Friday, June 12, 2009

101 things that make Bridget happy

so i've been thinking alot lately. One of my good friends said to me one time that I'm always happy and cheerful, but I don't think so sometimes, I just try to always seem happy. lol so I wanted to see if I had alot of things in my life that make me happy. so I started to compile a list of things that make me happy. some are really weird. some are very temporal and some are not. some are very cheesy, and some make most people happy. I don't have 101 things yet, but decided that maybe if I make it official by putting it on my blog, it will give me motivation to finish it. I really do want to finish it. So i'm starting it now, and will continue to update it and add onto it. If there is anything that u can think of, let me know. I'm determined to find most things that truly make me happy. so here we go... no laughing! :)

1. family
2. friends
3. church
4. Dr. Pepper
5. kids
6. pink
7. blogging
8. the question game
9. facebook
10. the scriptures
11. Vannessa!!!
12. Little Rascals
13. my nieces and nephews
14. singing
15. Rascal Flatts
16. my patriarchal blessing
17. Peach Rings
18. boys
19. money
20. shopping alone
21. reading
22. Peanut M&M's
23. Flowers
24. Bridget time
25. reading about my ancestors
26. my young women girls
27. working out
28. laughing hard
29. volleyball
30. Italian food
31. running
32. cereal
33. bows
34. sunflowers
35. Daisies
36. pearls
37. speaking french
38. math
39. camping
40. boating
41. Twix
42. my journal
43. txting
44. hugs
45. one on one time
46. watermelon
47. music
48. sleeping in
49. being loved
50. praying. deep praying
51. hamburgers
52. massages
53. taking naps
54. sonic slushies
55. sleeping in
56. girls camp
57. France
58. love
59. writing
60. Melanie
61. going to church
62. cleaning
63. doing hair
64. eating
65. summer
66. nicknames
67. the scriptures
68. frisbee
69. being outside
70. Celien Dion
71. Roller Coasters
72. cheetos... hot and cold. :)
73. tanning
74. dresses
75. jewelry
76. Lagoon
78. Bear Lake
79. the beach
80. laying out in the hot sun
81. reading a good book
82. making cards
83. service for others
84. cooking
85. bearing my testimony
86. swedish fish
87. drinking cold water
88. taking a hot shower
89. bath time
90. writing in my journal
91. talking
92. laughing hard
93. playing with people's hair
94. making others happy
95. waterskiing
96. watching any princess movie
97. cleaning
98. decorating
99. doing crafts
100. playing games
101. Vanessa!!!

.... I finally finished it!!! i'm sure i have things twice... so let me know if you find one twice. well Vanessa is on here twice because she ALWAYS makes me happy. not one time she hasn't. I just needed to finish this list so that i have it in college when i'm down in the dumps and I need something to cheer me up. :) this is mostly for me. glad i finished it. YAY!!!

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Vanessa Jones said...

you got to 76! Thats great! We'll finish it! Cause there should be a million things that make bridget happy!!!