Saturday, February 12, 2011

Say hello to the new teller at Arizona State Credit Union! : )

yup! you heard me right, i got the job and i am so extremely excited for my new adventure in my life. My supervisor told me, that i did a very good job on the interview and that they were all very impressed with me. I am so excited for me to have more hours, for me to dress up, for me to feel important and worth something now that i have a decent job, for me to be a little more busy, for me to start working, and for all of the benefits of this new job.
We celebrated with jumping on the bed, screaming and shouting, dancing around and just being silly for most of the morning, which also included telling all relatives that knew about my interviews and were anxiously waiting to see how it ultimately went. We then went shopping to the new COOL store here in our valley. Bealls Outlet. I got an adorable purse, that i was in a desperate need of. I got to pick out two cute blouses and some slacks, so that i could have more clothes to wear at my new job, and enjoy myself now that i feel like a success!! Travis is so sweet and he went with me picking out a purse and trying on clothes and stuff. what a sweetie! then we went to one of our favorite places to eat... R & R Buffet!!! So yummy. breadsticks, pizza, pasta, soda with the awesome ice!, wings, and more!! we totally pigged out and enjoyed celebrating my new job and the success i had with that, our 7 mo. anniversary next week and valentines day next week. YAY! we then decided to go to Saint David for the day to see Kara and Nathan while we could. Then we came back home and were glad to finally inherit one of the two couches from the Shumaker's newly remodeling house. YAY! we had such a great day. and i just seem to be more happy, helpful, loving, cheerful, and silly. I hope that this works out. I am truly grateful for the many many prayers from family members on my behalf. I know that it truly helped. I appreciate travis and all that he did to support me, listen to me, help me, give advice to me, and just be there when i needed him through the stressful time that it was for me. and mostly for the patience that he had because i know i was on my last nerve for a few weeks and he got to see a side of me he does not see very often. poor guy! but hes the best and never complained. well i will be starting in about two weeks, with my training in PHX. I will come back and then go back and have 4 more days of training. so it will be a long process, but im glad. i feel more comfortable going into this knowing that i will be receiving the proper training that i will need to succeed in this new endeavor. updates are always coming. love you all!!

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Leslie :~D said...

Do you have a place to stay in Phoenix? Do you need one?