Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post Institute Adventures. = ]

So I'm lazy and I'm not going to post last weeks adventures at the Bowling Alley, but if you would really like to see them, check out Vanessa's post on it...
but here's this week's adventures after Institute. We basically live at Sonic. well maybe I should say, I basically live at Sonic. and we found out last night that we have a stalker that literally lives at Sonic. hahahaha. JK!! =] so we are pretty much picture crazy when we get together and we have a camera... so don't laugh too hard, and you may want to slip on those depends in case of laughing so hard you pee your pants off. JK. =] enjoy and check next Thursday for our next Post Institute Adventure.
To protect our identity, and our stalker, the story behind this picture will remain with the four of us. you know who you are!! good times though Hailee. love ya girl!

Drive Thru anyone? we were trying to do that pose that you do in Elementary school with the little stairway in school pictures. hahaha.

and here's my best friend, and my fiance. an arranged marriage dont worry. hahaha jk=]

Vanessa Elizabeth Jones without the Elizabeth. Your highness. the only words to decribe this amazingly amazing woman!!! love you dude.

and here is the best picture in the whole wide world. just dont ask questions. hehehe. . . i love these girls so so so so much and the WORST DAYS EVER turn into the BEST DAYS EVER!!!! always. LOVE YOU!!!

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