Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pictures of France compared to my life

I know I never uploaded my pictures from France. So here are my best pictures for you. But this is mostly for me. I have started to become a grumpy, tired Bridget and I didn't like it because I was always happy and energetic. Last night I had a breakdown with Vanessa and I'm sorry she had to deal with it, but thats what best friends are for right? Well one thing that I established was that I need to start my days of right, and they go alot more smooth.

I'm also going back to my good habits and working on a christ-like attribute every week. This week is happiness. So i'm doing things that are making me happy. Yesterday was not the best start, but we all make mistakes and I have the rest of the week to work on. So I'm doing this post for me. To start my day off right and to hopefully help me to be happy today. Here we go!:

I would have to say, I felt closest to my Heavenly Father in this moment in my life. Besides when I'm in the temple. The wind was blowing a brisk, cold air. The ocean tide was splashing up on the rocks and onto my cheeks. I was in France having the time of my life. The sun was bright at first. But I stood there for almost 2 hours. Watched the whole sunset. It was thee most beautiful thing that I have ever seen in my life before. It was truly breathtaking. As I stood up on top of the wall surrounding the city, I realized that, no matter where I am and what I'm doing, my Heavenly Father is watching over me and giving me the sweet tender mercies like a magnificent sunset in France to let me know that he's watching over me and that he loves me. I was truly speechless this whole time and I did not want to leave. I wanted to stay there the whole time. I felt so away from the whole and so close to heaven. What a heavenly moment I had that I will never forget.

Life is always a journey up. A journey towards heaven and back to home. For me right now, a journey back to happiness. Each day happier and happier back to normal. A journey to become more and more christ-like everyday. Each day I become closer and closer to him. Some days are harder than others. some days we take two stairs at a time. Some days we need to take a break. Some days we fall back one. but some day we'll also make it and that some day will make all the other some days worth it.

Everyone is like a box of flowers. The whole world probably ignores them and just takes advantage of them. But Bridget will always see them and notice them and find the beauty in them.

Let me describe this scene: You walk through this old, smelly, and scary walkway in between two big old old buildings. It had been raining all day. Everything was wet and the air was cold. You walk through this skinny door way and there is this big open court yard. It looks like it could be from a scary movie. Back in the olden days it was a graveyard. Skulls and things are everywhere and on the buildings surrounding you. The trees are lifeless and dark. The grass is dead and colorless. The clouds are ready to pour. The sun has dissapeared. You get the chills up and down your spine. You feel the walls coming in and now you feel like the main character from a scary movie. You are in the scary movie now and you dont know what to think. But as soon as you think life could end right now, you turn your head to the right. On the windows of an old building there are colorful, full of life, happy, comforting, and beautiful pansies sitting in window boxes lining the whole building. You take a deep breath and realize that you are back to yourself and back to your own life. Things are normal again and you couldn't feel happier. :)

I absolutely love this picture. One of my best. But i love it also because it just makes me happy looking at it, and putting myself in the picture and remembering the moment I took this picture and feeling the air of France all around me. Oh how i love it.

But this picture makes me think. The Eiffel Tower is a worldwide figure. Anyone will see it and know what it is. anyone. This tower stands tall and immovable. The world has gone through alot of crap. France has gone through alot of crap. But it still stands tall. Has not moved an inch and will not let anything break it down. The Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in France. Clears all buildings by far through the whole country.

I want to be an Eiffel Tower someday. Anyone will see a picture of me and know who I am and who I stand for. I will stand tall and firm in times of war and trouble around me and within me. I will not let anything or anyone break me down and I will continue to be a world-wide figure, so to speak, and always seen as a beautiful figure that is amazing and firm in her beliefs. I am an Eiffel Tower and I always will be. I will always stand taller than evryone else around me and I will always be striving to keep that label.

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Vanessa Jones said...

I loved this post! I'm expecting more like this!