is very apologetic
12. He has an incredible singing voice
13. He is an amazing pianist and uses it to build Heavenly Father's kingdom
14. He tells me almost daily how pretty I am
15. He is very friendly to others
16. He is a pro at listening to me
17. He is very thoughtful and sweet (like giving me flowers and heart attacking my car and bedroom!)
18. He is great at speaking his mind and communicating
19. He is very sweet to his mother
20. He hurts when I hurt
21. He makes me feel like I am the only important thing on this planet
22. He is very handsome
23. His eyes "make my heart melt like a popsicle on the forf of July!" :)
24. He is very athletic
25. He loves and appreciates the simple things in life!
26. He is very good with kids
27. He has a great desire to go to the temple as often as possible
28. He is very accepting of my faults
29. He will do anything for me
30. He is THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!
Travis is such a great guy. I love him dearly and I cannot wait to spend eternity with him!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Engagement is the best!

First of all here are some engagement pictures:

so hope you enjoyed just a few of our favorites. I know they aren't professional, but they are the best and they were taken by the best of the best. So I love them just the way they are. They really did well at capturing our happiness and our love for each other too.
So on to other updates in my life. I know i havent posted in a while, but getting ready for two receptions and being two states away from my family that is planning the big reception and all the fun jazz that is involved with that and doing it all in less than two months! CRAZY! But surprisingly, its been pretty fun for me overall!! This kind of stuff are things that I really enjoy. Dress shopping and flowers and bows and tulle and decorating, and planning, and thinking of others, and jewelry, and looking pretty, and talking to lots of different people, and planning planning planning!! Its been pretty fun. I know Im crazy! You have permission to call me LOCO! But Im really enjoying this time while it comes and thats the best thing I have done for myself, learn the ways of my soon-to-be hubby and just enjoy life while it comes to you! Put a smile on your face, make the moments happy and funny and always laugh! :)
This engagement has also been fun being in the same town as Travy and most of his family. I see him every night, and sometimes more if he gets a day off of work. We have had a few rough times, but we have lots and lots of amazing times! We are starting to get used to each other. I am getting used to Trav's crazy sense of humor and always wanting to do something! To put my life with Travis into one sentence: "I will never have a dull moment!" but i absolutely love it! He also just loves to tease me, and im sure my daddy and brother and proud of him and welcome him into the family quick, but its just his way of showing his love. Its all boys way of showing love. haha. its quite a hoot! Travis is such a sweetie pie though. He knows that I like pet names, and he doesnt, so sometimes he tries and calls me sweetie or sweetheart. hehe. But I have everything good to say about my handsome fiance! He is the best! He had a hard time when I was in Idaho for two weeks, BUT SO DID I! :0 but he was cute to see how much he missed me and excited to see me.
I did go up to my home roots for about 2 weeks. Man was that an experience! I really missed my family! I missed my mama that is an expert at listening to me for hours at a time, my daddy who teases me with love and teaches me everything good from above, my Brookie who is my little shadow that I love having around and playing volleyball with and wathing movies with, my Bro and his sweet wifey that are always so supportive and helpful and great examples, and my Katrina weena and her hubby and sweet little cam cam who just shower me with love and help and support and great examples as well. and all my friends were great to see as well!! My mom and sisters threw an awesome bridal shower as well!! I think that was the highlight of my two weeks. I saw past YW leaders that were HUGE parts in my life and growing up years. They are the big reason why I made the temple such a huge part in my life and why I have such a strong testimony. so thanks for all your love and support and it was great to see you all again and I hope to see you again in a month! I felt so much love from them and they were honest to goodness so happy and excited for me and it was such a great feeling!! I had a bachelorette party with my friends and that was fun too! Im glad I have such a great support system that just shower me with love and gifts and hugs and shoulders to cry on and ears to listen to me and words of advice! I am so lucky.
So I continue to count down till the wedding and I cannot wait to be sealed to Travis Shumaker for time and for ALL ETERNITY!!!! Hopefully I can find more time to blog these days, but Bridget's story book is full of smiles and laughter and love and hugs and kisses and tears of joy and singing joyfully and cheerfully and everything that is good from above!!! I love life and love is my life with the love of my life!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

