Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moving... AGAIN

Luckily we only moved just down the street, to another town. We found a place cheaper in rent, and closer to school. It was a long and stressful process, but in the end, we are both grateful and happy in the new place. I have enjoyed things like: carpet, spacious bathroom, dishwasher, more closet space, and a garbage disposal. We do miss our old ward, but our new ward has been VERY welcoming and we have been very blessed so far. Speaking of, I had the chance to meet the Relief Society president our first Sunday, and i just happen to mention to her that i was looking for another job, and she mentioned that they were hiring at the Credit Union that she works at. I put in an application that next day. A few days later, I recieved a call to come in on the following Monday and take a few tests, to see if i am capable of this job. If i pass both tests, then i will go onto an interview. So i passed both tests!!! :) They were hard but do-able at the same time. if that makes sense. I had the opportunity to talk to the assistant manager (A.M.) for a little as well. Since then, I heard back from the A.M. and he said he looked at my results from the tests and mentioned that i did VERY well and that I would be hearing from Tabitha, the hiring manager and supervisor over the tellers, reguarding an interview. I hadnt heard yet yesterday, and I want to show interest and be persistent, so I called the A.M. and he said she was sick that day, but i was discussed in the meeting the day before and so he knew that i was on the list of people to call for setting up an interview. Anyways, I am anxiously holding onto my cell phone at all times and will be so excited when i even hear from someone. At least i know i have the interview for sure, just unsure on the time and date.
So i hope this job lines up well for me. I am actually wanting to look into doing accounting or something similar for school, and this will be a great opportunity for me to see if this is really for me or not. I love working with people (angry, grumpy, or nice), money/cash, paperwork, numbers, computers, dressing up nice, and the whole works. So hope and pray i get the job. :)
Travis has started his second semester of Nursing school and just trucking along to the best of his ability. MAN, is it hard! But he is very good about studying everyday and sticking to it all. I admire him for his dedication and motivation. I hope and pray it stays this way though. :) good luck honey!
I know it has been a REALLY long time, but oddly enough, this is one of my new years resolutions. Write in my blog more. So here's to 2011!
More exciting, hopefully, updates will be coming soon. LOVE YOU ALL!!

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Nolan and Vanessa Hatch said...

Good luck with your interview tomorrow! Fingers crossed and prayers for you! But if it turns out bad the lord will open another door! Love you friend!