Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm sick!

woah, i would bet i havent been sick for at least 3 years. not even kidding. being sick is the worst thing in the world. especially cuz i always feel like i never know what to do!!
I have a deadly cough, a huge headache, a fever, incredibly painful back pain, and i am weak everywhere. Why do i have to be sick right now?! I leave for France this Friday and I havent done a whole lot to get ready. I was hoping to start today, but it looks like thats going down the drain!! I could go on and on and blog for another hour, but i feel like my back could give out on me any minute. i need to go lay down. but if anybody has ANY suggestions to get this yucky stuff away, really quick that would be great!!! I need to be better by Monday because i cant miss anymore school than i already am. so let me know what works for you, and i am desperate and will try any thing suggested!! thanks for the help guys. hope and pray i get better.


Leslie :~D said...

What works for me is a doctor and some antibotics... preferably a Z-pack! Feel bettter :~)

The Stices said...

adam says to drink like 4 gallons of water a day, do lots of stretches, drink some "barley green" and take some multi-vitamins. That stinks, get better.

Dessa Mae said...

Feel better soon! If you need help getting ready, let me know!!