Thursday, February 11, 2010

Changes are good sometimes. : )

I thought I should post my recent exciting news...
I am moving to Arizona. I am moving about the week of the 15th or March. I am actually doing this! Isn't it crazy? Yes, it is. I know it is. But faith can get me far! :) I know this is the best thing for me to do right now in my life and so having faith is about the only thing I am holding on to. I am scared out of my mind. I have a few tears almost everyday fall down my face, when I think about moving. Moving away from my family, my friends, my job, my calling, my memories, my favorite places to be, my whole life basically. But when I think about moving to Arizona, I get pretty excited. I love HOT weather, I will be living with my best friend, Vanessa Jones, for 6 weeks when I first move down there, I will get to see, Travis Shumaker, more often, and everything that comes with those two important people in my life.
Side note about them. Vanessa: Yes, we are moving together and living together for the first 6 weeks until she... gets MARRIED!!! :) I am so happy for her. I am so glad that she finally found HIM and that it was him all along. ;) She is getting married in the Mesa Temple for time and all eternity on April 29, 2010. She did have a quick engagement, but there is nothing wrong with that, if both people know that it is right. Which, they did. She is in the middle of the crazy wedding plans, and I am trying my hardest of being a good Bridesmaid and helping with those plans. haha. She is working about 60 hours a week and her life is CRAZY right now. So I am helping as much as I can. I can't wait to live with her and to spend some more time with her, but I am more excited for her to get married to HER love of her life and to be happy all the time and to finally get what she deserves. I hope she knows that I am here for her, I will always be, but especially right now when she need me the most when he is 5 hours away and almost as busy as she is. So living with her... CAN'T WAIT!!!
Travis: Yes, I am moving down there partly to chase him down. :) That wasn't the only reason, but a big reason to move. I will be living in Tucson, and he lives in a small town just close to it. So I will get some more time with him in person. I am tired of the maybe 10 minute talks a few times a week and the e-mails that we find time for when the other is working. We have almost opposite schedules and its really sad. We never get time to talk, and I hate it to no end. But anyways, he is going to school right now and will be going to nursing school in the fall this year. He is working for his dad, at his pharmacy and things are going pretty well for him. Especially knowing that I'm moving down now. haha. so a little bit about our story: I was introduced to him through Vanessa. (Vanessa and Travis are cousins) But I added him as a friend on Facebook and wrote him a message. I had no intentions of making anything out of it, to be honest, I just thought it was funny. But we wrote each other just a few times, and I thought to myself, "hm... I kinda like this kid." But he started Nursing school and got busy, and I got busy and we didn't talk for months. and next thing i know I was at BYUI, and enjoying life, and had a message from this Travis guy. and little Miss Matchmaker was working her magic. So we started writing more and more. Where it came to a point that it was like twice a day. And all you Bridget Blog Followers know by now, I love to write, but whats funny, so does Trav! So four page messages were being sent across the United States daily!! haha But we enjoyed talking to each other and getting to know each other. One day, I had the guts to call him and we talked for about an hour. But then that night he called me again, and we talked for..... FOUR HOURS! :) We had a great talk and from that talk on, we both knew there was something there between us, and knew that we should pursue things. So we talked more and more and more. I came home from BYUI, and on Monday, January 4th Travis was at the Boise Airport, to come see me. He stayed till that Saturday. So almost a whole week! We got to spend time with my family and his cousins, and having fun, and spending time together. I fell in love. I am in love. I love him! I really do. He made me realize how happy I can be. I really am happy when I am with him, or when I talk to him, or even talking about him. haha. But anyways, I hate being away from him. But we are doing well, for our situation and things are going well. He has two sisters in Las Vegas that I wanted to meet, and because Vegas is halfway for the both of us, we are meeting there next weekend. I can't wait to spend time with his siters and with him. So, thats the short story of us. haha. But there will be more to come. There is more to life than Vanessa and Travis right now, but thats all I have time to write about today. Come back later. Love you all!!


Amy N. said...

wow what a little adventure you have been on and about to start another one! good luck with the move and everything else...I hope all goes well for you.

RaCHELLE HuRD said...

awwww, true lub! :) i enjoyed reading this post, it is cute. i don't check your blog often enough! and i think you should update it with how AZ life is going! i'm sure it is crazy/stressful/fun/challenging/amazing all at the same time. hope you're doing great.. see you next month, girly!