Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today has been a great day!! I slept in finally, did nothing basically the whole morning. took a long hot shower, trimmed my hair and bangs, went shopping with my mom and sister and now just waiting around for Vanessa to get done with work!! :)
I'm gunna go on a long walk with her. I'm so excited. We are both working on trying to talk better in person. We both talk really well over letter, e-mails, txts, and so forth but can't talk that well in person. So we are going to start working on it. We're gunna go for a walk and talk for hours. I can't wait. We have so many things to talk about!!! It's going to be a great thing i know! I'm so we have each other to continue to build each other up more and more and more everyday. Anyways, I'm trying to get better at writing on here everyday, and thought i better do it now because I wont have time later today.
I have institute tonight at 7. I'm really enjoying institute so far. Its been a great class. I haver learned alot already. I just wish the class was a little smaller, but its okay. After institute every week we have activities as well. Its such a great idea. it definitely convinces me to go. haha. the first week was dodge ball and i dominated that game!!!! then last week we wacthed that new Rugby movie. at this week are going to Nampa Bowl. i'm so so so excited!!!! yay! anyways... hope everyone's summer is going great. I have had a great summer so far. Love you all!!


Dessa Mae said...

Make the most out of going to institute! It's such a great experience and you make so many good friends there!

The Stices said...

So I just found the best background page for your blog. It is on the website Then just click on the background button up top and then scroll down. You will know which one I was talking about it will fit you perfectly and you were the first one I thought of when I saw it. Love ya have fun tonight!