Saturday, May 2, 2009

Senior Skip Day!!

Senior skip day was on the 29th of April. it was a wednesday. it was amazing!!! i never thought i would love senior skip day. i just thought it would be another day spent alone and spent on the computer. :) but i decided to make the best of it and got friends together and planned things. so heres the low-down on what i did and why is it considered AMAZING!!...
I woke up about 6:30 (i know. lame. i didnt sleep in. but if you knew me better you would know it wasnt a big deal for me. I cant sleep in very well. I go to bed early and wake up early. so i wa okay with this early rise.) and went to the rec center with Mel. It was so much fun, but more uplifting and in great need of than anything. when Mel and I were little we spent alot of our time either at her house or at the rec and we havent been there together in such a long time. it was fun to remember the good ol days and things we used to do. funny how it all works out. but we sat in the hot tub, the deep pool, and the warm pool just talking the whole time. we talked about college, life ahead of us, having kids, friends, the past, life in general, things that we struggle with, and friends that have hurt our hearts deeply. it was so much fun. i just have to add a side not right here.... I LOVE YOU MELANIE!!! you have always been the friend that i can go to and talk to stuff like this. we have had some really fun moments full of laughter, but we have been filled with deep conversations like this and thats why i freakin love you!! you have been my friend since I was four and we are still the best of friends today...... so once we spent 2 hours there we were off to Chelsea's house for breakfast. we made a load of a breakfast but it was a delicious load! we had, peach and strawberry milkshakes, lemonade, eggs, sausage, toast, and german pancakes. YUM!! good times friends. heres where i add a side note on Chelsea..... I LOVE YOU CHELSEA!!!! you and i clicked right from the beggining. we never knew each other even existed before feshman year english class with Ms. Thomas. I will never ever forget those laughs. hahahahaha. thats where i learned the art of having a whole conversation in alphabet signing and so much more. we have stayed great friends since then. and you know why? becasue you're freakin amazing chelsea. you're so sweet and i love the way you make me feel about myself. you always put a smile on my face and i'm waiting for the day when you dont. :) jk. but i just have to tell you, the day after i had my conversation with you know who and was depressed to no end, Mel wasnt there to comfort me and you filled that spot with no hesitation and just let me spill. sometimes thats all i need. is just someone to listen to me. you really made me realize that YOU'RE AMAZING!!! i could go on and on about you my friend. i just have one more thing to say, we're gunna rock BYUI. best roomies in the history of roomies. love ya...... so after breakfast we just had to stop by at Curves and say hi to Sister Voigt at work. it was a good idea to stop and talk to her. we needed to talk to her about some things and she needed to talk to us about some things. it was cool to here her advice and to talk to her because shes THE BEST!!! so then we were OFF TO THE RACES!!! we drove to the boise mall and had some great laughs. we had fun going into Sephora and trying on all the makeup. we looked and smelled stunning walking out of there. we took some funny pics in forever 21 and then decided we better get to the movies since the movie was starting in 20 minutes. we got lost for a little bit, but this moment made me remember the talk in general conference about if you know where the temple is you will never be lost. thats so true!!!! we were lost in boise but knew that if we found the temple we would know where the movie theatre was. so i knew exactly where to go to get to the temple. we found it and voila, found the theatres. it was pretty funny. we watched 17 again. and here's where i add a side not about zac efron..... I LOVE YOU ZAC!!!!! hahah JK. but seriously. you're so good looking i just want to kipnap you..... but that was a great movie to see. it was funny, it was cute, it was inspirational, and it was zac in it. perfect! anyways... that was my novel edition of senior skip day.
any kids out there that havent had their senior skip day, all i have to say is.... DO IT!!! i skipped so many important classes it was almost funny. but i had so much fun, and it was so worth it. i dont regret skipping what so ever. dont hesitate when your senior skip day comes up. you will never regret it. promise.

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Dessa Mae said...

I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself!! Friends are wonderful huh? Keep hold of them!