Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank You!!

I actually ended up taking a bubble bath, spending alot of time in my room, giving myself a manicure and french tips (thanks to the Ham bunch!) and talking to a great friend that helped me through the rest of the day. THANK YOU!! I would like to thank those of you that made my valentines day better: The whole Hamilton family, Shaylee, Dessa, Britney, Leslie, Adam, Katrina, Camden, and especially Taylor. (and i'm sorry if i forgot one!) I really did have a horrible day, and I was in the worst mood ever. It was a really weird feeling too cuz, if you know me, I'm usually happy and positive about life. (or at least try to think so!) But I know it could have been worse if I didnt have every single one of you guys to support and help me through it. Even the simplest comments made a world of a difference. <3 I am now back to normal and have been in a great mood today. YAY!! I spent today at church, in my room with my journal and scriptures, on the computer going through some old memories that I wrote down with Tyler, thinking about the whole thing with him, writing him, organizing some thoughts, making some CD's for Brooke, and blogging. One last thing... I have to set this goal publicly so that I will keep it. I am going to blog everyday this week (to be more like Amy) and write down the simple things in my life so that i wont forget them. :) Then next Sunday I will set this same goal, until I have a whole month and soon enough a whole year blogged.


Dessa Mae said...

That's a great idea!!

The Stices said...

We love you Bridget and check your blog regularly, but never comment on all your recent updates...sorry we will get better. We are glad that we could make your valentines a little brighter and sorry it was so depressing. I always just had to think of it as any other ordinary day, its okay to be single... Love you lots and call anytime you need someone to listen.