Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Reel Employee?!

So today, I had a few minutes to stop and breath. It's my last week of high school. Friday is my last day and I graduate on the 28th. I am so excited, but nervous. I know what I want in life, but there are thigns that come unexpectantly and I dont know if I am prepared for those bumps in life. But bring it on! So amongst all my studying and homework doing because of finals week, I am a little stressed, sleep deprived, busy, and sometimes lazy about other things.
It has been a relatively niec week. The wheather has been amazng and in the 90s. I now only have four classes total, two each day. I graduated from seminary on sunday. It was a bitter-sweet moment. I had to speak at graduation. that was an interesting day. But again, dont have time. gotta go study for AP stats test for tomorrow. but anyways, because I graduated from seminary, I dont have to go anymore. and because I went to france I dont have to take my french final, which has been heavenly not to study. I dont even have to come to class. so coming home at 11 on one day and not going to school till 11 is my schedule. its great. the classes i do have left, I have already done my finals too, so all i have left is stats and I'm golden. can't wait for that to be done with. anyways. because I had so much time on my hands this afternoon, I decided to go do some job searching. I had heard from one of my YSA friends, that the Reel theatre was hiring. so I got right on that. I went over there, grabbed the application, filled it out in my car, was on my way home, and Seth, the manager, called me even before I got home and told me he wanted to interview me today at 3. so I got back over there, and had the interview. It went pretty well I think. He said I have pretty good odds in geting hired. so i am so pumped about that. he seemed to really like me and impressed with me. He's a family friend, so he already kind of knew me anyways. which I think helped alot in my position!! anyways, he said that he would be letting me know soon if i get the job or not. so I will definitely put a little post up on here if I get it or not. It is going to be a busy rest of the week, busy weekend, and a busy next week cuz of graduation. I am in charge of decorations at graduation because of my GPA and its a huge responsibility thats keeping me from alot of my fun activities and things that I want to do. But its good for me. I need to stay busy. anyways. hope and pray all of you that I get the job, and if i do, you SO have to come and visit me. :) well not the first few weeks, cuz I really wont know what i'm doing and it may seem weird to come and watch me make a fool of myself. haha. anyways, its been a very eventful last month. I have joined the singles ward officially. I had gone to a few FHE nights. I had gone a few activities with some of the girls from the ward, and went to my first church last sunday. It was a great thing for me I think. I think i'm ready to move on to bigger and better things. things that I know are the best for me right now. Relief Society was good, and it was an amazing lesson that i needed to hear. I know thats where i need to be right now. I have clicked perfectly with the girls there and have had the best few weeks with them. I love them so much. I havent really clicked with the guys yet though. but i'm okay with that. I'm not gunna date serious until i get off to college. so here's to a great summer!!!!! i cant wait. best time of the year. I'm already craving Sonic happy hour everyday, I'm getting a tan on my legs, I get urges to go to the lake often, I might have a job, I have a lot of dates alreadty planned for the summer and its gunna be so much fun. love all you guys and hope to see you soon and hear from you soon. :)

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