Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Preparations for Bon Voyage!!

As most of you know by now, I am going to France in 24 days!!!!!!
My mom and I have been making a few purchases and preparations everyday so that we are fully ready for the day to come. Today, we bought my luggage that will be going to France with me, and I also bought some really cute stickers for my future French scrapbook. haha. I cant wait to start on that project!! We have also bought our 3 oz. bottles, adaptor for plug-ins, ear-plugs and eye covers for the plane ride, a french-english english-french dictionary, and i bought some comfy but stylin shoes for the long walks we will be going on. oh man. i cannot wait.
i have been giving my mom some lessons on the language, so that i wont have to be telling her words all the time. but i think she is doing pretty good for not practicing french since high school. i cant wait to speak french 24/7 over there. i try to do that all the time, but i often have to remind myself, that NO ONE knows french here. haha. i could kinda get away with it when i was learning spanish, but i cant with french really. i can only speak french in my french class, and sometimes with my mom. and trust me, i speak as most french as i possible can. its so much fun. but i cant wait to speak french all the time and to hear it all the time. i've been thinking about some things that would like to buy there. i have a few ideas. but i really dont know. if anybody has any suggestions on things i could buy in france, or some things that would be fun to buy in france. idk? i just need some ideas. anyways... i cant wait. and have i mentioned that I CANT WAIT!!!! (i know i've said that like 50 billion times, but its true... i cant wait!! haha) i will be updating you on my progress with my preparations. i will probably list my itinerary (however you spell that word.) so that i cant show off all the cool places that i am going and the exciting things that i will be doing. haha. JK but anyways.... i cant wait. :)


The Stices said...

you and your 50 billion.....hahaha I wish that I could go to France. You are going to have so much fun. Please take lots and lots of pictures for me so I feel like I was there and experienced everything with you.

Dessa Mae said...

Ok, you need to go to my blog and find Nate & Courtney Staley. Nate served his mission in France (I believe) He could give you some awesome places to eat and shop!! Just sent Courtney a message...I can text them if you want and ask them for you if that's easier! :) I'm way excited for you!!

Amy N. said...

OH how fun! I wish I had known French when I was there...would have made a lot of things easier. We went to Italy too and my hubby served his mission there and taught me a lot before we went so the language barier was no problem. It was funny if we went up to someone and talked in English we would get snubbed, but if we attempted to speak their language they were more than willing to try out their English skills on us...funny how that works the same way here with Spanish :) I can't wait to hear all about your trip!