Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A second interview!! AAAAH!!!!!

sheesh! oh the stress and nerves that my body and mind has been going through the last few weeks. I got a call yesterday that they couldnt decide between me and another canidate and that they would like to schedule a second interview with me on Thursday. So I have been trying to prepare all day today for that. I have my outfit picked out. I wish i had enough money to afford a nice coordinated suit for an interview. but i am just doing my best with what i have. oh well! I have been just searching on the internet on advice and questions and answers and appearance and everything. man i just get more and more nervous for this! I decided i can only do so much. I will just show them who i am and what kind of employee i can be and that the best i can do. if they dont like me, they dont like me. and i will be on the search again. Anyways, writing is great therapy for me, so here i am making a post. I hope it all works out and that I can get the job! and once i get the job, just more nerves and stresses will come, but its all good for me, right?
Well, I need to go look things over on some of my prepared answers to specific questions. I dont really know what to expect in this interview. but oh well. its a new expereince for me. I know i am just rambling. but this is more for me, than whoever reads this. My stomach is starting to hurt just thinking about tomorrow. AH! sometimes i make it worse that it really is. But i guess its better than the other way around right? anyways, i gotta go prepare some more. Travis has been studying at the hospital with his teacher and I'm sure hes gunna need me to go pick him up soon. I need to go pick up my prescription, and somehow find the misplaced redbox from last night, get ready for work, and eat dinner all in about an hour. But im sure i will do fine. I have confidence in myself and i know that i can nail this and that i have the qualities, character, work ethic, and skills for this job. so why worry right?
ill update everyone on if i get the job or not soon. thanks for dealing with the rambling. AH! im going crazy.

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Kimberly said...

Good luck, Bridge! I really hope you get this job. You'll do great in your interview. You know they like you since you've gotten this far!!! All you can do is your best! Thinking of you and praying for you. <3