Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whistle While You Work!

growing up I never got the meaning of the that song from Snow White that the Dwarfs sing, "Whistle While You Work." but I think I pretty much get that meaning down now. Correct me if you think I'm wrong. But working at the Reel Theatre I have learned SO much about so many different things. Its been a great experience for me. But one thing that I have learned that I needed to learn was to whistle while I worked. I needed to have a good attitute and be happy to work and serve customers, even thought most of the time I'm not. :) I never knew why waitresses wanted to spit in people's food, but I now know that feeling. There was one lady that was so mean to me, I would have spit in her popcorn if the supervisor wasn't in the consessions with me. Some people come in so grumpy, it drives me crazy!!!!! but I've learned that even though I have the biggest headache, I've been working for 8 hours, my feet are killing me, its hot, I'm grumpy, I have so much to do, people are jerks to me, I do things wrong, and I'm hungry it doesnt matter. I need to be happy and cheerful because then my co-workers want to work with me, the customers will want to come back, and I will enjoy my job more. Anyways, I am trying to lift myself up right now, and preparing for my DOUBLE SHIFT today. AAAHHH!! I go in at 11:45 and won't be home till 11:30!! isn't that just insanity?! yes. it is!! this is my first time working a double since I started working at the Reel and its been about a month. I am really enjoying the work though. Its a fun job that keeps me busy and always doing something most of the time, and thats the kind of work I enjoy. I love working with people for the most part and they are the ones that often set my mood for the rest of the day. but i'm trying to let that not get to me. I also love who I work with as well. There are a few lazy people, but its not bad enough to complain. so i'm not complaining. They are all very fun and make the work environment very exciting and up-beat. I get along with all of them, and there are some that I get along with really well. Its a great job, and everyday I pray to Heavenly Father thanking him for letting me work there. I am SO GRATEFUL!!! anyways, I gotta go get things done before I go into work. I will be whistling while I work today for sure. =]

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I LOVE to see the temple!!!

When I was a little girl, my favorite song was "I Love to See the Temple" and I would sing it all the time. My family probably got sick of that song. But everytime I sing it I get really really teary eyed cuz it reminds me of when I used to sing it all the time. I remember one night in particular. We were driving to Utah in our Maroon Van. I was sitting in the back and everyone was asleep besides dad that was driving. I was sitting next to the window and was just looking out just taking in the beauty of the drive to Utah. (ok i know everyone disagrees with me right now, but I find it beautiful and I love just looking out the window and taking it all in.) I was very bored and I just started to sing that song. I usually did when I was bored or when I was happy. And I swear I sang that song for hours and hours. I just love the words and the tone in the song. I don't know how my siblings didn't kill me for snging it for hours, but they're all really patient. Anyways. I just love that song. Still do. But my whole life I have had a HUGE love for temples. So most people can say, "yeah so did I!" No, this is beyond loving the temple. My whole entire life I understood what its purpose was, and I have never ever had a day in my life that I didn't think about the temple. I just want to go there so bad!!! The first time I did Baptizms for the dead was basically the best day of my life so far. I loved the spirit there and if it was possible I would have just gotten married then so that I could go through the whol temple and be there more often.
Anyways, the reason why I write this is because I did baptizms last night. It was such an amazing trip. I would have to say one of the best and I have taken A LOT of trips to the temple. One reason was because it was with my singles ward and not my home ward. No offense, but that was one reason why it was a little better because the people there with me are a little more mature and can handle being quiet and reverent in the temple and so it just seemed to be a little more spiritual and a great reverence. I loved it. But I also got alot of answers to my prayers and I could not hold in my tears the whole night. The second I walked in I felt the spirit and I got an answer to one of my trials I'm going through. But I held in my tears because I didn't want everyone to think I was crazy. Thanks Vanessa, I can now say I know how to hold in my tears. haha. (shes the one that taught me how to, without her even knowing it!) Anyways, I spent alot of time with my heavenly father there and I know that is the place for me and my heavenly father to spend time with each other and talk. It was an amazing feeling. There was so many things that happened there, that were very personal that I won't metion. But I just have to say that its the place to be. I challenge everyone to make a goal to go to the temple more often then you are right now. You will be lifted up and strengthened. I am still glowing from last night. I hope you know that "I love to see the temple. I'm going there someday To feel the Holy Spirit, To listen and to pray. For the temple is a house of God, A place of love and beauty. I'll prepare myself while I am young; This is my sacred duty. I love to see the temple. I'll go inside someday. I'll cov'nant with my Father; I'll promise to obey. For the temple is a holy place Where we are sealed together. As a child of God, I've learned this truth; A fam'ly is forever."
I also have to say Cracker Barrel before the temple, was AMAZING. I have to say I've never had better food then last night. (well besides the amazing food in France. but that doesn't count.) I had breaded Shrimp, hushpuppies, steak fries, macaroni and cheese, applesauce, and biscuits. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! everysingle one of those items were DE-LISH!!!! I ate so much of it I was sick when I walked out. I was dared to eat all my plate, but i couldnt do it. I finished all half pound of shrimp though. :) anyways, I just had to add that in there because that definitely added to the amazazingness of the night. I have to say thanks to the ward for taking us and making it special for me. and your highness, thanks for making the trip that much more better. You know why and you know what I'm talking about, but seriously girl. I LOVE YOU!!! stay amazing.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post Institute Adventures. = ]

