Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eat, sleep, and live for volleyball!

This week i had the chance to go to the BSU team volleyball camp. it was a very good experience for my team, my coach, and me mostly. The team really has confidence in me now that they realize i do have a huge importance to the team, and i am a very good player. i was on the varsity team last year, but was a huge bench warmer. but this year, i have been on the court the whole time, as a starter too! its been fun to actually play, and still play well. I never realized how much confidence has to do with how i play. i realized that when im not confident, im not aggressive and then it falls apart from there. i am so much more confident in myself now, and that rubs off and my team is confident in me. its such a good feeling!
i have a feeling that i will either play Libero or DS this year. if you don't know what that is, its a backrow player. thats it. which i would prefer out of all the positions. so i am way pumped for this year in volleyball. we are going to go far this year. we can just feel it. we are for sure going to be undefeated, win disticts, and compete at state. but once we get there thats what we will be practicing for all year, when we get some competition at state. it will be a very interesting season!! I want you guys to all come to my games. we need lots of fans to come, or its hard to play. so get some people together and come check us out! heres a little bit about my team....
Chrissy is our setter. She has been on the varisty team since she was a sophmore, and does really well. she is such a great athlete, person, and friend.
Carly is our outside hitter/middle blocker. she has been on the varsity team since she was a freshman. she is such a good hitter and blocker. Its so nice to have her on the court with me because she has huge confidence in me, and she is a great communicator!
Alicia is our middle blocker. She is an amazing blocker and has great fire in her belly when shes on the court and thats nice to have in tight spots. Alicia has always been an amazing volleyball player, but last summer she tore her ACL during a basketball camp so we suffered last year without her. but its been nice to have her back and doing well.
Nikkie is our outside hitter and she is to strong and tough when it comes time to serving, hitting, and blocking. so its nice to depend on her. she is an amazing person on and off the court.
Christina is our other middle blocker. I laugh everytime i even think of her. she has been so accident prone the last few weeks. she jammed her finger badly, and rolled her ankle. so we have made a few changes this week with her not being able to last very long during a game. but shes a great player and she makes me laugh alot! :)
Mckenna is our right side hitter. she does well for being a sophmore. and we will hopefully be using her this year.
Then theres me, that can block and hit, but does really well in the back row passing. so i've stuck with that lately. which i feel at home in the backrow, so hopefully it stays that way.
Angela is other libero/DS. she does really well passing also, so its been nice to get to know her in the backrow with me.
Hannah is a sophmore as well and a setter. she is a good player, but with our amazing setter already, i feel she'll either sit alot or play on the JV team, cuz theres no other setters.
Krystle is also on our team, and she has great dedication and want to play the game, but i think we're all wondering what position she'll play. i hope she gets to play backrow with me too! :)
And that is my amazing team! hope you get to know them a little more as the season rolls on. and i know you'll hear more about my season and my volleyball experience cuz one, this is THE year. we're going to do really well. two, its probably the last year im gunna play vb. and three, volleyball has always been my life, and will forever be my life!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ryah's baby blessing

I had the priviledge to go to Utah and spend the 4th of July weekend there. It was probably one of my favorite 4th of Julys. So i decided to share it with you, even thought it was just about a month ago! : )
First I HAD TO ( jk jk, i really wanted to) stay with Ryan & Aimee the day before i left to Bear Lake because I had Volleyball and my parents were already in Utah. Aimee and I went and did some shopping, and that was fun to bond with my new sister-in-law that i haven't really had one-on-one time with yet. It was really neat! Thanks aim. Then we were off to Bear Lake. And I could write a whole blog just about the ride with Ryan & Aimee. But i won't. It was really fun to have some good laughs with my brother that i don't see 24/7 now, and my new sister that i'm still getting to know. I got to hear Aimee's ipod and that was cool to hear music that i normally wouldn't listen to. but to tell you the truth the second i got home, I added some of those songs to my playlists. I was so proud of myself to make my range of music even wider! Once we got to the Cabin it was nice to relax and enjoy the view. The next day, the 4th, we went "downtown" Bear Lake and did some shopping. which is my third favorite thing about Bear Lake (1st is the beach/water, 2nd is the raspberry shakes! yummm!!). I got a few things, and that was fun. Then we went to Paris. Yes Paris! Paris, Idaho. Who da thought there was a Paris Idaho! :) We watched their little neat parade. Later that night we drove down to Ideal Beach and layed out ont he grass by the beach and watched the fireworks there. that was so cool to watch. i haven't seen fireworks like that in a really really long time!
Then we were off to Ryah's baby blessing. We had a fun time that night playing spoons and games at Karen & Jeromy's house. Can't wait to play that again at the cabin with them!! The next day we got ready to go to the blessing, and that was neat. I'm so grateful for the priesthood in my family and all that it does for me. Then we went to the park. Ate good food, and of course Aunt Bridget is the one to play with cuz she atually playes with them. It was actually really fun to play with the neices and nephews cuz i don't get to very often, and i know they love it when i play with them. I hope these memories stay with them forever.