Thursday, August 13, 2009

stressed out

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in ages. and theres alot going on in my life I have enough to blog about. but thats the thing. I have way too many things going on, i dont have time to blog. I'm getting really stressed with college. nothing is working the way i would like it to. I just checked this morning on my classes and all of a sudden it says i'm not registered for any classes. my apartments won't get back to me to let me know if i even have a place to live in 3 weeks. I'm trying to get things organized in my room and such, but work seems to win my time. but i'm still complaining about the money because I can barely pay for tuition as it is, i'm not going to have any money left. I know the second I'm left at college i'm gunna cry my eyes out because i'm gunna feel so lonely. i feel lonely now anyways. I have absolutely no time for anything anymore. I'm such a grump these days because NOTHING at BYUI is working out for me. everything is going wrong. i have no idea why I'm still going there. What a hassel. anyways, just thought i would at least update my life on here. Stressed out completely to no end is my life right now. yay.


Leslie :~D said...

You can come stay with us until it works out! ;~) You'll be okay... there MUST be opposition in all things... smile at the crap... laugh in the wind... stand in the rain and lift your face to the sky... then shout "BRING IT ON!" Then get that v-ball spike going and smack each problem that comes your way!

You can do it... it will be fine, really and truly it will.

Vanessa Jones said...

I think you are doing better! Take deep breathes and realize the lord will pull through! Everything will work out!