Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a lil about France and exciting news...PROM!!

Well its been more than a week since i've been back from France, but it feels like years ago. it seems like a dream, and I hate everything about that!!! I'm sorry i didnt immediately post about France, and I'm not planning on doing it today either, but i will talk a little about it.
The biggest thing that I learned from my trip isn't what you probably expect. I learned alot about myself, what i want in life, and silly things that i do. haha. so funny story, i found out i make up tunes in my head, but outloud (if thats even possible) when i'm bored. Well not when music is playing, but like when i'm at school and i'm bored i just start humming or doot de doot dat dat de de de like crazy. like it's not even a real song, i just make it up as i go along. hahaha. ya didnt notice that before. and its funny now that i know... haha. but i learned that I am not a big city girl. that is a for sure definite!! I love little towns with simple minds and simple hearts. I love jogging when i have scenery to look at (yes, i did go on a jog with Cameron in Saumur, France up to a caslte and around town. it was so exhilerating I will never forget that moment in my life. ever), I love the beach (well not like California beachy beach. but like the beaches with the cliffs and rocks and stuff. oh man. best part of the whole trip!!!!), I love sunsets more than sunrises (I watched the sunset in Saint-Malo along the rocks with the water splashing up on us, and the brisk cool wind best part of the whole entire trip!!!), I really enjoy being alone, I figured out that Scarfs are fashionable and really useful actually, found out that Mona Lisa is a total scam and dissapointment(its probably the size of your computer screen!!!!!), found out that I really do have a testimony of my Savior and I really do need to go to church and seminary and stuff to get my fix of the gospel (I havent been to church for 5 weeks, havent been to mutual for 4 weeks, and missed seminary for 2 weeks!), found out that I really can weigh more than 115 for the rest of my life (i gained 6 pounds in france!! better yet, I've been 115 since 8th grade and came back from France at 121 pounds!) but also found out that the food here is disgusting!!!!!! so i am down to 114 pounds now because my body will not eat because the food is so gross here. ridiculous i know. but its true. i dont have an appetite to eat much anymore. but oh well, now i can save more money in college right?! hahaha JK JK JK!! well i learned so so so much about Paris, France in General, about history, about different cultures, about myself, and about my mom too. but i wont continue to bore you with this, so I'll write another time about more that i learned and more that i did.
well i do have some exciting news though.....
I was asked to Prom yesterday!!! =] oh man. i am so flippin excited i can hardly keep it in. but i'm trying not to show it 'cuz i dont want to sound stupid. lol anyways.... so the story begins Sunday night....
I got a txt from Hailee that says, "have you been asked to Prom yet?" of course i said no, and asked why? she said no reason. and i told her whatever you know, just dont tell me cuz i want to keep it a surprise. so i couldnt go to bed that night cuz i knew i was being asked to Prom, but had no clue how and who. so Monday I heard from everyone from all walks of life come up to me and ask me if i've been asked to prom yet? and then they would say, "oh i'm so excited for you!!" so i was getting bugged about it so much, but no one told me anything, which i was really happy about. By Monday night I knew he was in my stake, he's cute, he's a really good kid, and i''ll have alot of fun. thats all the clues that i got. so i wasnt worried if this was gunna be another terrible dance because they all promised me i would love it.
Tuesday comes along, I walk out of English (2nd period) and some kid hands me this huge box wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a huge bow on it. sheesh he could have just given me that and i would have been okay. =] so i opened it and all i saw was tissue paper, so looked around and pulled out a volleyball. It had Twix all over it and it said, " I can "SET" you up for a great Prom date...I'll entertain you wif (had to put the little rascals twist in it) my fancy "twix" if you go with me...The ball is in your court!...Chris Redd" awwwww!!! thats about all i could say. so i enjoyed my twix and played with my volleyball. it was rad. so my wheels were already turning in ways i could answer him. i just have to say.... i did not use the internet or any other sources but my brain on this. so proud of myself!! so i wont explain how this all happened how i got it all figured out and stuff, but i'll tell you it how he saw it.
so i went to his choir concert last night, and gave his mom a note to give to him before he leaves back home and it said,
"You're a great singer,
and when home be sure to linger
to the place where you like to sleep.
Just dont count sheep.
Dont forget to look for a box
on top of where you keep your sox.
I hope you have as much fun
as I did trying to get this done."
so he went home, straight to his dresser and there was the big REDD box. he opened it and there was a canistr that you hold tennis balls in (he plays tennis) with confetti and butterfingers (heloves butterfingers) in it and this poem that says,
"Hey Fredd!
Or are you Tedd?
Oh wait, you’re Redd.
Christopher Redd.

Once upon a time, there was a box.
Not a Redbox, but a pink box,
And it was from the Redd fox.
It was quite shox!

Inside there was a ball,
But don’t fall off a wall,
You’re such a doll, for asking me to the ball.

Then I almost dropped dedd,
And I fled to my bedd
To rest my weary hedd
After I redd what you sedd!

So I spent the afternoon
Acting like a Bafoon,
Blowing up balloon(s),
And rhyming like a loon.

So enjoy your butterfinger
And be glad I’m not a singer.
Oh that would be a stinger
If I decided to linger!

Let’s not take a mo-pedd,
Nor eat some moldy bredd
In a smelly garden shedd
Or I’ll call you a goat-hedd!!

So this is my call,
“You must search for a tennis ball!”
But please don’t sit and stall
Just look through the box y’all!

Does this sound like Dr. Suess
Or just a silly goose?
Well now I let you loose
‘Cuz this is the Redd Caboose!"

so he had to look through the box, through all the butterfingers, confetti, and balloons to the bottom where the three tennis balls were. They said Oui/Si, Of Course, and YA!! so thats about it. today when i saw him, he said he was extremely impressed with me thinking that up in one afternoon and getting it to him the same day. He said his fam, especially mom, was extremely impressed with it all as well. In fact hi mom called everyone in the phone book practically to let them know of his wonderful date to Prom and read to them the poem and stuff. so that makes me happy. i didnt know if he would find the humor in it or not. but hes a really funny guy, so i was glad he took it well. haha.
anyways.... so i have my dress, thanks to my cousin Katie Williams. Its a peach color and its SO pretty. like over the top pretty. i cannot wait to wear it. but hopefully we will be making plans soon and getting things done for Prom. Its on th 25th of April at BSU in the.... SKYBOX!!!! yeah. i'm so excited for that! anyways. its good to be back and in the groove of things. i miss France like none other!!! have a great week!!


The Stices said...

I'm so excited for you! I hope that this is a good experience for you, better than some of the other dances. So I don't know who this guy is but he sounds like a nice guy, makes sure to take lots of pictures and we will have to see your beautiful dress next time we are out. YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Kaitlin said...

Oh bridget! chris redd is a great kid! im so excited for you! oh and the way he asked you to prom was super cute. but the way you answered was pretty much... AMAZING. what a witty girl!