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Interview from Dessa

If anyone would like me to interview you, comment on this post, and give me your e-mail address. i will put together 5 questions for you, and you can answer them and post them on your blog. hope you enjoy this interview that Dessa put together for me. :)

1. You’re a senior and you’re graduating this year!!! YAY! What do you hope for in your future!? Goals? Plans? Dreams?

YAY!!! May 28th!! Here is my detailed plan after high school graduation: (don’t laugh I am very detailed in my goals and dreams in my future life)
I am planning on finding a job for the summer and working my little booty off to earn as much money for my future college experience. I am not thinking about doing much but working, tanning, having fun, getting ready for college, and enjoying my last summer. I will go to BYU-I mid-September and start school. The first semester I am planning on living in Barronessa Apartments and rooming with Chelsea Jenks and Mckenzie Skinner. I am planning on just getting my business degree and spending four years there. I would love to minor in French as well. It would be a great experience to study abroad in places like France, a few semesters, but that is a dream that I don’t know will be able to happen. We will see. Once I graduate from BYU-I, depending on how homesick I am, or how much I enjoy Rexburg, but will go to either a hair school in Rexburg and stay there another year or so, or come back home and go to hair school here in Boise or Nampa. But either one, I am going to hair school no matter what. That is really what I want to do for the rest of my life. I just decided to get my business degree because in these times, the more education the better I think I will feel about getting and keeping a great job. I would love to own my own hair salon and be a thriving, successful hair stylist with a cute little salon (which I am still working with the name, but I almost have a brilliant name!!) of course I would love to be married somewhere in there. Weather it be the first year I go off, which I know my parents wouldn’t be happy about haha but if Kat can do it I can! J but i could get married once I graduate and I come back home. Idk? I just know somewhere in that whole process I would love to get married and settle down and get ready to be a mommy. That is my life long goal, and I don’t care how long I wait, or how much heartache I go through, I make my decisions for my children up there watching me and waiting for me to find him. I constantly think about them and hope they are proud of my decisions that I make. I could go on to what I want to name my kids, where I would love to live, and how many kids I would like, but I think this enough for today. Maybe later. Haha.

2. What was an important factor to deciding to go to France for your spring break?

Hmmm… there are a few… One: I get a college credit for going. Who could possible walk away from that? NNU said that I will get a credit from their concurrent credit program only because I go on the trip. We thought that was a huge bonus in going. Two: It was only about $3,000 for going. If you start calculating airline tickets, hotels, food, tickets to museums, and all the expenses that go into that, if was a GREAT price for the quality and quantity that we are getting. Three: the lady that is taking us, has gone a countless times before on these trips. She really knows her stuff about the trip, the tours and stuff. Plus she lived in France her whole childhood and really knows the place. We felt pretty safe with that. Four: this is an experience that will forever change my views on the world and the way things work outside of my little box. I will broaden my horizon and be more knowledgeable of the world that I live in. I know I will come home and be more grateful for the country that I live in. Five: going to France will help me in the future when I want to study abroad and when I take all my college French classes. I know it will be an experience that will help me to understand not only the language but the culture and the way of life that comes with learning a language. Need I say more?

3. Since Katrina just had a baby, how do you feel about being a new aunt!!?

Well, I do have to say, I have been an Aunt for quite some time now, but it is definitely different having the kid around and watching him grow right in front of me. I have spent a few weekends out there with Kat and Cam and it’s a whole new world out there. (well I guess Fruitland is a whole new world, but I mean the world of babies and being a mommy! Haha) I have realized that having a baby in the family definitely adds to my testimony that our Savior really does live and love us. He is such an angel and he is definitely a piece of heaven on earth. I also have realized that babies take so much time and energy. Seriously!! Katrina is always doing something for the kid. Either feeding, changing, cleaning, or watching him 24/7. Moms definitely cannot be the kind of people that are all about themselves and have to have a lot of faith in Christ that all will work out. I would say it has given me a different look on babies, not bad, but definitely different. They are so much responsibility, but I can’t wait to have one of my one. To dress cute, to get attached to, and love unconditionally. What an experience it has been.

4. Volleyball seems to be your favorite sport. What do you love MOST about it??

Volleyball is definitely my favorite sport, and I sure do miss it. I kind of regret not doing club volleyball or not going to college to play volleyball. Anyways, what I love most about it?? Hmmm… volleyball is one of those things in my life that give me a high that keeps me going. One of those natural highs that you just cant explain. It’s the feeling that I have once I have come home from a hard, stressful, sweaty practice, and I lay down on the couch or my bed, and I think… I could go climb a mountain, I could go win a marathon, I feel like I am on top of the world. I know everyone has something in their lives that do that to them. Volleyball is just that for me. Volleyball is a game about strategy and teamwork. I am definitely a big team player and do best on a team or in a group. But because of my height, the last few seasons I have been stuck in the back-row being a passer and libero. But I enjoy being back-row so much. Its just one of those things that makes me happy. When the big girl comes in from the outside, jumps over the net and slams that ball to the ten foot line, I dive in an adrenaline rush and pick it up just inches from hitting the floor. I close my eyes for a split second, and next thing I know my outside hitter is hitting it back over. The feeling that, “I just picked that ball up, when I didn’t think I could, and the whole team benefited from my sacrifice.” I was often made fun of on all my volleyball teams because I was constantly on the floor. Not because I would trip or I would dodge the ball, but because I would put myself out to pick that ball up, no matter how low it was. I loved diving and sprawling out in order to make the next play a kill that landed in the newspapers. I don’t know if that was enough to answer your question, and I hope I’m not rambling on and on about it, but that’s what I feel like, and I hope it made sense. Haha.

5. I love reading about your thoughts on topics such as the gospel. If you could pick one gospel principle that has increased your testimony, what would it be and why??

I love talking about gospel principles, believe it or not, the most. I have a very strong testimony of the church and I am proud of it. I would have to say my biggest gospel principle that I have a deep desire for and I could talk about all my experiences with and how much everyone should feel like I do about it. Is Prayers and the power of it. I have had priesthood blessing that made my often ill stomach heal in the snap of your finger. I have had the feeling of heavenly father hug me and his spirit around me, in times of deep hardship. I have had a Patriarchal blessing that has forever changed my views on how much my decision affect my future. I realized how much heavenly father loves me and wants to choose the right path so that I can have that happy life that he tells me about. I have had prayers that I felt a desire to pray for my enemies and those that were causing my hardship, and things changed immediately, even though it was tough to pray for them. I have had things found when lost. I have had prayers help my family that I thought would never be answered by my prayers but my mom’s or dad’s. I have been comforted and given peace just by praying. I have had experiences with family members that have past on and also family members that have not yet come. I believe souly on my experiences and not on other’s experiences and I wish everyone one that. I know that if everyone has at least one experience with prayers that has changed their life, they will always be a huge believer of prayers and the power of them. But prayers don’t have a power without you! He is waiting to talk to you, and wants to give you blessings. Knock and he will let you in!


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