Thursday, April 16, 2009


oh my goodness, its too good to be true to have only 27 more days of high school left. But in the next 8 weeks I am going to have the busiest time of my life. But i cant wait. it will be worth it.
as most of you know, I am a 4.0 student and I am very proud of that fact! I was excited to hear that I was going to be a Suma Cum Laud (is that how you spell it?) graduate, but didnt think that all these major responsibilities would come due to my GPA. I am on the graduation committee due to my GPA and holy sheesh i have so much work to do. I decided to be on the decoration committee and what a load it is. So this is where you come in. First of all, any of you highest honor roll students on your graduation committee and what did you do? any suggestions for me? and for those that are smart when it comes to the heck do you make a balloon archway???!!! thats what we need to do, but have no clue how to do it. any help? also, anything that you guys remember about your graduation that was cool, that we could maybe use? I would appreciate some great help from all of you. anything will help. even just words of encouragement. thanks for all your help and guidance in my life so far, just dont stop now, this is where i need your help the most. stress is not what i need more of right now.
I am starting to work on graduation announcements as well right now. any suggestions or help with that? i have no clue what i am doing and if anybody knows how to make sweet announcements with pics and stuff, you'll be more help than you think. I'm gunna need it done in the next two weeks, so help is a must! =] and watch out for your announcement coming to you soon. thanks!!!


Dessa Mae said...

I learned how to make a balloon archway because I was going to use it at my wedding. Gimme a call if you need help.
Are you wanting to make your own annoucements or have them done?

The Stices said...

you can make cute announcements on websites like shutterfly or snapfish. they aren't too expensive and they are fast and fun. i can show you on sunday when we are over, remind me though!