Thursday, February 19, 2009


I think i'm more prepared than i think i am for the whole college thing.
i made chow mein casserole tonight all by myself. well Ryan told me how to do it, but i actually did it with no one else's help. i was pretty proud of myself.
and you may be asking why was i making dinner all by myself??
well, i come home from the bank with Aimee. and dad's face is like swollen, red and he was talking funny. (it was kinda funny at first.) he was on the phone with the doctor or someone and he said something about allergic reactions to his medications and he had hives everywhere. so i was then really concerned. then he said that he had to go the ER because his mouth was getting swollen really fast and it could affect his breathing because his throght (however you spell that stinkin word!) will eventually swell up. so mom and dad were off to the emergency room and i had no clue when they were going to be home, what i was doing for dinner, and if i needed to be worried or not. but i have been left home several times when my parents went to the ER and this time was definitely not even close to as bad as the other times. oh man. bad memories!! anyways, but i ended up calling Ryan and making chow mein casserole and actually did a spectacular job. then brooke and i went to my weekly dosage of volleyball at the church, to get our minds off of dad, and when we came home, both mom and dad were home and doing fine. so it wasn't that bad.
but i just know, i think i can survive this whole college thing. haha i cant wait!!


Dessa Mae said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad he's ok!! That's so scary. My dad had a heart attack 2 years ago and I was the one that took him to the hospital because no one else was around to do it! But it's so scary when our parents have something "human" happen to them! I've always thought of them as super people! :)
Congrats on making your own dinner. I still don't know how to cook. lol

The Stices said...

Hey great job on dinner... cooking really isn't that hard though, it is the fact that you are cooking usually only for one when you are at college. I have some great recipes if you ever want to make a recipe book for college. Come on over anytime and have at it... So thanks for the story about Dad I didn't hear a thing about that, I guess I would have if it was more serious. I'm glad he is okay, gosh our parents really like to scare us lately...! LOVE YA!

Amy N. said...

AHH! Tell my Uncle Mark he better be careful! Glad he is okay and YAY for cooking!
I love to cook and I too have a ton of yummy recipes that are super simple to make for 1-2 people...romen noodles (1 package cooked throw away the disgusting seasoning packets-those will kill you), frozen veggies (I like 2 cups of the frozen stir-fry blends), canned chicken, a little BBQ sauce and red pepper flakes for spice. Cook your noodles and sautee your veggies then add them all together with the chicken and sauce and you have lunch/dinner for 2. I still cook that one weekly-it is even impressive enough to serve a date.