Monday, January 26, 2009

30 random things about me

1. I have a thing with cutting my hair lately. dont be surprised if i have short hair soon. :)
2. my favorite snack when I come home from school is pretzels dipped in ranch!
3. I love running for fun. just for me.
4. I absolutely hate celery. the only veggie that i will refuse to eat.
5. I have eaten an orange every single day since november 1st. no lie.
6. my favorite princess is Cinderella, but Belle is pretty cool too.
7. some consider me very anti-social and others often tell me i'm too friendly... so idk?
8. I am going to BYUI for college and I am SO excited about that.
9. I am going to FRANCE during spring break this year.
10. I have to have it silent when I read and when I serve in volleyball
11. I love doing the long jump and triple jump in track.... and i'm goin to state this year!!!!
12. I absolutely LOVE surprises
13. I prefer singing to music than dancing. I am not afraid to sing in front of ANYONE!!!
14. I hate video games and i dont know the last time i played them.
15.I really want to serve a mission for my church. and I would LOVE to go to France.
16. I bite my nails... unfortunately
17. I hate watching movies. When I'm in the mood to watch movies, i'll tell you.
18. I cannot function without music playing. seriously. music 24/7!!
19. I played the piano for 5 years and I was really good at it, but I regret quitting.
20. When I'm having a bad day, I want to go play hard, competitive volleyball.
21. Krystle Lewis is the best support system and she has truly made me the person that I am today. LOVE YA!
22. Melanie Morriss is the best forgiving, non judgemental, but honest friend that I have loved since we were five. LOVE YA!
23. My hero is my brother Ryan. LOVE YA!
24. I loved math until I started Statistics. math is supposed to be abstract and not relative to life. x, y, and z's are math!!!
25. I love flowers and I want a huge flower garden that I work on in my dream home!
26. I wish I could speak french all the time!! but, no one would understand me, so that puts a damper on my dream :(
27. I am the laurel class president for my ward, and I absolutely love everything about it!!
28. I am NEVER sick...knock on wood.
29. I can cross just one eye.
30. this was an extremely hard task... to think of THIRTY RANDOM things about ME, that are INTERESTING!!

I now tag all my siblings...and hopefully you know who you are!! ha ha

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