Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eating ice cream by the gallon!

I thought this was just on the movies. But girls really do eat ice cream by the gallon when they're depressed. haha.

I've eaten tons of ice cream today and i think i'm getting sick.

I had an interesting conversation last night with the worst enemy...the male gender!! Boys are so hard to get through sometimes. first, they dont have the emotions that we have, and second, they dont pay attention to the feelings that they do have. and according to him... i was just a FLING!!! yes, i said it, A FLING!!! but i have had it with my emotions. i just feel like i'm sprinting in circles and soon enough i'm just going to get so dizzy, i'm gunna collapse. i've so speechless and shocked at all he said to me last night. i dont even know where to begin. i am so furious! but i want myself to remember this time in my life. i've learned alot so far. and i know i will continue to. i know this is a great learning experience for me, for sure. so i'm grateful for the experience i guess. but i'm not gunna bash on him, boys, dating, or anything else. i'm just gunna leave it how it is and move on. its not worth it to just sit here and pout when i have opportunites waiting for me. so after today, i am a new person and i'm gunna forget about this whole thing and be happy and cheerful about life, because i cant afford to be mr. grumpy gills.

here's to a happier life!! :)


Dessa Mae said...

Remember, the boys now are just stepping stones to the prince charming waiting on his lilypad! (I just made that up. Not bad huh!?) LOL

The Stices said...

So you remember how a boy and friend in High school were real jerks to me and I was so sad and depressed for awhile there... well I think everyone goes through one of those experiences and guess what it sucks at the moment, but you learn a lot from that experience and then later on you laugh about it. College will be great for you and you will definitely find a guy who treats you the way you deserve because you are a fabulous girl and it takes guys a little longer to realize that. That's why college guys are me sometime because it sounds like I need to hear about this story...
p.s. so you like Ice Cream now...?

Leslie :~D said...

So Mr. Wonderful from the big romantic post a month ago said you were a fling? Oh my heck. I am so driving to Rexburg to beat the crap out of him. Or maybe, I'll just follow him around and scare the crap out of him (nuttin scarier than an old lady you think is stalking you), then run him over as he walks home from class like a skunk on the highway.