Monday, January 19, 2009

Watch out Rexburg!... Here I come!!

I finally got my acceptance letter from BYUI and now I can officially say that I am going there for school. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful school and have them be a part in my life that could possibly determine my friends, my career, my testimony and even my husband. What an exciting time in my life!
I do not know when I am going there yet though. I have taken their required questionaire in order for them to determine my track system, and it will take up to 4-6 weeks for me to know which track I will attend. So wish me the best of luck in the next few months as I prepare for college and everything fun and not so fun that comes with that.
If anyone has ANY KIND of advice for me, let me know. Whether it be the ways to BYUI, which appartment is the best, suggesting roomates, scholarships, classes to take, things to do, people to meet, places to see, games to play, or any kind of suggestions you have for me. I could use anything and everything that you have. THANK YOU!!


Amy N. said...

YAY! Except for the fact that it is BYU I am excited for you! AS for advice here is mine. Live the college life to the fullest (well within healthy safe means). Enjoy the ride some of my fondest memories are from the few years of college. Keep a journal (or a blog) about your life-the good and the bad. You will look back one day and really enjoy reliving those times. Sadly I didn't and now I have a hard time remembering my friends, my professors, and all the fun times.

Apply for every type of $$ assistance, even if you don't think you qualify. You just never know who is more than willing to pay for your schooling. I was lucky enough to never have to pay a dime for school (except for gas).

As for choosing roommates I can't tell you from experience, but I would go with girls that have the same values, morals, goals and girls that will be there through it all for you.

Congratulations on your acceptance!

Leslie :~D said...

Congratulations Bridget! I'm tellin' ya, come stay with us and we'll go cruise Rexburg and find you a good apartment! LOL! Bring your mom too! Since I'm still technically a student up there (long story), my advice is to do what your friend Amy said... enjoy the college life! There is so much to do up there you'll never be bored unless you want to be. Make sure you do your homework though... the distractions will be many. You can always call me if you need something or are in trouble in anyway... not that you'll get in trouble, but if you break your leg on the ice, I can be at the hospital faster than your mom! LOL! You'll LOVE BYU-I. I still do.

Leslie :~D said...

Oh, and my other advice is to try the dorm your first year. Not the cafeteria dorm, but the dorm with the kitchen. There are only 4 girls to an apartment. Less girls are good to start with, then you can spend the year checking out apartments and you may be able to find girls to room with. 6 girls to an apartment is hard to live with! I lived in one of the dorms with a kitchen when I was at Ricks College... oddly enough, the year you were born... 1991! It was a good place to start, and will be a good place to get your footing!