Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, I guess I will start with the most exciting news, to us. We finally have a calling!!! wahoo! I havnt had a calling (besides visiting teaching in my last ward) since I moved from Idaho. So almost a whole year. But knowing that we will, or are planning, on staying in this ward for at least year, its good to know we can get comfortable with this ward. Its been a great ward so far as well. The youth are really strong and faithful in our ward, i've noticed. so i was kinda hoping to be put in the yw's, but thats okay. this calling is ultimately the best for our situation right now. I guess i better tell you what it is, huh? we are team teaching the CTR 6-A class. we are so excited. We were told that its 4 girls. So I was excited about that. haha. But Travis LOVES primary and thats what he wanted, if he could choose. and I didn't really care. I just wanted something really bad!!! haha. but this way I can do the teaching, so that Travis isnt anymore stressed than what he already is with school and all. I am really excited and we will start teaching in 2 weeks. yay!!
I am really really loving my new job. I am a part-time teller at the Arizona State Credit Union and what a great job for me. It is a perfect job for me and I feel qualified for the job as well. I am getting a great pay, and great hours. The company really knows how to treat their associates and I really love my supervisor, managers and other coworkers. I really dont have much to complain about. I have been in PHX for 4 days now. Doing training all day here at the corporate office. It is really fun and i have learned so much! so i start working on monday and I cant wait to start doing transactions and helping members.
Travis is doing really well in school. He may not say so or think so, but i think he is. He is very dedicated to paperwork, and projects, and studying, etc. He has got great scores on his two tests so far and he is really enjoying his clinicals. Actually in his last clinical he took the time to really care about his patient and his family. His patients wife, grabbed his teacher the other day and told her how much she really appreciate him and all that he did and a list of impressive things about him and so the teacher then told him that she was very impressed by that and that she was proud of him, etc. I love hearing things like that when he comes home from school. He gets discouraged sometimes due to, long days, or things not going right, or difficult assignments, etc. His brother is no longer in the program with him as well, and I think that was a little hard for him. I dont know if he would say that, but thats just what i think. It changed a lot of things. Trevor is now taking classes to prepare for pharmacy school. So we can still hang out with them, and do laundry at their place, haha, but the brothers just dont get much time together anymore, and I know Trevor and Travis really supported each other, and helped each other, and were just there for each other where sometimes the wives cant be for several reasons. Anyways!
we are doing well and we are about to celebrate our 8 month anniversary!!! crazy how fast time goes by. But we are so extremely happy and so happy that we got married. We are starting to really feel comfortable with each other and i just love that I can feel comfortable talking to him for 3 hours when i come home from work and the same with him from school. We understand each other and its just great to have a best friend all the time. Times are tough sometimes, and Travis is seriously so perfect for an emotional girl! :) with living away from my family, and with other struggles in my life he was really grown to love me and know exactly what to do when I am crying or when i need a hug, etc. I just love him so much and appreciate all that he does for me and everything around the house, etc.
well, once again sorry for blabbing, but being away from anyone that i know for 4 days, has got the best of me, and I was in a desperate need to write a long blog. love you all!!

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