:) I'M ENGAGED!!!!!! :)

Yes, the rumors are true. Bridget is engaged!!!! YAY! You have my permission to stand up out of your office chair, and jump around and scream!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
May 12th, 2010 Travis Shumaker propsed to Bridget Nielson and they are ready to start their life together for forever.
I will tell this story real quick for those who dont know the whole story...
I was introduced to Travis through my best friend, Vanessa Jones Hatch. (yes, she is an old married fart now! haha) Travis and Vanessa are cousins, favorite cousins at that. She told me all about him, and thought we should get to know each other. She did the same to him. told him all about me, and told him we should date. We connected over facebook. WE messaged a few times last summer, but he was going into nursing school and got busy. He then messaged me one day in October. We started talking more and more and more. I finally called him one day, and that night we talked for 4 hours! It was a great conversation. I moved back home from Rexburg and he came to Nampa, Idaho to come visit me and see where things can go for us in January. We were already in love. He met some close friends and family. It was a great week! Then in February we met in Vegas to spend more time together and to meet his two sisters and family there! That next month, I had decided and received guidance to move to Arizona. So i found myself living with Vanessa a month before she was getting married and getting to see Travis more often. When she got married, i found myself houseless. So I am now in the same town at Travis now. I sleep at his Grandmas house and it is such a blessing for me! What sweet ladies they are!!! But i spend my day at the Shumakers. What a blessing that has been as well. I see Travis every night when he comes home from work and on the weekends all day. I have had the incredible opportunity to get to know his mom and its been just that. INCREDIBLE! So Travis and I started talking marriage. We discussed some serious things. We worked some things out, we figured some things out, talked about some things, got to know each other more. I prayed and prayed and prayed and have fasted as well. I know it is the most important decision i will make, but it is the most right decision i have made. I couldnt be any more confident in my answer and I just am so happy and comfortable with this step I have taken in my life. We discussed things with his parents and my parents, and we went ring shopping one day with his mom. I picked THE exact ring i wanted. and I mean that literally. haha! i seriously couldnt be happier with the one we picked. I was expecting him to wait a few days to pop the question, but that night when we were saying goodnight because i was going over to the grandmas to go to sleep, he got down on his knees out on his driveway and pulled out the rock! :) i was so happy and excited!!!! Simple but sweet. perfect i say!
so wedding plans are already in store.
PINK PINK PINK!!!! Pink peonies, roses and white daisies. :) we are doing different shades of pinks and white white. We are getting married July 16th, in the Boise Temple at 5:00 pm. I will be going through the temple for the first time, the day before and we will be having our reception the day after the wedding. We will then have an open house here in Arizona the weekend after i believe. I have gone dress shopping, but not much luck. If there is anywhere in Arizona anybody knows about let me know. or someone selling their dress. I am a size 6 and I am more than willing to try anything at this point. I am going up to Idaho from June 2nd to june 15th. so i will be looking for more dresses up there. if there is anyplace or anyone in Idaho that you know about for temple ready dresses, please let me know. thanks! I know this was a quick note and i have not posted anything in a long time, but its the best i can do for now. thanks for all the support and love everyone. ill make sure to keep everyone posted though! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Changes are good sometimes. : )

