Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, I guess I will start with the most exciting news, to us. We finally have a calling!!! wahoo! I havnt had a calling (besides visiting teaching in my last ward) since I moved from Idaho. So almost a whole year. But knowing that we will, or are planning, on staying in this ward for at least year, its good to know we can get comfortable with this ward. Its been a great ward so far as well. The youth are really strong and faithful in our ward, i've noticed. so i was kinda hoping to be put in the yw's, but thats okay. this calling is ultimately the best for our situation right now. I guess i better tell you what it is, huh? we are team teaching the CTR 6-A class. we are so excited. We were told that its 4 girls. So I was excited about that. haha. But Travis LOVES primary and thats what he wanted, if he could choose. and I didn't really care. I just wanted something really bad!!! haha. but this way I can do the teaching, so that Travis isnt anymore stressed than what he already is with school and all. I am really excited and we will start teaching in 2 weeks. yay!!
I am really really loving my new job. I am a part-time teller at the Arizona State Credit Union and what a great job for me. It is a perfect job for me and I feel qualified for the job as well. I am getting a great pay, and great hours. The company really knows how to treat their associates and I really love my supervisor, managers and other coworkers. I really dont have much to complain about. I have been in PHX for 4 days now. Doing training all day here at the corporate office. It is really fun and i have learned so much! so i start working on monday and I cant wait to start doing transactions and helping members.
Travis is doing really well in school. He may not say so or think so, but i think he is. He is very dedicated to paperwork, and projects, and studying, etc. He has got great scores on his two tests so far and he is really enjoying his clinicals. Actually in his last clinical he took the time to really care about his patient and his family. His patients wife, grabbed his teacher the other day and told her how much she really appreciate him and all that he did and a list of impressive things about him and so the teacher then told him that she was very impressed by that and that she was proud of him, etc. I love hearing things like that when he comes home from school. He gets discouraged sometimes due to, long days, or things not going right, or difficult assignments, etc. His brother is no longer in the program with him as well, and I think that was a little hard for him. I dont know if he would say that, but thats just what i think. It changed a lot of things. Trevor is now taking classes to prepare for pharmacy school. So we can still hang out with them, and do laundry at their place, haha, but the brothers just dont get much time together anymore, and I know Trevor and Travis really supported each other, and helped each other, and were just there for each other where sometimes the wives cant be for several reasons. Anyways!
we are doing well and we are about to celebrate our 8 month anniversary!!! crazy how fast time goes by. But we are so extremely happy and so happy that we got married. We are starting to really feel comfortable with each other and i just love that I can feel comfortable talking to him for 3 hours when i come home from work and the same with him from school. We understand each other and its just great to have a best friend all the time. Times are tough sometimes, and Travis is seriously so perfect for an emotional girl! :) with living away from my family, and with other struggles in my life he was really grown to love me and know exactly what to do when I am crying or when i need a hug, etc. I just love him so much and appreciate all that he does for me and everything around the house, etc.
well, once again sorry for blabbing, but being away from anyone that i know for 4 days, has got the best of me, and I was in a desperate need to write a long blog. love you all!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Say hello to the new teller at Arizona State Credit Union! : )

yup! you heard me right, i got the job and i am so extremely excited for my new adventure in my life. My supervisor told me, that i did a very good job on the interview and that they were all very impressed with me. I am so excited for me to have more hours, for me to dress up, for me to feel important and worth something now that i have a decent job, for me to be a little more busy, for me to start working, and for all of the benefits of this new job.
We celebrated with jumping on the bed, screaming and shouting, dancing around and just being silly for most of the morning, which also included telling all relatives that knew about my interviews and were anxiously waiting to see how it ultimately went. We then went shopping to the new COOL store here in our valley. Bealls Outlet. I got an adorable purse, that i was in a desperate need of. I got to pick out two cute blouses and some slacks, so that i could have more clothes to wear at my new job, and enjoy myself now that i feel like a success!! Travis is so sweet and he went with me picking out a purse and trying on clothes and stuff. what a sweetie! then we went to one of our favorite places to eat... R & R Buffet!!! So yummy. breadsticks, pizza, pasta, soda with the awesome ice!, wings, and more!! we totally pigged out and enjoyed celebrating my new job and the success i had with that, our 7 mo. anniversary next week and valentines day next week. YAY! we then decided to go to Saint David for the day to see Kara and Nathan while we could. Then we came back home and were glad to finally inherit one of the two couches from the Shumaker's newly remodeling house. YAY! we had such a great day. and i just seem to be more happy, helpful, loving, cheerful, and silly. I hope that this works out. I am truly grateful for the many many prayers from family members on my behalf. I know that it truly helped. I appreciate travis and all that he did to support me, listen to me, help me, give advice to me, and just be there when i needed him through the stressful time that it was for me. and mostly for the patience that he had because i know i was on my last nerve for a few weeks and he got to see a side of me he does not see very often. poor guy! but hes the best and never complained. well i will be starting in about two weeks, with my training in PHX. I will come back and then go back and have 4 more days of training. so it will be a long process, but im glad. i feel more comfortable going into this knowing that i will be receiving the proper training that i will need to succeed in this new endeavor. updates are always coming. love you all!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Second Interview! : )