So I'm lazy and I'm not going to post last weeks adventures at the Bowling Alley, but if you would really like to see them, check out Vanessa's post on it... http://vjones0828.blogspot.com/2009/06/bowling-with-my-pals.html
but here's this week's adventures after Institute. We basically live at Sonic. well maybe I should say, I basically live at Sonic. and we found out last night that we have a stalker that literally lives at Sonic. hahahaha. JK!! =] so we are pretty much picture crazy when we get together and we have a camera... so don't laugh too hard, and you may want to slip on those depends in case of laughing so hard you pee your pants off. JK. =] enjoy and check next Thursday for our next Post Institute Adventure.
To protect our identity, and our stalker, the story behind this picture will remain with the four of us. you know who you are!! good times though Hailee. love ya girl!

Drive Thru anyone? we were trying to do that pose that you do in Elementary school with the little stairway in school pictures. hahaha.

and here's my best friend, and my fiance. an arranged marriage dont worry. hahaha jk=]

Vanessa Elizabeth Jones without the Elizabeth. Your highness. the only words to decribe this amazingly amazing woman!!! love you dude.

and here is the best picture in the whole wide world. just dont ask questions. hehehe. . . i love these girls so so so so much and the WORST DAYS EVER turn into the BEST DAYS EVER!!!! always. LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today has been a great day!! I slept in finally, did nothing basically the whole morning. took a long hot shower, trimmed my hair and bangs, went shopping with my mom and sister and now just waiting around for Vanessa to get done with work!! :)
I'm gunna go on a long walk with her. I'm so excited. We are both working on trying to talk better in person. We both talk really well over letter, e-mails, txts, and so forth but can't talk that well in person. So we are going to start working on it. We're gunna go for a walk and talk for hours. I can't wait. We have so many things to talk about!!! It's going to be a great thing i know! I'm so we have each other to continue to build each other up more and more and more everyday. Anyways, I'm trying to get better at writing on here everyday, and thought i better do it now because I wont have time later today.
I have institute tonight at 7. I'm really enjoying institute so far. Its been a great class. I haver learned alot already. I just wish the class was a little smaller, but its okay. After institute every week we have activities as well. Its such a great idea. it definitely convinces me to go. haha. the first week was dodge ball and i dominated that game!!!! then last week we wacthed that new Rugby movie. at this week are going to Nampa Bowl. i'm so so so excited!!!! yay! anyways... hope everyone's summer is going great. I have had a great summer so far. Love you all!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have a day just for YOU!!

