Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updates on Bridget's exciting life

Where do i start. i've had so much stuff going on, i dont even know where to start. this may be non-chronologically in order. i'm just gunna write whatever comes to my mind first. =]

I GRADUATED!!! YAY!! what an adventure graduation is. I graduated with a 4.0. so i was a Summa Cum Laude graduate. becuase of that, i was put on a committe for graduation. I volunteered to be on the decoration committee. and because of my organization, leadership, and love to be in charge, i was put as the leader of the decoration committee. so i did alot of work trying to get to together and making sure everything came out right. it was stressful, but when we were done. i felt so proud of myself because i did it all, with the help of my committe. we had a few meetings and planned out everything that we were going to do. but up to a week before, we really couldnt do much. so the week before graduation, and graduation day was so hectic. but it was good. it kept me out of trouble and out of being really emotional. So we decorated the whole Idaho Center Thursday afternoon. we started about 10 ish and ended about 2:30. so i think we made good timing. here's all that we did. set 30 mums across the stage (which was my big project that i was very stressed out for. i bought them and decorated all of them) evenly, and properly. it looked so so so nice. i loved it so much. it was all me!! :) then we wrapped streamers across the stage, and along the railings and stuff. then we used duct tape across the isle and wrote a 2 0 0 9. it was so legit. then we made some look-alike drapes with our streamers in the entrance that all graduates walk in at the beginning. it was really cool looking. then we made the balloon archway that was huge, so good looking, and fun to make. that took most of the day to do, but we did an amazing job at it. good job guys. then we wrote SHS in the entrance before the archway in duct tape and it looked really cool. we had a few different places with streamers because we had tons of extras. and we had a few bunches of balloons here and there as well.
then graduation came and went. it came way too fast. its crazy that its already over and done with now. All Summa Cum Laude graduates gave their favorite quote towards the beginning. mine was, "Don't cry because its over. Smile because it happened." -Dr. Seuss. I was really nervous because i had to say this in front of thousands of people. but it went well. I finally got to walk across the stage and get my diploma. finally. it was nerve racking. but that moment right there was so worth the late night studying, the no life because of homework, and the rediculous amount of time spent on school work. I dont regret it one bit. The song that the choir sang. Omni sol. was a tear jerker. they are so amazing at singing and it was so so so good. I cried alot at that song. I cried at a few of the speeches. mostly Cameron Rickers though because we go way back. best buds. but all the speeches were great. short. bu well said and memorable. i loved it. then the crying all started. the class song turned on. "Here's to the Night" by eve6. we circled around, turned the tassels, and threw the caps up in the air!! what a rush. then everything broke loose. i was trying to get as many pictures in as i could. but i didn't get everyone sadly. but it was good to people like Mr. King. (which I requested that he read names, and he even got to read mine. it was the best way to have my name read!!! i cried.) and Brother Chandler. But the only two times i really cried that night was when i saw Shaylee Hatch and Mamma Morriss. Shaylee Bo Baylee has been a little sister to me for such a long time and i love her so much. I know I wont be able to see her much anymore and its the saddest feeling in the world. Then Mamma Morriss was hard to say good-bye to. I have spent a lot of time with this amazing woman. we have had alot of late night talks at her house and I love her to no end. I know I will be seeing her more, but not as much because i'll be at college. but she's my best friend's mom so i know i'll see her hopefully a little inbetween life. I had fun hugging all my friends and taking fun pictures because i love love love both of those things. But it was sad because now that i think about it, that was the last time i will see alot of my peers. some of them had a big impact on me. I would also thank my family that came as well. They have been my ultimate push to get good grades, to be a good little girl, and to just be me. Mom and Dad always pushed me to have good grades and to never skip. They have taught me alot throughout the last 12 years in school. Katrina has been the biggest impact on me to get good grades because she always did and it seemed like she did it with a breeze. she was always doing homework and doing good things and I will always the late night talk we had recently about high school. you got me through those last few months and i'm glad i'm not the only one that stuggles with it. :) Ryan has always seemed to give me the right advice when i needed it. I will never ever forget one of the first days that he came home from his mission. I asked him a question one night. he went to the scriptures and answered my question with a scripture. I still look at that scripture often. I love it. You may not remember it, but it was the best answer to any of my questions that I have ever received. Because you went on your mission, i gained such a stronger testimony and i am so grateful that you left because you taught me alot when you were gone. thank you for always being there. Aimee. i know i haven't known you forever, but it seems like i have. You are the most down to earth person that i know. You are so real and true to yourself. I have really been working on that alot the last few years in school. I realize the importance of being me and no one else. I need to have integrity and be Bridget with everyone that i'm with. I hope you know that I look up to you and I love you. Adam you have been a true blessing in my life as well. You are always always the one to come up to me and making me feel like my problems can be solved, and that I am the only one on this planet when we are talking. you have a talent to make people feel 10 times better when they're done talking to you, or being around you. you are so nice to everyone and i have tried to apply that in my life because i realize the greatness that you put in lives because of your nature. and Cam. you're so sweet and cute!!!! =]
but then i went home to get changed for a blasty blast of a night. some of my friends car pooled together to Wahooz/Boondocks for our grad party night. We got there about 11 ish and were there till 4 in the morning. it was so crazy fun. I was wired, running around, screaming, and crazy all the way up to about 3:30 and then i had the biggest crash ever. I was mostly wired with my 8 glasses of Dr. Pepper, and all the candy. hahaha. but it was good to be wired. I had so much fun with Mel and Chels. we had some really great laughs on the go-carts. I will never forget it ladies.
what else is going on in my life right now? oh ya!! I finally got the job at the Reel Theatre. I'm starting tomorrow!!! i'm so nervouse but excited to start working and get some $$$!!! Because I work there now, I can get me and three other people in for free with me. So i expect all of you guys to never pay to get into the Reel anymore. why pay when you get can in for free with me? so just call me and let me know and we can go watch a movie together when i'm not working!! I'll have to let you know how the first few weeks on the first job goes. I also have a permanent summer babysitting job for my neighbors. Its just in the mornings, so its perfect cuz i wont ever go into the theatre till 11. and i also got another offer yesterday to work at Hallmark. I dont know what to do. I really really need more money to get to college. and working a thrid job will help. Hallmark will be willing to work around my theatre working hours. but i want some kind of a summer. I have so many things to do with so many people and i need to have fun before i go off to college and not see alot of my friends for a while. what do you guys think i should do?

