Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm in LOVE!!...

with orange juice!! And i know you are thinking... so what? whats the big deal? well if you knew me well enough, you would know that I used to absolutley HATE orange juice. It was gross and icky. I would seriously eat pankcakes dry without a drink than with orange juice.
But just this last week, I poured me a glass of orange juice because, I really dont know why, and didn't even think about, "why am i pouring sick orange juice in my cup." and then I drank it. As I continued to drink, I realized how addicting orange juice is. I mean I love it so much now. Its my craving every single day now. When I'm at school, my mouth is just watering like crazy cuz I cant stop thinking about going home and having a huge glass of delicious orange juice.
Just now I realized how weird that is. That I can go from one extreme to the other within weeks. I wonder how that works??
but anyways, I just had to post this, because someday my children will be complaining about the spinach or something that I gave them, and I will tell them this transformation that I went through and that it can happen to them too. :) ha ha

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