Today is a day just for Bridget. I'm having ME time and I'm glad I am because I need it. But I'm not on here to brag what I'm doing for myself today, I'm here to get other people to have a ME day. Everyone needs ME time and not enough people realize that they need it, and not enough people actually do it. I will guarantee it right now that if you have a ME day, other things will fall into place because you're happy and especially happy about yourself. Which brings me to my other thought of the day...
Because I just graduated from high school, moving on to college, preparing for life without family around, preparing for marriage, and preparing for kids, I have noticed a few things. Sometimes you can't figure anything out in your life until you have figured out yourself. You need to know you, before you know your future husband. You need to know your weaknesses, strengths, things that make you happy, things that make you unhappy, your testimony, what motivates you, and what are some things that you need to work on in your life and work on them. You need to know everything about you before you move too fast and start learning more of life ahead. because once you get in that future life, there will be some major complications because you can't even live within your own skin. Sometimes we need time to have with ourselves to figure things out.
I have a dear dear friend that proved that to me the other day. She has a "friend" on a mission right now, and they both want to get married, but they dont really talk about stuff like that because he's on a mission and needs to focus on the Lord and the Lord's work before he focuses on her. Its been rough for her but she shows great strength in staying on the Lord's side of the whole thing and not becoming selfish about it. But he's distracted from her and struggling a little, and she has a few things that she feels like she needs to work on within herself before he comes home, and she hasn't been able to do that because she's been worked up in him. So she wrote him a letter that told him she needs the last 6 months of his mission for her and only her to work on things for her. She's not going to write him anymore and she needs to focus on her life. I totally applaude her for doing that. She had alot of guts to do it and I'm very impressed with her.
It made me realize that it's okay for Bridget to have a Bridget day everyonce in a while. Its okay to break off an almost relationship because it was just going to be a summer fling and a broken heart in the end. and its okay to a little selfish sometimes and do things for yourself and not for anyone else.
I got alot accomplished yesterday and it feels so good to have them done now. I did stop an almost summer fling because I realized that there was a broken heart in the forecast and I can't keep on doing that to me. It was hard to stop it because I liked him alot, but it was not something that would work out and I'm glad I talked to him about it. He was totally understanding and it was a great feeling. Although i did cry my eyes out, I feel alot better today. But it helps to have a team of support right behind me all the way through the whole thing. before, during, and after more than ever before. You know who you are, and you need to have a day just for you, because everyone needs to feel confident and happy in their own skin before you can help others. LOVE YOU!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

101 things that make Bridget happy

so i've been thinking alot lately. One of my good friends said to me one time that I'm always happy and cheerful, but I don't think so sometimes, I just try to always seem happy. lol so I wanted to see if I had alot of things in my life that make me happy. so I started to compile a list of things that make me happy. some are really weird. some are very temporal and some are not. some are very cheesy, and some make most people happy. I don't have 101 things yet, but decided that maybe if I make it official by putting it on my blog, it will give me motivation to finish it. I really do want to finish it. So i'm starting it now, and will continue to update it and add onto it. If there is anything that u can think of, let me know. I'm determined to find most things that truly make me happy. so here we go... no laughing! :)

1. family
2. friends
3. church
4. Dr. Pepper
5. kids
6. pink
7. blogging
8. the question game
9. facebook
10. the scriptures
11. Vannessa!!!
12. Little Rascals
13. my nieces and nephews
14. singing
15. Rascal Flatts
16. my patriarchal blessing
17. Peach Rings
18. boys
19. money
20. shopping alone
21. reading
22. Peanut M&M's
23. Flowers
24. Bridget time
25. reading about my ancestors
26. my young women girls
27. working out
28. laughing hard
29. volleyball
30. Italian food
31. running
32. cereal
33. bows
34. sunflowers
35. Daisies
36. pearls
37. speaking french
38. math
39. camping
40. boating
41. Twix
42. my journal
43. txting
44. hugs
45. one on one time
46. watermelon
47. music
48. sleeping in
49. being loved
50. praying. deep praying
51. hamburgers
52. massages
53. taking naps
54. sonic slushies
55. sleeping in
56. girls camp
57. France
58. love
59. writing
60. Melanie
61. going to church
62. cleaning
63. doing hair
64. eating
65. summer
66. nicknames
67. the scriptures
68. frisbee
69. being outside
70. Celien Dion
71. Roller Coasters
72. cheetos... hot and cold. :)
73. tanning
74. dresses
75. jewelry
76. Lagoon
78. Bear Lake
79. the beach
80. laying out in the hot sun
81. reading a good book
82. making cards
83. service for others
84. cooking
85. bearing my testimony
86. swedish fish
87. drinking cold water
88. taking a hot shower
89. bath time
90. writing in my journal
91. talking
92. laughing hard
93. playing with people's hair
94. making others happy
95. waterskiing
96. watching any princess movie
97. cleaning
98. decorating
99. doing crafts
100. playing games
101. Vanessa!!!

