Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adventures of Life!

I'm trying to get better at writing in my blog because there are so many things happening in my life right now and I know if i dont write it down, i will forget about it.
My graduation BBQ went really well. The wheather was ugly and wet all day before and during the BBQ, but about an hour before it cleared up and we had it outside that we had originally planned. except, I had spent the WHOLE day cleaning the whole house, and no even went inside. haha. oh well. now the house is clean. :) but the second we started cleaning up and stuff, it started raining, and that night it just poured and the thunderstorm was incredible! I enjoyed seeing some old friends, and church leaders there. I really did. that was the best part. to enjoy talking to friends and talking about great memories and my bright future. thank you everyone for coming. and i have to thank my family for doing os much work for getting the day just right. I am very appreciative of you guys. The food turned out great too. My dad made amazing hamburgers and I loved it!! we had some great fruit, which i loved to no end, and the food just kept on becoming better and better. thanks!! But I got some really incredible gifts and I dont think I expected much to be honest. I got some really cute, funny, and thoughtful cards, which are my favorite. =] but i got a laptop, laptop sleebve, wireless internet, printer, sheets, and laundry hamper from my family. I loved it so much and I was so shocked when I got the laptop. I love it so much!! thanks Adam and Kat. But I got really really great gifts. I could go on and on about all my favorite gifts because I loved every single one of them and couldn't be happier. THANK YOU!!!
Work went alot better my second day. I seriously hated my first day. I didn't know how to do anything and it was just frustrating. But the second day I did better and actually did things and did it with confidence. Its really a pretty easy job, its just hard getting used to things that you have never even known before. so i go into work tonight, so we'll see how i do today. Seth wants me working the till today, and i'm really really nervous. but hopefully he can help me out for a little bit at the begginning, but i'm a pretty fast learner. The one thing that I hate about my job, which most people can say about their work, is that it takes me away from some things that I want to do. Like I'm missing my priest and Laurel campout this weekend, that I have been planning since November. is gunna be hard to miss it, and its gunna be hard for them to not have me there cuz i'm in charge of alot of things. But I work at a movie theatre, theres no way I can get out of working weekends. oh well, that just means more money. which is good.
Singles ward is going SO much better than it was before, and it was going pretty well before. I think it has just helped to be there for a while and the people are realizing that I'm here and I'm here to stay, so finally people are talking to me, and introducing me to others. which is good. and Vanessa is staying in the ward, so that makes the ward 10 X better. seriously. i think all of us would fall apart with her gone. But on Sunday, we had Single Mingle at Cassidy Wasden's house and I had SO much fun. we played volleyball for a little, which is always fun for me. But then some of us sat around the fire and played BIG BOOTY!!!! I love this game and always played it at girls camp, but i haven't had this much fun playing it before. We finally got most of the people there playing and it was SO much fun. I was BIG BOOTY for a long while, and it was fun. but i was out once Paul sat next to me. we were singing our little chant at the begginning, which is the best part, and he totally messed it up, and i couldn't stop laughing, so i was out. :) but once I was back in the normal circle, it was fun to play around with out so much seriousness. hahaha. good times. but then I got an okay from Dad to go to Vanessa's house to watch Best Two Years. We had already laughed our heads off today, but never this much before. Seriously, we laughed at every single thing!! we started a list of things that we have in common because Vanessa + Bridget = Eternity. :) anyways, we started on it, and last night we on a page and a half list of things in common. There are a few that are inside jokes, but some other ones are just really weird that we have in common, cuz they aren't common things. =] anyways, someday, I'll have to put our list up on here. we're still looking for some more because our goal is to have 101 things that Vaness and Bridget have in common. we're almost halfway there right now. anyways, making that list was so much fun and I HAVE NOT LAUGHED SO HARD IN MY LIFE BEFORE!!!! anyways. then yesterday we spent all day together too. I helped her out with FHE that was that night. It was just fun to spend some time with her. We had some more great laughs, but then again some really great serious talks and we both needed to get out and to hear. so glad Vanessa and I are friends. Then at FHE we had some great fun. I loved roasting the Starburts and having some great laughs with some people from the ward. Good memories. I did some really adventurous things. I jumped the ditch like 10 times to get pine cones and needles to start the fire. I grabbed a waterbottle out of the fire. I only got a dollar for it though. =] and I opened the root beer bottle with my forearm. haha. Phil taught me how to go that. and then I made him Chug the root beer. oh good times. anyways. that was a shortened version of my last two days with Vanessa. What a blast she is to hang out with, but shes gone through SO SO SO much in her life, she knows what things are to be taken serious and what things are to be treasured. I love that about her. We were txting last night and she was crying!!! I just couldnt believe it. I was crying, obviously. but anyways. yesterday was interesting. I LOVE YOU VANESSA!

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Vanessa Jones said...

Seriously the last two days were so funny! lol we're dorks and I love it! Thanks for helping out so much yesterday! And dont be telling people I cry! Ok!! lol! love ya bunches!