Sunday, September 12, 2010

Talks and Callings and Updates

Travis and I had the wonderful blessing and opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting today. We both had the topic of the "Atonement and Repentance". What a topic!! But we both prepared well and did a great job!! :) we had several comments from several members of our ward. it was kinda neat.
Travis also has a calling now. He is the ward choir pianist and one of the ward organists. So I am excited to go to ward choir now with him and we are happy for him. just hope and pray i get a calling soon too!
We have really enjoyed our ward so far. Very great people! I are starting to recognize faces at the temple, the theatre, and Walmart (it seems like that's the only places i go! haha)
But we are doing really well! Travis had his first quiz last week and his second will be this week. He also is having his first TEST this week as well! He's very good about studying when he has the time but still giving me some time and attention.
I did get a job at the Sapphire Theatre in Safford. I really enjoy the job, considering i have just been working Box office this whole time, but will be training for concessions this week! yikes! i don't get good hours, but will be working on possibly another job, to help pay the bills better.
I am enjoying the time that I have for myself though. I have really gotten into some fun, but cheap crafts lately, been reading some books I've been wanting to read for years, and keeping the house clean and neat.
Once again we are doing really really well and look forward to the next two months spent with Travis!

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