I have also moved to the singles ward. I know. i'm crazy. but i know thats where i need to be. i've had some amazing experiences so far in the singles ward and so i know thats where Bridget needs to be right now. The best part of me being a part of the singles ward is a girl named Vanessa Jones.

I am actually speechless right now about this amazing girl. She has gone through alot in her life, and she is so wise about alot of things that i'm not, and she helps me out so much. She is one of those girls that is like my best friend, but shes almost 22 so shes like my older sister. I have had alot of good laughs with her because shes freakn hilarious, i've had alot of spiritual moments with her because shes so strong in the church, I've had alot of bonding moments with her because shes so amazing, and i've had a few long talks with her because she is so talkative and helpful. I have been struggling with a few things the last few weeks, and she has been there every single time, no doubt. She knows when i need a laugh, a hug, a lecture, a talk, a slushie, a smile, a story, or a txt. We are alot alike and that helps because she knows what a want and when without me saying anything. She has helped me with alot of my questions about a few things, and has been an answer to my prayers plenty of times. But she says i have been an answer to her prayers as well. This is one of the biggest reasons why I am going to the singles ward because I am for her and she is for me. I love her so much. shes so nice to me, and she laughs at me all the time and i love it because i never felt like the funny one. haha. shes so wierd but you all know i am, so we're perfect to be friends. haha. shes so smart and bright, she knows what she wants in her life and she knows where she is going. I love that about her. I hope i can be as cool as she is right now. =] anyways, i could go on and on and on about her. she is truly an answer to my prayers and i would like to thank her for everything. I love you Vanessa Elizabeth Jones. without the Elizabeth. :)

i feel like i'm forgetting something. I may get on later today to finish if i think of anything. anyways. sorry it was long, but i've been so emotional lately and thoughtful about life, I just had to say it now. enjoy the pictures. :)


Vanessa Jones said...

Bridget you are a sweetheart! Made my day! And you are right you write a lot lol! But love it! Maybe it will motivate me to update my blog more! lol We'll see. Well I just hope you know I think you are great and I am so glad you are in the singles ward wiht me! Love you Bridget!

Aimee said...

So pretty much you are AWESOME! We love you and are so proud of all your accomplishments. Way to go graduate!