Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whistle While You Work!

growing up I never got the meaning of the that song from Snow White that the Dwarfs sing, "Whistle While You Work." but I think I pretty much get that meaning down now. Correct me if you think I'm wrong. But working at the Reel Theatre I have learned SO much about so many different things. Its been a great experience for me. But one thing that I have learned that I needed to learn was to whistle while I worked. I needed to have a good attitute and be happy to work and serve customers, even thought most of the time I'm not. :) I never knew why waitresses wanted to spit in people's food, but I now know that feeling. There was one lady that was so mean to me, I would have spit in her popcorn if the supervisor wasn't in the consessions with me. Some people come in so grumpy, it drives me crazy!!!!! but I've learned that even though I have the biggest headache, I've been working for 8 hours, my feet are killing me, its hot, I'm grumpy, I have so much to do, people are jerks to me, I do things wrong, and I'm hungry it doesnt matter. I need to be happy and cheerful because then my co-workers want to work with me, the customers will want to come back, and I will enjoy my job more. Anyways, I am trying to lift myself up right now, and preparing for my DOUBLE SHIFT today. AAAHHH!! I go in at 11:45 and won't be home till 11:30!! isn't that just insanity?! yes. it is!! this is my first time working a double since I started working at the Reel and its been about a month. I am really enjoying the work though. Its a fun job that keeps me busy and always doing something most of the time, and thats the kind of work I enjoy. I love working with people for the most part and they are the ones that often set my mood for the rest of the day. but i'm trying to let that not get to me. I also love who I work with as well. There are a few lazy people, but its not bad enough to complain. so i'm not complaining. They are all very fun and make the work environment very exciting and up-beat. I get along with all of them, and there are some that I get along with really well. Its a great job, and everyday I pray to Heavenly Father thanking him for letting me work there. I am SO GRATEFUL!!! anyways, I gotta go get things done before I go into work. I will be whistling while I work today for sure. =]

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Leslie :~D said...

That's a good observation Bridget! I totally agree with you. I work at Deseret Book and you'd never believe the crabby people that come in and are rude, mean, manipulative, and dishonest. There's even been a bunch of people who steal stuff then try and return it for cash or write bad checks... the worst was the scripture stealing ring. They would steal or buy scriptures at a discount from the outlet then try to return it for full price. But, most of the people are nice and kind and like to chat.

If you can keep that kind of outlook when you become a wife and mother, it will take you a looooong waaaaay!!!!!