Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things happen for a reason

I have been thinking about how things happen for a reason, and if you think about that constantly, and think about how things come about because of something or someone else. its amazing to me. Well recently I have had alot of ups and alot of downs. and all of them I know happened for a reason. There are things that we may not want to do, but if we have faith in our Heavenly Father, we will eventually get to the place that we want to go. He sees the big picture, and we only see the little picture. He knows whats best for us, and how to go about it. I learned the hard way. :) but i have learned my lesson, and I am definitely sticking to heavenly father's plan and not my own, or my friends'. I love having the gospel in my life to always help me through and guide me to where i need to go.
I am so grateful for the family that I have. I am so blessed to have them and to have them love me. I know sometimes i dont want to do what they tell me to do, but they do it out of love, and protection for me. I'm so blessed to have two parents that love me, and have siblings that love me as well. We all get along well and when we dont, we learn from our dissagreements, and move on. I'm grateful to have the friends that I have. I was out with some last night, and wanted to watch "Taken" cuz i hadn't seen it yet, and really really wanted to see it, and one of my friends had it from Red Box. but mom said I needed to come home. I was really really mad, and didn't take it well, but i learned my lesson and I feel bad for making things difficult for my parents. But it caused me to open alot to Vanessa about some things that I haven't been able to tell anyone, and she realized some things that I didn't even realize before. I'm so glad shes here! but i was crying so hard and so mad, I went to bed without talking much to her, and not letting her tell me what she thought of it. but i found a surprise on my car this morning from her. she bought me a pack of Dr. Pepper and was so excited about that!!! and she wrote me a long letter, which as you can tell i love long letters haha. she totally lectured me and told me all the things that i need to do better and fix in my life. She has a good reason to because she has been through her struggles and doesn't want me to go through it like she did. I love it. I mean it was hard to hear that I needed to be better at loving my parents and being understanding and loving. but i do need to, so its what i need to work on right? anyways, i'm so grateful for heavenly father and all that he does me. He loves me so much that he puts me through things to grow and become a better person. He puts people in my lives to build me up and help me through the big and litle speed bumbs. I love it.
anyways. these were my thoughts today and thought i better write it down, and maybe share it with someone that might need to hear it.
Things will always happen for a reason. A reason to make you better.

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