Saturday, June 19, 2010

Engagement is the best!

First of all here are some engagement pictures:

so hope you enjoyed just a few of our favorites. I know they aren't professional, but they are the best and they were taken by the best of the best. So I love them just the way they are. They really did well at capturing our happiness and our love for each other too.
So on to other updates in my life. I know i havent posted in a while, but getting ready for two receptions and being two states away from my family that is planning the big reception and all the fun jazz that is involved with that and doing it all in less than two months! CRAZY! But surprisingly, its been pretty fun for me overall!! This kind of stuff are things that I really enjoy. Dress shopping and flowers and bows and tulle and decorating, and planning, and thinking of others, and jewelry, and looking pretty, and talking to lots of different people, and planning planning planning!! Its been pretty fun. I know Im crazy! You have permission to call me LOCO! But Im really enjoying this time while it comes and thats the best thing I have done for myself, learn the ways of my soon-to-be hubby and just enjoy life while it comes to you! Put a smile on your face, make the moments happy and funny and always laugh! :)
This engagement has also been fun being in the same town as Travy and most of his family. I see him every night, and sometimes more if he gets a day off of work. We have had a few rough times, but we have lots and lots of amazing times! We are starting to get used to each other. I am getting used to Trav's crazy sense of humor and always wanting to do something! To put my life with Travis into one sentence: "I will never have a dull moment!" but i absolutely love it! He also just loves to tease me, and im sure my daddy and brother and proud of him and welcome him into the family quick, but its just his way of showing his love. Its all boys way of showing love. haha. its quite a hoot! Travis is such a sweetie pie though. He knows that I like pet names, and he doesnt, so sometimes he tries and calls me sweetie or sweetheart. hehe. But I have everything good to say about my handsome fiance! He is the best! He had a hard time when I was in Idaho for two weeks, BUT SO DID I! :0 but he was cute to see how much he missed me and excited to see me.
I did go up to my home roots for about 2 weeks. Man was that an experience! I really missed my family! I missed my mama that is an expert at listening to me for hours at a time, my daddy who teases me with love and teaches me everything good from above, my Brookie who is my little shadow that I love having around and playing volleyball with and wathing movies with, my Bro and his sweet wifey that are always so supportive and helpful and great examples, and my Katrina weena and her hubby and sweet little cam cam who just shower me with love and help and support and great examples as well. and all my friends were great to see as well!! My mom and sisters threw an awesome bridal shower as well!! I think that was the highlight of my two weeks. I saw past YW leaders that were HUGE parts in my life and growing up years. They are the big reason why I made the temple such a huge part in my life and why I have such a strong testimony. so thanks for all your love and support and it was great to see you all again and I hope to see you again in a month! I felt so much love from them and they were honest to goodness so happy and excited for me and it was such a great feeling!! I had a bachelorette party with my friends and that was fun too! Im glad I have such a great support system that just shower me with love and gifts and hugs and shoulders to cry on and ears to listen to me and words of advice! I am so lucky.
So I continue to count down till the wedding and I cannot wait to be sealed to Travis Shumaker for time and for ALL ETERNITY!!!! Hopefully I can find more time to blog these days, but Bridget's story book is full of smiles and laughter and love and hugs and kisses and tears of joy and singing joyfully and cheerfully and everything that is good from above!!! I love life and love is my life with the love of my life!!!!!

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Tara said...

Bridget! I love the pictures! I am so very happy for you! I saw you at church when you were home for a couple of weeks, but I never got the chance to say hi. We got your wedding invitation the other day, I can't wait to see you on your big day and to meet Travis!