.... I finally finished it!!! i'm sure i have things twice... so let me know if you find one twice. well Vanessa is on here twice because she ALWAYS makes me happy. not one time she hasn't. I just needed to finish this list so that i have it in college when i'm down in the dumps and I need something to cheer me up. :) this is mostly for me. glad i finished it. YAY!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things happen for a reason

I have been thinking about how things happen for a reason, and if you think about that constantly, and think about how things come about because of something or someone else. its amazing to me. Well recently I have had alot of ups and alot of downs. and all of them I know happened for a reason. There are things that we may not want to do, but if we have faith in our Heavenly Father, we will eventually get to the place that we want to go. He sees the big picture, and we only see the little picture. He knows whats best for us, and how to go about it. I learned the hard way. :) but i have learned my lesson, and I am definitely sticking to heavenly father's plan and not my own, or my friends'. I love having the gospel in my life to always help me through and guide me to where i need to go.
I am so grateful for the family that I have. I am so blessed to have them and to have them love me. I know sometimes i dont want to do what they tell me to do, but they do it out of love, and protection for me. I'm so blessed to have two parents that love me, and have siblings that love me as well. We all get along well and when we dont, we learn from our dissagreements, and move on. I'm grateful to have the friends that I have. I was out with some last night, and wanted to watch "Taken" cuz i hadn't seen it yet, and really really wanted to see it, and one of my friends had it from Red Box. but mom said I needed to come home. I was really really mad, and didn't take it well, but i learned my lesson and I feel bad for making things difficult for my parents. But it caused me to open alot to Vanessa about some things that I haven't been able to tell anyone, and she realized some things that I didn't even realize before. I'm so glad shes here! but i was crying so hard and so mad, I went to bed without talking much to her, and not letting her tell me what she thought of it. but i found a surprise on my car this morning from her. she bought me a pack of Dr. Pepper and was so excited about that!!! and she wrote me a long letter, which as you can tell i love long letters haha. she totally lectured me and told me all the things that i need to do better and fix in my life. She has a good reason to because she has been through her struggles and doesn't want me to go through it like she did. I love it. I mean it was hard to hear that I needed to be better at loving my parents and being understanding and loving. but i do need to, so its what i need to work on right? anyways, i'm so grateful for heavenly father and all that he does me. He loves me so much that he puts me through things to grow and become a better person. He puts people in my lives to build me up and help me through the big and litle speed bumbs. I love it.
anyways. these were my thoughts today and thought i better write it down, and maybe share it with someone that might need to hear it.
Things will always happen for a reason. A reason to make you better.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adventures of Life!

