Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have a day just for YOU!!

Today is a day just for Bridget. I'm having ME time and I'm glad I am because I need it. But I'm not on here to brag what I'm doing for myself today, I'm here to get other people to have a ME day. Everyone needs ME time and not enough people realize that they need it, and not enough people actually do it. I will guarantee it right now that if you have a ME day, other things will fall into place because you're happy and especially happy about yourself. Which brings me to my other thought of the day...
Because I just graduated from high school, moving on to college, preparing for life without family around, preparing for marriage, and preparing for kids, I have noticed a few things. Sometimes you can't figure anything out in your life until you have figured out yourself. You need to know you, before you know your future husband. You need to know your weaknesses, strengths, things that make you happy, things that make you unhappy, your testimony, what motivates you, and what are some things that you need to work on in your life and work on them. You need to know everything about you before you move too fast and start learning more of life ahead. because once you get in that future life, there will be some major complications because you can't even live within your own skin. Sometimes we need time to have with ourselves to figure things out.
I have a dear dear friend that proved that to me the other day. She has a "friend" on a mission right now, and they both want to get married, but they dont really talk about stuff like that because he's on a mission and needs to focus on the Lord and the Lord's work before he focuses on her. Its been rough for her but she shows great strength in staying on the Lord's side of the whole thing and not becoming selfish about it. But he's distracted from her and struggling a little, and she has a few things that she feels like she needs to work on within herself before he comes home, and she hasn't been able to do that because she's been worked up in him. So she wrote him a letter that told him she needs the last 6 months of his mission for her and only her to work on things for her. She's not going to write him anymore and she needs to focus on her life. I totally applaude her for doing that. She had alot of guts to do it and I'm very impressed with her.
It made me realize that it's okay for Bridget to have a Bridget day everyonce in a while. Its okay to break off an almost relationship because it was just going to be a summer fling and a broken heart in the end. and its okay to a little selfish sometimes and do things for yourself and not for anyone else.
I got alot accomplished yesterday and it feels so good to have them done now. I did stop an almost summer fling because I realized that there was a broken heart in the forecast and I can't keep on doing that to me. It was hard to stop it because I liked him alot, but it was not something that would work out and I'm glad I talked to him about it. He was totally understanding and it was a great feeling. Although i did cry my eyes out, I feel alot better today. But it helps to have a team of support right behind me all the way through the whole thing. before, during, and after more than ever before. You know who you are, and you need to have a day just for you, because everyone needs to feel confident and happy in their own skin before you can help others. LOVE YOU!!

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Leslie :~D said...

Amen to ME days. And if the guy you think you are going to marry has a problem with me days and keeping the kids while you go out for a break, than don't marry him! A good husband will realize that just because you stay at home with the kids all day doesn't mean it's easy. I can be emotionally and physically exhausting, and he therefore would be glad to let you get out a bit! Granted when you're a mom, ME days are usually only a few hours because as soon as you start feeling good again, your desire is to go home to your husband and family!