Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~Quote of the week~

I decided to help make blogging a little more exciting, if i was going to pull of doing it everyday, I might blog a little about my favorite quotes that have had big impacts on my life about every week, or thereabouts.
So here I go....
"There will always be someone making fun of you. But more looking up to you."
I live by this quote, as you can tell by the big poster on my wall. =] and to add to the influence of this quote...the author of it is... ME!! yes, you got that right. Bridget Nielson. :)
A few years ago I was reading through my notebook that i write notes in, at church, and i came across a lesson that was basically about this quote, and i remember how incredible that lesson was and it has still stuck with me. So i decided to sum up this amazing lesson into a sentence so that i can remember it throughout my day... so this is what i came up with. so if you ever see this or hear this aywhere, i hope you think of me. haha.
anyways... the reason why i live by this quote, besides the fact that i thought of it myself, is because it is what any teenage girl needs to hear!!! I'm serious! it got me through alot of tough times through high school crap so far. I have this poster next to my bed, so when i wake-up, i say it aloud to myself and think about it while i get dressed and my situations in my life at that time, and by the time i walk out the door, i am fully prepared for the days stress and pressures.
if you know me well enough, i am a walking example of any girl in high school and what they are. I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE!!! i know i dont, and some days are better than others, but its a constant sturuggle that i try to work on. so thus, i am always thinking that people are talking about me, laughing at me, thinking bad things about me, or whatever the case may be. I feel like the world is just picking on me, when really no one did a thing to me. its just what i THINK. which is often my own enemy. my thoughts about myself. with the pressures of the world now, i am even more modest, more "molly mormon", more scriptorian like (a new word i just learned from my laurel advisor, Sister Mcleave, on sunday), more prepared, more prayerful, more cautious, and more stand-offish at school. with this, it doesnt help with the whole, everyone is making fun of me, crap i deal within myself.
Knowing that EVEN MORE are looking up to me, is so reassuring and helpful to even out the thoughts running through me. i know people watch me and think that they wish they could be more like me, they just cant admit it, because it wouldnt be the "cool" thing to do. I know how high school works. its all about trying to fit in. but having that to keep in my mind as i go from class to class and talk to people to people, i seem to make it enough to go back the next day and survive yet another day in the life of a high schooler. what a feeling. i love this quote and if you havent heard it from me or heard me talking about it so far, i have failed. but now you have, and i hope i make some kind of difference in your thoughts tomorrow.
and if anyone wants this quote as a handout, i have a stack in my room that i hand out to people. haha so just let me know and i will get a handout to ya with this quote so that you can be reminded about this forever!! :) i'll even send it in the mail if you really want it. haha.
have a great week!! <3

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