I'm trying to get better at writing in my blog because there are so many things happening in my life right now and I know if i dont write it down, i will forget about it.
My graduation BBQ went really well. The wheather was ugly and wet all day before and during the BBQ, but about an hour before it cleared up and we had it outside that we had originally planned. except, I had spent the WHOLE day cleaning the whole house, and no even went inside. haha. oh well. now the house is clean. :) but the second we started cleaning up and stuff, it started raining, and that night it just poured and the thunderstorm was incredible! I enjoyed seeing some old friends, and church leaders there. I really did. that was the best part. to enjoy talking to friends and talking about great memories and my bright future. thank you everyone for coming. and i have to thank my family for doing os much work for getting the day just right. I am very appreciative of you guys. The food turned out great too. My dad made amazing hamburgers and I loved it!! we had some great fruit, which i loved to no end, and the food just kept on becoming better and better. thanks!! But I got some really incredible gifts and I dont think I expected much to be honest. I got some really cute, funny, and thoughtful cards, which are my favorite. =] but i got a laptop, laptop sleebve, wireless internet, printer, sheets, and laundry hamper from my family. I loved it so much and I was so shocked when I got the laptop. I love it so much!! thanks Adam and Kat. But I got really really great gifts. I could go on and on about all my favorite gifts because I loved every single one of them and couldn't be happier. THANK YOU!!!
Work went alot better my second day. I seriously hated my first day. I didn't know how to do anything and it was just frustrating. But the second day I did better and actually did things and did it with confidence. Its really a pretty easy job, its just hard getting used to things that you have never even known before. so i go into work tonight, so we'll see how i do today. Seth wants me working the till today, and i'm really really nervous. but hopefully he can help me out for a little bit at the begginning, but i'm a pretty fast learner. The one thing that I hate about my job, which most people can say about their work, is that it takes me away from some things that I want to do. Like I'm missing my priest and Laurel campout this weekend, that I have been planning since November. is gunna be hard to miss it, and its gunna be hard for them to not have me there cuz i'm in charge of alot of things. But I work at a movie theatre, theres no way I can get out of working weekends. oh well, that just means more money. which is good.
Singles ward is going SO much better than it was before, and it was going pretty well before. I think it has just helped to be there for a while and the people are realizing that I'm here and I'm here to stay, so finally people are talking to me, and introducing me to others. which is good. and Vanessa is staying in the ward, so that makes the ward 10 X better. seriously. i think all of us would fall apart with her gone. But on Sunday, we had Single Mingle at Cassidy Wasden's house and I had SO much fun. we played volleyball for a little, which is always fun for me. But then some of us sat around the fire and played BIG BOOTY!!!! I love this game and always played it at girls camp, but i haven't had this much fun playing it before. We finally got most of the people there playing and it was SO much fun. I was BIG BOOTY for a long while, and it was fun. but i was out once Paul sat next to me. we were singing our little chant at the begginning, which is the best part, and he totally messed it up, and i couldn't stop laughing, so i was out. :) but once I was back in the normal circle, it was fun to play around with out so much seriousness. hahaha. good times. but then I got an okay from Dad to go to Vanessa's house to watch Best Two Years. We had already laughed our heads off today, but never this much before. Seriously, we laughed at every single thing!! we started a list of things that we have in common because Vanessa + Bridget = Eternity. :) anyways, we started on it, and last night we on a page and a half list of things in common. There are a few that are inside jokes, but some other ones are just really weird that we have in common, cuz they aren't common things. =] anyways, someday, I'll have to put our list up on here. we're still looking for some more because our goal is to have 101 things that Vaness and Bridget have in common. we're almost halfway there right now. anyways, making that list was so much fun and I HAVE NOT LAUGHED SO HARD IN MY LIFE BEFORE!!!! anyways. then yesterday we spent all day together too. I helped her out with FHE that was that night. It was just fun to spend some time with her. We had some more great laughs, but then again some really great serious talks and we both needed to get out and to hear. so glad Vanessa and I are friends. Then at FHE we had some great fun. I loved roasting the Starburts and having some great laughs with some people from the ward. Good memories. I did some really adventurous things. I jumped the ditch like 10 times to get pine cones and needles to start the fire. I grabbed a waterbottle out of the fire. I only got a dollar for it though. =] and I opened the root beer bottle with my forearm. haha. Phil taught me how to go that. and then I made him Chug the root beer. oh good times. anyways. that was a shortened version of my last two days with Vanessa. What a blast she is to hang out with, but shes gone through SO SO SO much in her life, she knows what things are to be taken serious and what things are to be treasured. I love that about her. We were txting last night and she was crying!!! I just couldnt believe it. I was crying, obviously. but anyways. yesterday was interesting. I LOVE YOU VANESSA!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updates on Bridget's exciting life

Where do i start. i've had so much stuff going on, i dont even know where to start. this may be non-chronologically in order. i'm just gunna write whatever comes to my mind first. =]

