Thursday, February 10, 2011

Second Interview! : )

Well i just got done with my interview. Travis is studying and everyone else that i could think to talk to, i knew were busy. so here I am just making a post, so that i can get these feelings out.
I think i did really really well on my interview. I think it went even better than the first one. They just asked me similar questions, or the same questions. or some different questions. it was very similar to the first one, i just felt more comfortable and felt a lot more confident for some reason. I dont know if its because i know they like me, or that they seemed to be more comfortable with me too. Or it might have been because Travis gave me a great blessing right before i left, and I feel so great right now! seriously feel like im on top of the world. I feel really really good about this job, about the interview, about myself, about it all. its great!! well they said that they will be having the other interview today and that they will be making a decision for sure today and that i would hear from Tabitha by the end of today! yay!! I am so excited for this opportunity and for this chance. It is a great stepping stone for me in my life and what a blessing it is! : )
like i said it went really well. They seemed to be smiling and happy with all my answers and responses. I was saying exactly what they needed to hear and im what they needed for this position.  they were taking lots of great notes and comments to my answers. They were very happy. Im glad that it went the way that it did, and i dont have any regrets what so ever! so if i dont get the job, then its ment to be and i have another chance somewhere else. I tried my best and felt like i did really really well. im so glad that i had the spirit with me to guide me to know what to say and do. well it went really well, and ill update everyone as soon as i know if i have the position or not.

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