Friday, July 3, 2009

My heart is healed. <3

First of all the song you are listening to right now. Its called Forever by Rascal Faltts and I just have to say that this song is mine and Vanessa's theme song and its perfect to be listening to while I talk about us and this weekend.
So this week my sister, mom and dad went to Girls Camp and I thought I was going to be a little lonely when I wasn't working. It was the best week ever though. I decided to stay over at Vanessa's apartment because one, I didn't want to sleep home alone and it would be a good opportunity for us to talk. But the best thing about the whole thing was that she said she was gunna give me a massage. She gave me an amazing foot massage the first night I stayed there, but the second night we were going to have a Little Rascals night and she was going to give me a massage. well lets just say, the TV didn't even turn on once. We started talking about a few things and it just kept on going and going and going. It was great. Wanna know how long we talked for? till 6:30 in the morning. yup. i said it. 6:30. and the best part of the whole thing... We had to get up at 7:15 to babysit Vanessa's neice!!! hahaha. we took a few different naps during the day though. We spent the whole day together and got alot accomplished and we did some great things. I had to get into work and do Marquees and Posters, and then I spent that night laying in her bed talking again. We talked for a few hours, and then we fell asleep. I fell asleep crying just because of what we had just talked about. I woke up just crying my eyes off because she was cuddling with me and rubbing my back. I just realized that this is going to last for only two months more. I have to leave eventually and of course I'm gunna call her at least once a day if not more. and we are gunna stay close close friends. but I realized that i'm not gunna get massages from her, I'm not gunna be able to cuddle with her, and I'm not gunna get her amazing hugs that are making me cry right now just thinking about missing. so she woke up too and notice I was crying and we started talking again and we talked until almost 5. We talked about so many things and had some incredible moments together. What a friend she is. I am just so speechless about this amazing girl and I have no words to describe my feelings towards her. Finally I basically made her go to sleep because she had to go into work early this morning.
But the only thing I can say about this week with Vanessa is that even though she didn't heal my back and didn't get the opportunity to do that for me, she healed my heart and thats something that no one has been able to do and she has no idea how much I LOVE HER!!! My heart is normal again and it feels repaired, full, and ready to grow again. Thank you Vanessa. I love you more than you know and hope the next two months are even better than the last month we've known each other and hope the months without you we can survive!! =]

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Vanessa Jones said...

Bridget thank you for this post! The funny thing is is that I felt like this whole week was for me. That all these talks were for me. And not for you lol! But obviously we helped eachother! Thank heavens! You are a great girl and I am glad we are friends! You've taught me so much! And I'm the one who has been out of highschool forever and should be teaching you! Love you girl!