I thought I should post my recent exciting news...
I am moving to Arizona. I am moving about the week of the 15th or March. I am actually doing this! Isn't it crazy? Yes, it is. I know it is. But faith can get me far! :) I know this is the best thing for me to do right now in my life and so having faith is about the only thing I am holding on to. I am scared out of my mind. I have a few tears almost everyday fall down my face, when I think about moving. Moving away from my family, my friends, my job, my calling, my memories, my favorite places to be, my whole life basically. But when I think about moving to Arizona, I get pretty excited. I love HOT weather, I will be living with my best friend, Vanessa Jones, for 6 weeks when I first move down there, I will get to see, Travis Shumaker, more often, and everything that comes with those two important people in my life.
Side note about them. Vanessa: Yes, we are moving together and living together for the first 6 weeks until she... gets MARRIED!!! :) I am so happy for her. I am so glad that she finally found HIM and that it was him all along. ;) She is getting married in the Mesa Temple for time and all eternity on April 29, 2010. She did have a quick engagement, but there is nothing wrong with that, if both people know that it is right. Which, they did. She is in the middle of the crazy wedding plans, and I am trying my hardest of being a good Bridesmaid and helping with those plans. haha. She is working about 60 hours a week and her life is CRAZY right now. So I am helping as much as I can. I can't wait to live with her and to spend some more time with her, but I am more excited for her to get married to HER love of her life and to be happy all the time and to finally get what she deserves. I hope she knows that I am here for her, I will always be, but especially right now when she need me the most when he is 5 hours away and almost as busy as she is. So living with her... CAN'T WAIT!!!
Travis: Yes, I am moving down there partly to chase him down. :) That wasn't the only reason, but a big reason to move. I will be living in Tucson, and he lives in a small town just close to it. So I will get some more time with him in person. I am tired of the maybe 10 minute talks a few times a week and the e-mails that we find time for when the other is working. We have almost opposite schedules and its really sad. We never get time to talk, and I hate it to no end. But anyways, he is going to school right now and will be going to nursing school in the fall this year. He is working for his dad, at his pharmacy and things are going pretty well for him. Especially knowing that I'm moving down now. haha. so a little bit about our story: I was introduced to him through Vanessa. (Vanessa and Travis are cousins) But I added him as a friend on Facebook and wrote him a message. I had no intentions of making anything out of it, to be honest, I just thought it was funny. But we wrote each other just a few times, and I thought to myself, "hm... I kinda like this kid." But he started Nursing school and got busy, and I got busy and we didn't talk for months. and next thing i know I was at BYUI, and enjoying life, and had a message from this Travis guy. and little Miss Matchmaker was working her magic. So we started writing more and more. Where it came to a point that it was like twice a day. And all you Bridget Blog Followers know by now, I love to write, but whats funny, so does Trav! So four page messages were being sent across the United States daily!! haha But we enjoyed talking to each other and getting to know each other. One day, I had the guts to call him and we talked for about an hour. But then that night he called me again, and we talked for..... FOUR HOURS! :) We had a great talk and from that talk on, we both knew there was something there between us, and knew that we should pursue things. So we talked more and more and more. I came home from BYUI, and on Monday, January 4th Travis was at the Boise Airport, to come see me. He stayed till that Saturday. So almost a whole week! We got to spend time with my family and his cousins, and having fun, and spending time together. I fell in love. I am in love. I love him! I really do. He made me realize how happy I can be. I really am happy when I am with him, or when I talk to him, or even talking about him. haha. But anyways, I hate being away from him. But we are doing well, for our situation and things are going well. He has two sisters in Las Vegas that I wanted to meet, and because Vegas is halfway for the both of us, we are meeting there next weekend. I can't wait to spend time with his siters and with him. So, thats the short story of us. haha. But there will be more to come. There is more to life than Vanessa and Travis right now, but thats all I have time to write about today. Come back later. Love you all!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Je veut aller au France encore!

I just miss France. So very much!! :(
I want to go back soon!

See that castle on the top of the hill. Yes I took a jog all the way up to it. From our hotel room just down the street from this view and it was the best jog in the whole wide world. That was just before my body went crazy and I couldn't really jog anymore because of my stupid ankles, knees, and hips. :'( But back to this picture. We jogged down this little street, crossed this huge bridge that just took my breath away how pretty it was to look at the water from, jogged through all the little streets and through the downtown. So fun. across some castle steps, through some gardens, tunnels, step hills, and little sidewalks. Got to the big pathway up to the castle. I sprinted up those stairs, and finally made it to the top. I had the castle right next to me, the beautiful grounds and pathways up there, but could also see the whole city all in one view. What a beauty and with my runner's high going like crazy I swear I had seen heaven! I was on cloud 109 and I just think no run can ever top that one right there. I am tearing up right now just talking about it.