Well i just got done with my interview. Travis is studying and everyone else that i could think to talk to, i knew were busy. so here I am just making a post, so that i can get these feelings out.
I think i did really really well on my interview. I think it went even better than the first one. They just asked me similar questions, or the same questions. or some different questions. it was very similar to the first one, i just felt more comfortable and felt a lot more confident for some reason. I dont know if its because i know they like me, or that they seemed to be more comfortable with me too. Or it might have been because Travis gave me a great blessing right before i left, and I feel so great right now! seriously feel like im on top of the world. I feel really really good about this job, about the interview, about myself, about it all. its great!! well they said that they will be having the other interview today and that they will be making a decision for sure today and that i would hear from Tabitha by the end of today! yay!! I am so excited for this opportunity and for this chance. It is a great stepping stone for me in my life and what a blessing it is! : )
like i said it went really well. They seemed to be smiling and happy with all my answers and responses. I was saying exactly what they needed to hear and im what they needed for this position.  they were taking lots of great notes and comments to my answers. They were very happy. Im glad that it went the way that it did, and i dont have any regrets what so ever! so if i dont get the job, then its ment to be and i have another chance somewhere else. I tried my best and felt like i did really really well. im so glad that i had the spirit with me to guide me to know what to say and do. well it went really well, and ill update everyone as soon as i know if i have the position or not.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A second interview!! AAAAH!!!!!

sheesh! oh the stress and nerves that my body and mind has been going through the last few weeks. I got a call yesterday that they couldnt decide between me and another canidate and that they would like to schedule a second interview with me on Thursday. So I have been trying to prepare all day today for that. I have my outfit picked out. I wish i had enough money to afford a nice coordinated suit for an interview. but i am just doing my best with what i have. oh well! I have been just searching on the internet on advice and questions and answers and appearance and everything. man i just get more and more nervous for this! I decided i can only do so much. I will just show them who i am and what kind of employee i can be and that the best i can do. if they dont like me, they dont like me. and i will be on the search again. Anyways, writing is great therapy for me, so here i am making a post. I hope it all works out and that I can get the job! and once i get the job, just more nerves and stresses will come, but its all good for me, right?
Well, I need to go look things over on some of my prepared answers to specific questions. I dont really know what to expect in this interview. but oh well. its a new expereince for me. I know i am just rambling. but this is more for me, than whoever reads this. My stomach is starting to hurt just thinking about tomorrow. AH! sometimes i make it worse that it really is. But i guess its better than the other way around right? anyways, i gotta go prepare some more. Travis has been studying at the hospital with his teacher and I'm sure hes gunna need me to go pick him up soon. I need to go pick up my prescription, and somehow find the misplaced redbox from last night, get ready for work, and eat dinner all in about an hour. But im sure i will do fine. I have confidence in myself and i know that i can nail this and that i have the qualities, character, work ethic, and skills for this job. so why worry right?
ill update everyone on if i get the job or not soon. thanks for dealing with the rambling. AH! im going crazy.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moving... AGAIN

Luckily we only moved just down the street, to another town. We found a place cheaper in rent, and closer to school. It was a long and stressful process, but in the end, we are both grateful and happy in the new place. I have enjoyed things like: carpet, spacious bathroom, dishwasher, more closet space, and a garbage disposal. We do miss our old ward, but our new ward has been VERY welcoming and we have been very blessed so far. Speaking of, I had the chance to meet the Relief Society president our first Sunday, and i just happen to mention to her that i was looking for another job, and she mentioned that they were hiring at the Credit Union that she works at. I put in an application that next day. A few days later, I recieved a call to come in on the following Monday and take a few tests, to see if i am capable of this job. If i pass both tests, then i will go onto an interview. So i passed both tests!!! :) They were hard but do-able at the same time. if that makes sense. I had the opportunity to talk to the assistant manager (A.M.) for a little as well. Since then, I heard back from the A.M. and he said he looked at my results from the tests and mentioned that i did VERY well and that I would be hearing from Tabitha, the hiring manager and supervisor over the tellers, reguarding an interview. I hadnt heard yet yesterday, and I want to show interest and be persistent, so I called the A.M. and he said she was sick that day, but i was discussed in the meeting the day before and so he knew that i was on the list of people to call for setting up an interview. Anyways, I am anxiously holding onto my cell phone at all times and will be so excited when i even hear from someone. At least i know i have the interview for sure, just unsure on the time and date.
So i hope this job lines up well for me. I am actually wanting to look into doing accounting or something similar for school, and this will be a great opportunity for me to see if this is really for me or not. I love working with people (angry, grumpy, or nice), money/cash, paperwork, numbers, computers, dressing up nice, and the whole works. So hope and pray i get the job. :)
Travis has started his second semester of Nursing school and just trucking along to the best of his ability. MAN, is it hard! But he is very good about studying everyday and sticking to it all. I admire him for his dedication and motivation. I hope and pray it stays this way though. :) good luck honey!
I know it has been a REALLY long time, but oddly enough, this is one of my new years resolutions. Write in my blog more. So here's to 2011!
More exciting, hopefully, updates will be coming soon. LOVE YOU ALL!!