Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monkies and a tape attack!!

So the other night, I was sitting on the couch with my roommates. Chels has been wanting to know how to do that one thing that you flick your pointer finger and make that snapping noise, and I always have, but never really knew and so just gave up the fact that I could do it. But this night, McKenzie just did it out of no where. And Chels was so determined to get it. And I started just trying it out again and Mckenzie gave me a few tips and I was determined to get it. We were all sitting in the living room flicking our arms, and Brandon, this guy that comes over to our apartment pretty often, by randomly was there that night. He just happened to have his camera out and took a short clip of us trying it out. We look pretty crazy but we were doing that for a good hour or more. And you can tell, that I was getting a hang of it, and I would get one here and there. But just so you guys know. I can do it now. I can do it on the spot, anytime, anywhere, and with any one. I’m so proud of myself. Lol But I don’t have a video of that unfortunately. Anyways, enjoy the video of us monkeys. : )

Then Brandon thought it would be funny to tickle me, tackle me, and tape my arms together behind my back. Here is a picture of this torture I went through.

Look at that sad face!!

And Brandon took a video of me trying to get it off. Its quite funny now. But it wasn't at the time. haha. I just can't get the video to load. But I will get it on sometime. Maybe I'll end up just loading it on facebook. anyways. I did get it off, It was all me too. I got it off all by pure strength!!
I did have red marks all up my arm, and bruises around my wrist for a few days. But oh well.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Please watch this!!

If I do anything in my life that is good, it is to be an example to you. It is to cause you to do better. It is to show you the light of Christ. It is to show you how happiness can come from living the gospel. It is to be a small beacon of Christ's light.... I am working on a poem and this is basically the message I am trying to get across.
But if I do anything good, its to show you this video. I ask just one thing for you to do. Watch this video. It is almost 7 minutes, but it is life changing, so its well worth the eternal changes that it will have on your life. Tell your best friend, your children, your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your neighbors, your students, your co-workers, your aunts and uncles, and those that may need a helping hand. I wish that everyone could see and hear this video. I don't care that I have said that a million times already. I just hope and pray that you take a moment to watch it. It has changed my life. I have watched it five times and I just saw it for the first time early this evening. I will leave it up to you to now make your own opinion of it. Enjoy!

oh and I found the whole entire talk. Here is a link, to the whole talk if you would like to read more about this incredible inspiration.