I GRADUATED!!! YAY!! what an adventure graduation is. I graduated with a 4.0. so i was a Summa Cum Laude graduate. becuase of that, i was put on a committe for graduation. I volunteered to be on the decoration committee. and because of my organization, leadership, and love to be in charge, i was put as the leader of the decoration committee. so i did alot of work trying to get to together and making sure everything came out right. it was stressful, but when we were done. i felt so proud of myself because i did it all, with the help of my committe. we had a few meetings and planned out everything that we were going to do. but up to a week before, we really couldnt do much. so the week before graduation, and graduation day was so hectic. but it was good. it kept me out of trouble and out of being really emotional. So we decorated the whole Idaho Center Thursday afternoon. we started about 10 ish and ended about 2:30. so i think we made good timing. here's all that we did. set 30 mums across the stage (which was my big project that i was very stressed out for. i bought them and decorated all of them) evenly, and properly. it looked so so so nice. i loved it so much. it was all me!! :) then we wrapped streamers across the stage, and along the railings and stuff. then we used duct tape across the isle and wrote a 2 0 0 9. it was so legit. then we made some look-alike drapes with our streamers in the entrance that all graduates walk in at the beginning. it was really cool looking. then we made the balloon archway that was huge, so good looking, and fun to make. that took most of the day to do, but we did an amazing job at it. good job guys. then we wrote SHS in the entrance before the archway in duct tape and it looked really cool. we had a few different places with streamers because we had tons of extras. and we had a few bunches of balloons here and there as well.
then graduation came and went. it came way too fast. its crazy that its already over and done with now. All Summa Cum Laude graduates gave their favorite quote towards the beginning. mine was, "Don't cry because its over. Smile because it happened." -Dr. Seuss. I was really nervous because i had to say this in front of thousands of people. but it went well. I finally got to walk across the stage and get my diploma. finally. it was nerve racking. but that moment right there was so worth the late night studying, the no life because of homework, and the rediculous amount of time spent on school work. I dont regret it one bit. The song that the choir sang. Omni sol. was a tear jerker. they are so amazing at singing and it was so so so good. I cried alot at that song. I cried at a few of the speeches. mostly Cameron Rickers though because we go way back. best buds. but all the speeches were great. short. bu well said and memorable. i loved it. then the crying all started. the class song turned on. "Here's to the Night" by eve6. we circled around, turned the tassels, and threw the caps up in the air!! what a rush. then everything broke loose. i was trying to get as many pictures in as i could. but i didn't get everyone sadly. but it was good to people like Mr. King. (which I requested that he read names, and he even got to read mine. it was the best way to have my name read!!! i cried.) and Brother Chandler. But the only two times i really cried that night was when i saw Shaylee Hatch and Mamma Morriss. Shaylee Bo Baylee has been a little sister to me for such a long time and i love her so much. I know I wont be able to see her much anymore and its the saddest feeling in the world. Then Mamma Morriss was hard to say good-bye to. I have spent a lot of time with this amazing woman. we have had alot of late night talks at her house and I love her to no end. I know I will be seeing her more, but not as much because i'll be at college. but she's my best friend's mom so i know i'll see her hopefully a little inbetween life. I had fun hugging all my friends and taking fun pictures because i love love love both of those things. But it was sad because now that i think about it, that was the last time i will see alot of my peers. some of them had a big impact on me. I would also thank my family that came as well. They have been my ultimate push to get good grades, to be a good little girl, and to just be me. Mom and Dad always pushed me to have good grades and to never skip. They have taught me alot throughout the last 12 years in school. Katrina has been the biggest impact on me to get good grades because she always did and it seemed like she did it with a breeze. she was always doing homework and doing good things and I will always the late night talk we had recently about high school. you got me through those last few months and i'm glad i'm not the only one that stuggles with it. :) Ryan has always seemed to give me the right advice when i needed it. I will never ever forget one of the first days that he came home from his mission. I asked him a question one night. he went to the scriptures and answered my question with a scripture. I still look at that scripture often. I love it. You may not remember it, but it was the best answer to any of my questions that I have ever received. Because you went on your mission, i gained such a stronger testimony and i am so grateful that you left because you taught me alot when you were gone. thank you for always being there. Aimee. i know i haven't known you forever, but it seems like i have. You are the most down to earth person that i know. You are so real and true to yourself. I have really been working on that alot the last few years in school. I realize the importance of being me and no one else. I need to have integrity and be Bridget with everyone that i'm with. I hope you know that I look up to you and I love you. Adam you have been a true blessing in my life as well. You are always always the one to come up to me and making me feel like my problems can be solved, and that I am the only one on this planet when we are talking. you have a talent to make people feel 10 times better when they're done talking to you, or being around you. you are so nice to everyone and i have tried to apply that in my life because i realize the greatness that you put in lives because of your nature. and Cam. you're so sweet and cute!!!! =]
but then i went home to get changed for a blasty blast of a night. some of my friends car pooled together to Wahooz/Boondocks for our grad party night. We got there about 11 ish and were there till 4 in the morning. it was so crazy fun. I was wired, running around, screaming, and crazy all the way up to about 3:30 and then i had the biggest crash ever. I was mostly wired with my 8 glasses of Dr. Pepper, and all the candy. hahaha. but it was good to be wired. I had so much fun with Mel and Chels. we had some really great laughs on the go-carts. I will never forget it ladies.
what else is going on in my life right now? oh ya!! I finally got the job at the Reel Theatre. I'm starting tomorrow!!! i'm so nervouse but excited to start working and get some $$$!!! Because I work there now, I can get me and three other people in for free with me. So i expect all of you guys to never pay to get into the Reel anymore. why pay when you get can in for free with me? so just call me and let me know and we can go watch a movie together when i'm not working!! I'll have to let you know how the first few weeks on the first job goes. I also have a permanent summer babysitting job for my neighbors. Its just in the mornings, so its perfect cuz i wont ever go into the theatre till 11. and i also got another offer yesterday to work at Hallmark. I dont know what to do. I really really need more money to get to college. and working a thrid job will help. Hallmark will be willing to work around my theatre working hours. but i want some kind of a summer. I have so many things to do with so many people and i need to have fun before i go off to college and not see alot of my friends for a while. what do you guys think i should do?

