Thursday, April 30, 2009

photo shoot for prom!

Fun pictures aren't they? the first two are pictures of my group. It was such a fun group to go with. :) had a blasty blast!

these pictures are pretty much sweet. I'm excited to get them in the mail. these are my favorite ones though. we looked good together huh? i give the matchy matchy credit all to Christopher. That was all him. haha.

AWWW!!! how cute. well ladies and gentlemen. this is us.
well now about the actual day...
I went to breakfast with a big group of friends and had so much fun!!! This sounds bad, but honesty is my policy. but my favorite part of the whole day was breakfast. but the reason why i feel guilty saying that is because Christopher wasnt there. He had a tennis match that day, but i was still invited to go, so i though, "oh what the heck. I'll have fun" and i did. :) its not because Christopher wasnt there. It was just because it was fun. idk? anyways. then i went scrambling around town getting last minute things done for the night. Then at noon Christopher came and picked me up, cuz he got done at his tennis tournament early (he lost on purpose so that we could spend the day together. it was cute) we walked around downtown nampa and had some great laugs just us. then we went to his house, and we went motorcycle riding. it was so much fun. I would have to say the other best part of the day was this. We went to the lake and drove around and it was fun to get back on a motorcycle. considering the last time i was on one Ryan almost killed me. :) it was a little scary, ok alot scary, at first but i got used to it and i had a good time. then he took me home on the bike. I then got ready for the rest of the night. got my hair done by Erica Bird. THANKS PAL!! she also did my nails too. my hair was rockin and i loved it alot especially with the little flowers that she made in it. thanks again. I got ready, which i wont admit to the small amount of time i got ready in. :) not the typical prom day taking 4 hours to get ready. Christopher picked me up at 5 with Jay Valle and Mellissa Fitzen waiting outside and we went to Copper Canyon. It was de-lish-os. yum! i had a terrific salad that almost made me cry because of the de-lish-os-ness going on. it reminded me of the salads i had in FRANCE!!! i had a fettucini alfredo for dinner and it was also de-lish-os-ly-de-lish. we took a rather speedy trip over to Meridian for our photo shoot. it was wizard. (its a word i'm addicted to saying now. dont ask why. i love making up words. i just changed the noun to an adjective. fun.) we then took a trip to the park downtown Boise. to have some good amounts of laughs. including the ducks chasing us, the almost deathly incident on the bridge (my heel got stuck and it was almost calling for an embarrassment for the whole world. but i took care of it fast enough to just be a good belly laugh.), the cops stopping us in the park and kicking us out for looking to good to be in public (hahahahaha. JK! that really didnt happen. but it was a thought we laughed about) anyways. we made it to the dance in perfect timing. we got in the Skybox right when the sun was setting. I cried. not gunna lie. the last time i saw a sunset like that, which didnt compare to really, was in France. I would have to say that we THEE best moment in my entire life. not gunna lie. but I havent even started my blog on France, sorry, but you will hear about that amazing time in my life sometime. ahaha anyways back to the prom sunset. it was breathtaking. I loved it so much. it was setting and the whole boise valley was lit up including the sky. wow. what a feeling. I had a great time seeing all my friends in their gorgeous dresses and it was fun to see the reactions of all of the girls. "AHHHHHHHHH....AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" is usually how it went. :) once the sun was gone and the night was alive the dancing began. it was fun. but i would have to say, the two best parts of the night.
1. the song, Wannabe by Spice Girls turned on. Bridget Nielson, Chelsea Jenks, Melanie Morris, Jordyn Holloway, and Krystle Lewis were reunited on the dance floor and reunited with the past. we used to dominate that song at stake dances. sounds lame but we love that song. its our song. and we own it. we got in our circle, sang loudly, cried, laughed, danced, and cried more because of the amazingness of the moment on our fingertips. at that moment in time. our song. at senior prom. never forget it girls.
2. sounds terrivle, but the other best moment at the dance was wathcing some other kid, didnt matter if it was a monkey or if it was brad pitt, but it was just the fact that this kid dominated Abe Burns on the dance floor. he totally showed him up and it was good to see that status isnt everything in life. some understand what i'm saying and some dont. i'm not gunna explain it. just sayin. i'm not trying to put down abe at all. hes a great guy. it was just cool to see its not everything in life. that theres always something. haha. thats all i'm saying.
but after our amazing dance. which i have to give props to. it was cleanest dance i've been to. the dancing was monitored closely and harshly. and the kids respected the rules that were given to us a week before prom to warn us. i mean there will always be dirty dancing, but it wasnt as bad as it used to be. and i also saw alot more modest dresses on the LDS girls and i was so proud of them. it was a pretty happy feeling.
then after that we were on our way back home. i feel bad, but they said it was okay, but i fell asleep on the way home. :) so when we got to Jay's house to play games we were all a little out to do anything requiring movement and thought. so we just went home. and thats it.
fun times. =]
oh ya and i better explain one thing. now that i re-read through it. I call Christopher because everyone calls him Chris. I tend to do that to people. I also like nicknames for the same reason. I like to call people by names that no one else calls them by. so its a little more personal and fun. so thats the reason why his name is Christopher in my world. :)

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The Stices said...

So it must be tradition (and not a good one I must say) but I totally fell asleep on the way home from my senior prom too. So sad! :) Glad you had fun and the pictures look AWESOME!