Can you see the trees, the bushes, the grass, the fountains, and the beautiful flowers? Can I just go to France and become a gardener and landscaper for castle grounds. That would ultimately be my wish in life. I just can't get enough of this picture. This was taken at the top of sleeping beauty's castle too by the way. :)

I just adore this picture of the Eiffel Tower and I guess no one will ever grasp my love for France and pictures of it and anything to do with it. Go there and you will understand! :)
I just was thinking about France a lot lately and decided to put that on my blog for keepsake. I need to upload more pictures of France on my blog, but it would just take so long! anyways. Je t'aime! <3

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am in Nampa, Idaho now. I am still working at the Reel Theatre. I work a lot. I am the Family Home Evening coordinator in my singles ward. I am taking some online classes. I am making some big decisions in my life right now. I am getting stressed out because I have more than 3 huge decisions to make and I have to make them fast. So its a little bit of a crazy time in my life right now, but life is not easy, right? I am making these decisions with my heavenly father and sometimes His timing is not what I would like right now, but I know in the end it will all work out. So sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. But now you know why. Who knows when the next time I will blog too. But hope everybody's life isn't as crazy as mine. Love you all!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monkies and a tape attack!!

So the other night, I was sitting on the couch with my roommates. Chels has been wanting to know how to do that one thing that you flick your pointer finger and make that snapping noise, and I always have, but never really knew and so just gave up the fact that I could do it. But this night, McKenzie just did it out of no where. And Chels was so determined to get it. And I started just trying it out again and Mckenzie gave me a few tips and I was determined to get it. We were all sitting in the living room flicking our arms, and Brandon, this guy that comes over to our apartment pretty often, by randomly was there that night. He just happened to have his camera out and took a short clip of us trying it out. We look pretty crazy but we were doing that for a good hour or more. And you can tell, that I was getting a hang of it, and I would get one here and there. But just so you guys know. I can do it now. I can do it on the spot, anytime, anywhere, and with any one. I’m so proud of myself. Lol But I don’t have a video of that unfortunately. Anyways, enjoy the video of us monkeys. : )

Then Brandon thought it would be funny to tickle me, tackle me, and tape my arms together behind my back. Here is a picture of this torture I went through.

Look at that sad face!!

And Brandon took a video of me trying to get it off. Its quite funny now. But it wasn't at the time. haha. I just can't get the video to load. But I will get it on sometime. Maybe I'll end up just loading it on facebook. anyways. I did get it off, It was all me too. I got it off all by pure strength!!
I did have red marks all up my arm, and bruises around my wrist for a few days. But oh well.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Please watch this!!

If I do anything in my life that is good, it is to be an example to you. It is to cause you to do better. It is to show you the light of Christ. It is to show you how happiness can come from living the gospel. It is to be a small beacon of Christ's light.... I am working on a poem and this is basically the message I am trying to get across.
But if I do anything good, its to show you this video. I ask just one thing for you to do. Watch this video. It is almost 7 minutes, but it is life changing, so its well worth the eternal changes that it will have on your life. Tell your best friend, your children, your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your neighbors, your students, your co-workers, your aunts and uncles, and those that may need a helping hand. I wish that everyone could see and hear this video. I don't care that I have said that a million times already. I just hope and pray that you take a moment to watch it. It has changed my life. I have watched it five times and I just saw it for the first time early this evening. I will leave it up to you to now make your own opinion of it. Enjoy!


oh and I found the whole entire talk. Here is a link, to the whole talk if you would like to read more about this incredible inspiration.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

More crazy pictures! haha

awh! FAMILY! :)
Rockin out in Kody's truck. on our way to IF!
We were at Dr. Slaughter's and I was scared so had to destract myslef... love pictures!!!

I love this picture!! thanks V

booty shot!
tired after the dance
very tired
oompa loompa at Taco Bell haha!

on the way back to IF. in the back of the truck. yikes. cold and uncomfy.

matchy matchy

water, fire, wind, earth!!!! :)

move in day.