I have also moved to the singles ward. I know. i'm crazy. but i know thats where i need to be. i've had some amazing experiences so far in the singles ward and so i know thats where Bridget needs to be right now. The best part of me being a part of the singles ward is a girl named Vanessa Jones.

I am actually speechless right now about this amazing girl. She has gone through alot in her life, and she is so wise about alot of things that i'm not, and she helps me out so much. She is one of those girls that is like my best friend, but shes almost 22 so shes like my older sister. I have had alot of good laughs with her because shes freakn hilarious, i've had alot of spiritual moments with her because shes so strong in the church, I've had alot of bonding moments with her because shes so amazing, and i've had a few long talks with her because she is so talkative and helpful. I have been struggling with a few things the last few weeks, and she has been there every single time, no doubt. She knows when i need a laugh, a hug, a lecture, a talk, a slushie, a smile, a story, or a txt. We are alot alike and that helps because she knows what a want and when without me saying anything. She has helped me with alot of my questions about a few things, and has been an answer to my prayers plenty of times. But she says i have been an answer to her prayers as well. This is one of the biggest reasons why I am going to the singles ward because I am for her and she is for me. I love her so much. shes so nice to me, and she laughs at me all the time and i love it because i never felt like the funny one. haha. shes so wierd but you all know i am, so we're perfect to be friends. haha. shes so smart and bright, she knows what she wants in her life and she knows where she is going. I love that about her. I hope i can be as cool as she is right now. =] anyways, i could go on and on and on about her. she is truly an answer to my prayers and i would like to thank her for everything. I love you Vanessa Elizabeth Jones. without the Elizabeth. :)

i feel like i'm forgetting something. I may get on later today to finish if i think of anything. anyways. sorry it was long, but i've been so emotional lately and thoughtful about life, I just had to say it now. enjoy the pictures. :)