Friday, April 24, 2009

Senior PROM!

yay!!!! prom's finally here. i cant wait. but i have to say, and i know everyone agrees with me, the day before Prom is so stressful. trying to get times and places right, trying to get the boutonniere (which is a french word that means "bottonhole"), the hair figured out, the nails done, the makeup figured out, the jewlery figured out to a T, and everything planned out so perfectly that when tomorrow comes, we can have fun and not worry about what to do. anyways. I am stressing big time. I'm getting really worried actually. I dont have any money either so I have to wait till mama comes home inorder to get anything like the boutonniere and such. but it will be fine...hopefully. but i have all details figured out with the lady doing my nails and my hair so thats nice to get off my back, all i need to do is figure out details on when and where to go tomorrow and go to the store tonight to get last minute things. wish me good luck!!!
I will probably not post much about prom until later next week, but i promise to put it up. fun pictures included. lol
so I have basically finished my announcements for graduation, I am planning on ordering them tonight or Monday. but they are looking good, and hopefully you like them as much as I do. They have spent way too much of my time and more money that i've needed to spend in the last month. but they're done. thats good news for me.
I am still out on the job hunt. I have turned in over 20 applications in the last week, and I'm still planning on going to fast food resaurants this next week and greenhouses cuz i really wanna work at a greenhouse. it would be a sweet job. anyways, if you have any place for me to apply to, or anything that I could earn some money for. or any kind of suggestion will help me at this point. thanks for your support and love.

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Dessa Mae said...

I am excited to see your prom pictures!