Monday, January 25, 2010

Je veut aller au France encore!

I just miss France. So very much!! :(
I want to go back soon!

See that castle on the top of the hill. Yes I took a jog all the way up to it. From our hotel room just down the street from this view and it was the best jog in the whole wide world. That was just before my body went crazy and I couldn't really jog anymore because of my stupid ankles, knees, and hips. :'( But back to this picture. We jogged down this little street, crossed this huge bridge that just took my breath away how pretty it was to look at the water from, jogged through all the little streets and through the downtown. So fun. across some castle steps, through some gardens, tunnels, step hills, and little sidewalks. Got to the big pathway up to the castle. I sprinted up those stairs, and finally made it to the top. I had the castle right next to me, the beautiful grounds and pathways up there, but could also see the whole city all in one view. What a beauty and with my runner's high going like crazy I swear I had seen heaven! I was on cloud 109 and I just think no run can ever top that one right there. I am tearing up right now just talking about it.

Can you see the trees, the bushes, the grass, the fountains, and the beautiful flowers? Can I just go to France and become a gardener and landscaper for castle grounds. That would ultimately be my wish in life. I just can't get enough of this picture. This was taken at the top of sleeping beauty's castle too by the way. :)

I just adore this picture of the Eiffel Tower and I guess no one will ever grasp my love for France and pictures of it and anything to do with it. Go there and you will understand! :)
I just was thinking about France a lot lately and decided to put that on my blog for keepsake. I need to upload more pictures of France on my blog, but it would just take so long! anyways. Je t'aime! <3

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Vanessa Jones said...

I'll take you to france for you 50th birthday! DEAL!!!