Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy as can be!

Just thought this would be a great day to post, because I don't have very many days that I'm REALLY happy like the last few days. Because I work full time at the Reel theatre and have no time for Bridget, for family, and for friends life is a little stressing. So I have to make time for family and friends. I'm already exhausted from work and grumpy from all the rude customers, so hanging out isn't my choice to my free time. I just want to sleep. haha. what a sad life. :)
but I've been so happy lately and I have no idea why. But I'm just really really happy. its kinda a weird feeling, isn't that sad? anyways... I was in such a good mood last night, so I decided to do a bow attack to Vanessa and Kira, they're basically my roomates. Vanessa had filled up my car with gas earlier in the day, and bought the sneakers that i've wanted for a while, but never bought because I'm trying to save save save for college. and i'm so excited to wear them!!! anyways, so I wanted to tell Vanessa thanks and Kira is just such a great friend and I love how much she just is so happy lately. =] so I attacked their front door with bows, (which is perfect. cuz who else would attack someone's door with bows other than this bow girl right here?) and wrote them a cute little poem that went somethin like this....
You've been attacked by you know WHO
I love Vanessa and Kira TOO
I've been thinkin of YOU
and thank you for all that you DO

and then I gave them each their favorite treat. They were both out doing things with their families, so it was perfect timing. They both came home to a "bow"-ed door w/ hearts everywhere, the little note, and a treat. I hope I made their day, because they ALWAYS make my day and I just love them so much. So thats what I did last night.
But the happiness hasn't worn off yet, and I'm so glad because I just love it when I'm happy and so does everyone else. hahaha. I was really really happy the day before too. i dont know whats getting into me but whatever I'm doing I better keep doin.
So if you get bow attacked in the next few days.... you know that Bridget is still happy. :)
love you guys!


Jason and Britney said...

You must just be sooo excited to go to bear lake!!! We are, but I don't know if we will really get to come... I Hope! Happy happy days!

Vanessa Jones said...

Loved loved loved the bow attack! Made my day for sure! And yes everyone does love when your happy! Even if you are so happy that you have to almost have to leave sacrament with the giggles lol! I loved this post! :)

The Stices said...

doing something for someone else secretly always makes me so happy!